Japanese cast iron teapot from Yamagata casting

cast iron teapot of Yamagata casting

Stylish cast iron teapot from Yamagata casting

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A fusion produced a functional and beautiful teapot.
The fusion of thermal conductivity of Yamagata casting and modern design produced this cast iron teapot.
This teapot is all handmade by craftsmen in an atelier “Chusin Kobo.” “Chusin Kobo” is in Yamagata city, Yamagata prefecture, Japan.
The cast iron teapot makes your tea time happier.

cast iron teapot

Teapot suits modern table

If you get good tea leaves, let’s prepare good tea set.
What is a good teapot for delicious tea?
This cast iron teapot is the answer.
This stylish cast iron teapot has many secrets for making delicious tea.

pouring tea with Yamagata casting teapot

“Yamagata casting”, traditional crafts of 950 years

Yamagata casting starts its history about 950 years ago. Casting craftsmen arrived Yamagata and found it that the clay of Mamigasaki river side (a river in Yamagata prefecture) was good for making a mold for casting. They decided to stay Yamagata for making casts.
600 years ago, the lord of Yamagata castle patronized 9 casting craftsmen and they presented some castings to the lord.
In Edo era, about 400 years ago, casting craftsmen lived together in Do-machi, a district of craftsmen. They introduced new foot-operated bellows so that they produced big crafts. That was the start of the producing area of Yamagata casting.
Yamagata casting is characterized by the traditional casting called “Usuniku-birei”, which means the thin casting and the beauty of cast surface.
Unlike Nanbu ironware (another traditional crafts in Iwate prefecture) of which the feature is hard and masculine, the casts of Yamagata casting are delicate. In 1975, Yamagata casting was designated as Japanese traditional crafts.

Special tea time with cast iron teapot

“Chusin Kobo”, a brand of Yamagata casting

“Chusin Kobo” is a casting studio of Yamagata casting. It is in Yamagata city, Yamagata prefecture in Japan. It proposes the traditional beauty of Japanese casting by the design of Hisanori Masuda.
“Chusin Kobo” states its concept as follows. “Traditional crafts are not conservative originally but it is extremely innovative in the times. It has both hardware and software.” So, “Chusin Kobo” is a creative atelier which produces casting with universal design.
Its high design and skill won many authoritative awards. Also, its items are kept in art museums around the world.

cast iron teapot with cup and saucer

Hisanori Masuda, designer and casting craftsman

Hisanori Masuda is a pioneer of a brand which collaborates traditional crafts with designer. He is a designer as well as a craftsman.
Mr. Masuda was majored in design at university. After graduation, he developed design for local industries in Japan with his teacher Mosuke Yoshitake.
He moved to Yamagata in 1977, and established a brand “WAZUQU” with his own design.
In 1997, he built “Chusin Kobo”. He has proposed the beauty of Japanese traditional Yamagata casting to the life style today. Now, he makes every effort to make Yamagata as a top casting producing area in the world.

picture of Hisanori Masuda caster and designer

4 appeals of Yamagata cast iron teapot

  1. Cast iron teapot makes tea delicious

    This cast iron teapot is the representative item of “Chusin Kobo”. The cast iron teapot is strong and high thermal conductivity.
    This teapot keeps the temperature of hot water. Therefore, you can extract the taste and aroma of tea leaves carefully. In addition to this, the teapot can keep the temperature of the tea for a long time. Enjoy a chat without caring about time!

    pleasant tea time with casting teapot
  2. Fusion with design and function

    Yamagata casting is for daily use. Daily necessities have to be useful as well as good design.
    In this point, the products of “Chusin Kobo” have both sides. Mr. Masuda believes that design is the fusion of good quality and function.
    For example, look at the spout of this cast iron teapot. Craftsmen made finishing on the teapot carefully. Therefore, this spout is hard to drip.
    The inside of the teapot is enameled, so it is hard to be rust and easy to care.
    Furthermore, the teapot has a tea strainer inside. So, you can drink tea by just putting tea leaves.
    These great functions and beautiful form are the feature of this cast iron teapot. You can get such a cast iron teapot only by “Chusin Kobo”.

    Yamagata casting teapot also matches pastry
  3. Texture of Yamagata casting

    You can feel the “Usuniku-birei”, the feature of Yamagata casting through the products of “Chusin Kobo”. This cast iron teapot has the thinness of the casting and the beauty of the cast surface. It has neat form and exquisite gloss. These features come from exactly “Usuniku-birei”.
    This unique texture of Yamagata casting has fascinated people.

  4. Great variety of lineup

    “Chusin Kobo” offers great variety of lineup for users’ needs.
    The atelier offers three types of forms. In addition to the form, we have two sizes for each form.
    Please find your favorite cast iron teapot.

    Difference between Yamagata casting and Nanbu ironware

    Nanbu ironware is also famous for traditional ironware. However, Yamagata casting is different form Nanbu ironware at its manufacturing method and design.
    Nanbu, which is now called Morioka of Iwate prefecture had producing area of iron. Nanbu government patronized famous casting craftsmen.
    Yamagata casting also had long history and high skill. However, Yamagata craftsmen did not have iron producing area. The government of the area of Yamagata casting did not patronage so much than Nanbu government. Therefore, Yamagata casting has not been popular than Nanbu ironware in that time.

    6 types of Yamagata cast iron teapot

Cast iron teapot Marutama (Round teapot)

The cast iron teapot of “Chusin Kobo” is a masterpiece with modern design and skills of making utensils for tea ceremony.
Marutama is shaped like Tanagokoro, which means the palm in Japanese, with the image of Gyoku, or gem.
We offer two sizes, S (0.4 ℓ) and L (1.1 ℓ).

