Nice weather May and June bride is the beset season for wedding.


This year, we got a lot of orders and inquiries for wedding favors from brides and grooms.


Wedding is an important ceremony for brides, grooms, and their families and friends.

Our bridal staff  prepare wedding favors from inquiries to shopping.

The time for preparing wedding favors is our happiness. We prepare them with imaging the happy brides and grooms.


Mamezara are popular wedding favors this year♪

Since our store opened, popular products for wedding favors are flexible tin tableware suzugami and beautiful Arita porcelain TY Palace plate from 1616/arita japan.

However, we got many orders of mamezara (tiny plates) for wedding favors his year.

Arita jewel from Floyd

These are tiny plates "Arita jewel" from Floyd.  Arita jewel is a motif of glittering jewel. In fact, these cute paltes are Japanese traditional craft Arita porcelain!


For wedding favors, a large number of couples make a set of 2 to 5 plates.

(We can arrange a set as your favorite if you want)

Mamezara from Azmaya

Mamezara from Azmaya have two types. One is Inban-mamezara. Inban-mamezara has beautiful blue pattern on white plates.

Another type is Dobai-mamezara. Dobai-mamezara has natural and gentle color.

As same as Arita jewel, you can make your favorite set with your favorite patterns and numbers.

Why are mamezara popular for wedding favors?

There are three reasons why mamezara are chosen as wedding favors; "useful", "cute" and "not purchased by yourselves".


If you have mamezara, you can put soy sauce, cookies, nuts, or teabags. Mamezara are very useful! Maybe, you have no day when you do not use mamezara.

When you have home parties or guests, mamezara work a lot!


You can see it, right? Tiny plates with detailed work are very very cute!!


Japan Design Store introduce not only cute, but also simple and usable items. You can use mamezara for a long time.


You realize the usability of mamezara when you use them. However, for those who do not have mamezara, they do not have chance to buy mamezara.


But, useful and cute mamezara is very useful if they have them.

Mamezara are what is "happy if people had, but do not buy them."

That is why a large number of couples choose mamezara as wedding favors.


If you want to order more than 10 sets of these two items, please order them at least 60 days before the day you need. Both of them are very popular items.

We look forward to your order☆