It is a beautiful sunny day in Okazaki, today.

Well, half of the January has past soon.

In Japan, March and April is a season of farewell and welcome party.

We have graduation ceremony, entrance ceremony, company entrance ceremony, personnel relocation, or job transfer in the season.


As a present for farewell or welcome, flower bouquet has been popular.

How about sending a flower vase with bouquet?

When we receive bouquet, we have to prepare a good vase for it.

As for me, I was very happy to receive some bouquet, but I did not have good vases for them. So, I went to buy one.


We send bouquet to celebrate recipients. Therefore, we don't want to make them trouble.

Today, we would like to introduce our flower vases.




Also, I introduce recommended flower for each flower vase.


1.Sophisticated design "Sorori"

The most recommended flower vase is this, "Sorori" from Nousaku.

Flower vase itself is beautiful like an artwork.

Polished design vase make any flowers look more beautiful.


If you send flower with Sorori, a spray of flower or tall flower seem good.

As a celebration of graduation or entrance, I recommend a spray of Sakura (cherry blossom) with Sorori.



By the way, this picture above is sent from our customer in the United States.

She purchased Sorori, and sent some pictures to show how she use them.

We are really happy to receive this!

Like this,  if a recipient arrange flower and flower vase we sent in their house, it is our pleasure.


2.Unique design "still green"

If you send flower vase to a stylish person, or those who like unique design, we recommend "still green" from ceramic japan.

The flower vases have shape of water jag or jam bin. Designs differ in sizes.

Inside of the flower vase is empty like a tube. So, it is light.

Also, it does not need a large space.


If you send flower with still green, choose bright-color flowers.

I especially recommend cute gerbera daisies or carnations.



3.Foe big bouquet, Flower vase of S&B series

If you would like to send a big bouquet, we recommend flower vase of S&B series from 1616/arita japan.

When you send a big bouquet, we especially recommend to send a flower vase for it.

Small bouquet can be arranged in some empty bins.

However, it is hard to find a big bin for big bouquet.


With this flower vase, the recipients can enjoy flowers soon.

Beautiful white porcelain of Arita ware makes any flowers look stand out.

But when you send big flowers, I recommend researching the favorite colors or flowers the recipients like beforehand.



Extra item More than a flower vase! Suzugami

"I would like to send a flower vase with a bouquet. But when the flower ends, the vase may become unnecessary."

If you worry this, we recommend this!

Suzugami from syouryu.

Suzugami can be used in various ways in addition to a flower vase.



Rolling up to make a flower vase, flat sheet as a tableware, or stand corners up to make an accessory tray.

How to use Suzugami is up to person! You do not have to worry about the after use.



With Suzugami, I recommend chic flowers.

How about blue flowers such as forget-mo-not or blur star?




These are our recommended flower vases for bouquet.

In addition, we have a special page of flower vase.

Please look here as well!