Cute round iron teapot

When you image the iron teapot, you may image the rugged one.
However, you will be surprised and say “how cute!” when you see the cast iron teapot of “Chusin Kobo”. If you touch the cast surface, you can feel the touch of handmade.
Please choose your favorite size depends on your use or numbers of your family.
* This product is handmade by craftsman of Yamagata casting. Therefore, we may make you wait for 10 to 30 days before dispatch. We will contact you by email in that case.

Marutama teapot

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Cast iron teapot Maruzutsu (Round and cylindrical teapot)

Maruzutsu is shaped like Tanagokoro with the image of Natsume, or tea caddy.
This stylish form fits both Japanese or Western style.
Of course, you can put tea. Also, we recommend to put hot sake, since it has high thermal conductivity. If you refrigerate the pot, the pot can keep the cold of sake, too.
We offer two sizes, S (0.4 ℓ) and L (1.1 ℓ).

Stylish teapot

Are you looking for stylish iron teapot? This is it!
You can feel the solidness of casting more than Marutama.
* This product is handmade by craftsman of Yamagata casting. Therefore, we may make you wait for 10 to 30 days before dispatch. We will contact you by email in that case.

Teapot round barrel Maruzutsu teapot

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Cast iron teapot Hiratsubo (flat teapot)

Hiratsubo is made with the image of a tea urn. Comparing with Marutama or Maruzutsu, this teapot is large-sized.
When you imagine iron teapot, this teapot is the most similar to the one you image.
Hiratsubo is suitable for ta time with many friends.
We offer two sizes, S (0.7 ℓ) and L (1.4 ℓ).

Traditional beauty

Hiratsubo is popular with its stable design. If you are looking for modern and elegant teapot, this teapot will satisfy you with its traditional beauty.
This form fits various types of cuisine. Please enjoy your meal with Japanese cast iron teapot.
* This product is handmade by craftsman of Yamagata casting. Therefore, we may make you wait for 10 to 30 days before dispatch. We will contact you by email in that case.

Teapot flat pot Hiratsubo teapot

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Saucer and modern cup of Yamagata casting

Here, let us introduce you a very rare saucer of Yamagata casting. It has beautiful surface and texture. You can coordinate it with your tea cup.

Cast iron teapot with casting saucer and porcelain teacup

Coordinate with cups

This teacup is a Hasami porcelain made in Nagasaki prefecture, Japan. The best coordinate with the casting saucer.
The teacup is also formed like Tanagokoro. The white color of porcelain makes the various tea look more delicious. In fact, you can see the logo of Mr. Masuda at the bottom of the cup.
Please enjoy the total coordinate with this teacup, saucer, and the cast iron teapot.

Bottom of the teacup with logo

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Good Design Award 2013

In 2013, the teapot Marudutu and Marutama gained the Good Design Award.
The Good Design Award is sponsored by Japan Institute of Design Promotion. The Award is an only system of comprehensive evaluation and recommendation of design. Many companies and designers in and out of Japan participated in this Award.
In the Award, the teapot gained the reputation by its easy to use and handmade details.

Teapot is composed of three parts, the body, lid, and handle. For convenience, the handle can open to both sides. In addition, the spout is thin so that it is hard to drip.

Casting is the skill that produces numerous products by mold. The detailed work of craftsman after the casting determines the quality. Most of the work are done by craftsman. All products are the handmade.

Good Design Award
cast iron teapot, casting saucer and teacup

Stylish cast iron teapot would be great gift

How about sending this stylish cast iron teapot as gift? In fact, the cast iron teapot of Chushin Kobo is one of the best-seller item for overseas customers in Japan Design Store.

For tea lovers, Japan lovers, or as wedding gifts, the cast iron teapot would be the best gift! Also, tea set with teapot, saucer, and teacups would be great gift, too.

We prepare our original English description for this product. Please do not worry about care or use.
* Please note that we have English descriptions for teapots and saucers, the cast iron items. We do not have English descriptions for ceramic teacups.

We have another cast iron teapot from Roji Associates

Cast iron teapots are characterized by the calm and stable design and thermal keeping function. Japan Design Store offers another cast iron teapot from Roji Associates.

Cast iron teapots of Roji Associates are Nambu tekki. In fact, Roji’s teapots are color tetsubin teapots! They have colors on beautiful surface of casting. If you like cute and modern items, these teapots are also recommended.

See more details of color tetsubin teapots of Roji Associates from here.

We have more stylish teapots

If you are looking for stylish teapots, Japan Design Store offers some more items. In addition to cast iron teapot from Chushin Kobo, flat teapots and dobin of SUI series from 224 porcelain, and natural teapots of “Moderato series” from ceramic japan, and simple Arita porcelain teapots from 1616/arita japan. You can find your favorite one from various material teapots.

Caring tips

  • * Please do not use microwave or dishwasher. The material may be damaged.
  • * Please wash with soft cloth or sponge with ph.-balanced detergent after use.
  • * Some black material may be born in the teapot when you pour some tea in it. The material is only seen the first two or three times. The material is a resin which was used for the finishing. It is not the come off of enamel or iron. Please keep using it. (If you remove the black material, you can drink the tea)
  • * Since the inside is applied enamel finish, please do not heat empty teapot.
  • * The outside is finished with an acrylic baking paint.
  • * Please note that the teapot body, lid, and the stainless tea strainer is all metal. The touch each other may come off the color of the surface.
  • * You can warm the teapot by a candle warmer, but do not use an open flame.
  • * Please wipe the water inside and outside after use for preventing from the rust.
  • * Please keep away from the water and moisture if you do not use for a long time. Please keep away from the water and moisture if you do not use for a long time.
  • * Please use potholder when you use this product with hot liquid. The lid and handle will be hot.
  • * Please use the coaster when you put the teapot on the table. The reaction of the component of iron and tea may soil the table.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

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