Flower bouquet is a happy gift anytime.

Valentine' s Day, graduation ceremony, entrance ceremony...

From now to spring, we have a lot of chances to give and receive bouquet.

In addition to this, a surprising flower gift is happy, too.


When we receive a bouquet, we would like to enjoy it as long as possible.

Today, we would like to introduce some tips to keep flowers in flower vase for a long time.


① Cut stems in water

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When you receive flower bouquet, you arrange it directly into flower vase?

WAIT! A tip changes the life of flowers.

When you receive bouquet, cut stems in water.



The surface of the stems are dried and damaged when we receive the bouquet.

Therefore, cut the stems a little, and give water to the fresh surface.

If possible, cut the stems in water, like in a bucket.

In this way, surface does not touch air and stems become suck up water well.

Please cut stems with sharp scissors.



② Change water everyday

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Everyone already knows it, but please change water everyday.

If various germs multiply in water, stems cannot suck up water well.

So, the best way is changing water once a day.

If we leave the water for a few days, mold may appears around stems!


Cut flowers are still alive. Please give them fresh water.

When you change water, we recommend washing vase carefully.



③ Watch out the amount of water

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Don't you think that we have to fill the water in a vase?

However, just a little water is enough.

Please soak the stems in 2~3cm from the cut surface.

If we soak stems in too much water, stems become damage earlier.



④ Cut stems in water every 2~3 days

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The cut surface of stems get damage everyday.

"Flowers seems not fine."

"Cut surface changed their colors."

If you notice these, please cut stems in water again.


Stems recover the power to suck up water.



These are some tips to enjoy flowers for a long time.

It is natural, but as we cut stems, the stems become shorter and shorter.

Finally, you can enjoy floating flowers in water in a bowl.


frescokasumi Bowl

There are a lot of flowers in a bouquet. Some keeps flowers long, some become dry early.

If you have some flower vases, you can enjoy flowers in each phase.

Please see this special page of flower vase.



Let's enjoy flowers with your favorite flower vase for a long time.