Hello, everyone.

It snowed in Okazaki last weekend.

Please stay warm and do not catch cold or flu.


Well, these cold days, we tend to be in house all the day.

Then, we should keep rooms bright!

How abut changing colors of furniture or curtain?

Much easier way is arranging flowers!

In particular, dinner table is a place we use and gather everyday.

So, flowers on dinner table brighten up room!



Today, we would like to introduce some flower vases and coordination for some types of interior.

Also, we propose recommended flowers for dinner table.




For a big dinner table, tall flower vase

If your dinner table is big, we recommend large and tall flower vase.


[1616/arita japan :Flower vase]

Just put some flowers on the center of dinner table.

Dining room becomes bright and gorgeous with it.

Flat table gains stereoscopic effect.


In a big flower vase, you can arrange bouquet directly.

With straight-stem flowers, such as tulips or calla lily, you can provide modern atmosphere.

With curved-stem flowers, such as lily of the valley or ivy, you can make natural room.



For a small, low table, small vase

If you have small or low table, we recommend small flowers in small vases.


[Kimura GlassBello]

If we put big flower vase on a low table, it causes a sense of oppression.

Then, just out 1~3 small vases on a small table.

It does not need much space, and makes rhythms on flat table.



With big flowers such as roses or dahlia, a table becomes colorful and cheerful.

With herbs such as mint, or dandelions, a table becomes natural.


Carefully choose flowers for dinner table!

To make a bright and colorful dinner table, we would like to arrange various flowers.

But, some flowers are not suitable for the dinner table.

As we eat dishes on dinner table, we would be better to avoid flowers which drop a lot of pollen.



For example, lily, camellia, or sunflowers drop a lot of pollen.

If you would like to arrange those flowers, we recommend arranging them a place except for diner table.

However, some sunflowers or lily in flower shops are the species that do not drop much pollen. Also, there are some flowers that gardeners work flowers not to drop pollen.

Please ask it of a staff of flower shop.

If you mind hygiene and pollen, we also recommend dry flowers.


[Glass plate / fresco : kasumi]


These are our recommended flower vases and flowers for dinner table.

Dinner table is a happy place where we eat dishes with our family everyday.

So, let's make happier time with flowers!


Japan Design Store offers more flower vases.

Please check this page, too.