It's a beautiful day with blue sky.

When the cold eased, we cannot stop expecting the coming of spring.


What's your favorite flowers in spring?

Tulips, sakura (cherry blossoms), sweet peas, carnations...

Flowers in spring welcomes spring earlier in your room.

Let's welcome spring with modern flower vase!


The followings are recommended flower vases for the spring flowers. 



1.[Set of 2] Still green / Flower vase / S & M / ceramic japan

If you would like to feel the light air of spring, we recommend "still green" from ceramic japan.

White flower vase suits every flower. If you have one, you can enjoy various flowers.


2.Sorori / Flower Vase / Silver / L / Nousaku

Sorori from Nousaku is suitable for a spray of ume blossoms or gorgeous sweet pea.

Sorori has modern and sophisticated atmosphere.

If you like simple and modern style, we recommend Sorori for you.


3.Flower Vase / L / Light Blue / S&B Series / 1616 arita japan

If you look for a flower vase for a stylish room, how about a flower vase from 1616/arita japan?

This flower vase itself is like an artwork!

Unique and modern flower vase makes flowers look stand out.



If you like "Japanese" style, we recommend this!

4.[Set] Flower vase set / Suzugami 18cm × [Set of 4] Kaku-Shikizen / 1 shaku 1 sun / Jet black & Gold 

With this set, you can make perfect omotenashi (entertain guests) with flowers.

Tray and chic flower vase provides elegant Japanese atmosphere.


In addition to use as flower vase, Suzugami from syouryu and Oshiki from Japan Design Store work as tableware as well.



This is the collection of our modern flower vases.

Flowers can make room gorgeous.

Also, all the vases above can be stylish interior items.


Please enjoy spring earlier with modern flower vases!