Cute Kutani Ware from Soukyu Porcelain

Loosely cute Kutani ware mamezara from Soukyu porcelain

[Soukyu]Kutani Ware

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Cute and Funny! Small Auspicious Kutani Ware

So cute and colorful mamezara arrived!
Plates of “Tenohira Engi” and “KOTOHOGI” series have motif of good luck.
Soukyu porcelain from Ishikawa prefecture handmade those plates.
All plates are rich in individualities and appearances.
Enjoy stylish dinner table with modern Kutani porcelain.

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Change image of Kutani ware! Relaxing Kutani plates

Every time we use it, it makes us smile.
We got new cute mamezara of Kutani porcelain.
It is “Tenohira Engi” and “KOTOHOGI” from Soukyu porcelain.
Loosely cute plates change the image of Kutani ware so far.

Kutani yaki plates from Soukyu porcelain

What plates do you imagine when you hear “Kutani yaki”?
Kutani ware is widely known as colorful and gorgeous plates. Some may have strong image of “expensive Japanese tableware.”
However, plates from Soukyu porcelain have cute design with playful mind and tradition of Kutani porcelain.
Let us introduce you to the world of cute Kutani are.

Stylish handmade Kutani plates would be great gifts for your important people as well.

2 series of Kutani ware mamezara from Soukyu porcelain

In our store, Soukyu porcelain offers 2 series of Kutani yaki, “Tenohira Engi” and “KOTOHOGI.” Both series get motif from traditional auspicious motif. Cute Kutani ware brings you a little happiness every day.
Auspicious mamezara of Soukyu porcelain is suitable for celebrating dinner or presents.

  1. Mamezara from Soukyu porcelain “Tenohira Engi”

    Kutani porcelain plates of Tenohira Engi series

    In “Tenohira Engi” series, plates have shape of auspicious motifs.
    “Ume”, “Fujisan”, “Ahiru-san”, etc. All mamezara are cute and funny. Traditional craftsmen draw each picture one by one. It requires a lot of time and work to make a plate.
    Hand painted pictures have warm atmosphere. It has glossy thick overglaze paint.

    Unique forms mamezara gives gorgeous mood on your dinner table. Since all plates have some depth, the plates are good for jam, sauce or honey. In addition to use as tableware, cute and colorful plates can be good home decor or accessory tray.

    Kutani plates would be cute home decor or accessory tray as well

    10 types of “Tenohira Engi” mamezara from Soukyu porcelain

    We have 10 types of Kutani plates in “Tenohora Engi” series. There are “Fujisan (Mt. Fuji)”, “Sai-un (Glowing clouds)”, “Usagi-san (Rabbit)”, “Ume (Plum blossom)”, “Uchide-no Kozuchi (Mallet of good luck)”, “Momo (Peach)”, “Ahiru-san (Duck)”, “Takara-no-Fukuro (Bag for Treasures)”, “Hyoutan (Gourd)”, “Medetai Matsu (Auspicious pine tree)”.

    10 types of Kutani plates in Tenohira Engi series

    Enjoy different individualities

    Mamezara of “Tenohora Engi” series have unique taste that mass-produced products do not have. Craftsmen of Soukyu porcelain hand paint each plate one by one. Therefore, each plate has different color and form, and may have air bubbles, small hollows, and so on. Please enjoy unique feature of handmade products.

    Unique difference of each plate

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  2. Mamezara from Soukyu porcelain “KOTOHOGI”

    Kutani ware plates of KOTOHOGI series from Soukyu porcelain

    On white square plates, there are auspicious motifs. “KOTOHOGI” (Congratulation) series have loosely cute auspicious motifs like “Hyottoko”, “Okame”, or “Tai.”
    For “KOTOHOGI” series, craftsmen print patterns by printing seat, and color them by overglaze paint one by one. Thick and glossy overglaze paint provides cuter atmosphere to the Kutani ware plates.

    Thick gloss of overglaze paint of Kutani plates

    Cute but stylish square plates suit celebrating dinner as well. Please use unique Kutani mamezara as sauce plates for daily dinner or to entertain your guests. Cute and funny mamezara enlivens conversation.

    Cute Kutani yaki plates would be great individual plates

    11 types of “KOTOHOGI” mamezara from Soukyu porcelain

    We offer 11 different patterns of Kutani ware plates in KOTOHOGI series. There are “Okame-san (Mask of woman believed to invite happiness)”, “Hyottoko (Mask of men believed to save fire)”, “Fujisan”, “Mede-Tai (Auspicious sea bream)”, “Daruma-san (Good luck doll)”, “Maneki Neko (Fortune cat)”, “Tsuru-san (Crane)”, “Kame-san (Turtle)”, “Momo”, “Tora-san (Tiger)”, “Takara Bune (Treasure ship)”.

    11 types of Kutani plates in KOTOHOGI series

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What is Soukyu porcelain?

Soukyu porcelain is a pottery of Kutani ware in Nomi city of Ishikawa prefecture.
A ceramic artist Chie Sakurai and her husband produce these cute works in Soukyu porcelain. She inherited traditional Kutani Gosai (5 colors), Red, Yellow, Green, Purple, and Deep Blue and makes cute and unique design for modern lifestyle. Everyone cannot stop saying “How cute!” to the Kutani plates of Soukyu porcelain. Beautiful and cute tableware have been popular from all generations.

Porcelain mark of Soukyu porcelain on plate

What is Kutani ware?

  • Kutani yaki (Kutani porcelain) is porcelain produced in Southern Ishikawa prefecture (Kanazawa city, Komatsu city, Kaga city and Nomi city.)
    The greatest feature of Kutani ware is brilliant overglaze paint. Draw outline with black brown paint called “Gosu,” and color the patterns with 5 colors of overglaze paint Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, and Deep blue with some thick.
    Now, Kutani porcelain is known as “Japan Kutani” through the world. Kutani ware has handed over colorful tradition and continue to evolve for modern life.
Colorful Kutani yaki plates

Stylish and cute! Japan Design Store original set

If you look for cute Kutani yaki plates, please leave it to Japan Design Store.
We offer our original sets for easy table setting. Cute and auspicious Kutani ware plates set would be great gifts as well.
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Send Kutani ware mamezara as gifts? Leave it to Japan Design Store

If you would like to send Kutani porcelain mamezara set as gifts, please leave it to Japan Design Store.
Cute Kutani yaki plates would be great for rewards for yourself, wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, or birthday gifts. Handicrafts of Japanese craftsmen tell your thought of “Thank you” or “Congratulations.”

Japan Design Store offers stylish Japanese gift wrapping suitable for every purpose of gifts. Easy wrapping and Ume Mizuhiki option has been popular. In addition, we offer Japanese traditional wrapping Noshi.

Examples of gift wrapping of Japan Design Store
* Boxes differ from item to item

For your long use at ease

All Kutani ware mamezara from Soukyu porcelain are handmade by craftsmen one by one. We can see a little unsteadiness, warps, blur of glaze, color irregularities, chipped place, dent, wrinkles, air bubbles, or black spots. However, all products pass the inspection by the studio. Those are individualities, not inferior goods. You can use them. Please enjoy unique feature of handicrafts by craftsmen.
Also, Kutani yaki is characterized by thick overglaze paint. Thick overglaze paint has cracks (Kannyu) on its surface. Please enjoy unique feature of Kutani porcelain.

We can see cracks or air bubbles in overglaze
Left: Kannyu (Cracks) / Right: Air bubbles

Caring tips

  • * NOT microwave, oven and open flame SAFE.
  • * Please avoid using dishwasher and dish dryer.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
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