Traditional Kutani ware from Seikou Porcelain

Traditional and Modern Kutani ware from Seikou porcelain

[Seikou]Kutani ware

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Traditional and Modern Kutani Ware from Seikou

Kutani ware from Seikou porcelain has brilliant pictures on plates or cups.
Stylish and cute mamezara, cup, and gorgeous traditional plate.
Even Kutani collectors are satisfied with them.
Glossy and thick pictures are high quality like hand painted one.
Elegant Kutani porcelain would be great gifts as well.

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Beautiful authentic Kutani ware for daily dinner

“Japan Kutani” has been lived for its bright pictures.
Kutani yaki, or Kutani porcelain started in Edo era, about 400 years ago. Just a Kutani ware makes your dinner table more gorgeous.
Brilliant beauty crosses the time and attracts people.

However, many people think “Kutani ware is expensive.”
Kutani porcelain has image that it is difficult to get one due to its expensive price.
NO. In fact, the world of Kutani is surprisingly near us.

4 kinds of Kutani cups from Seikou porcelain

In this page, we would like to introduce Kutani plates and cups from Seikou porcelain. Seikou porcelain is a pottery of Kutani ware.
You can enjoy beautiful table setting with Kutani for a special day to daily dinner.

Stylish tableware set of Kutani porcelain would be great gifts as well. How about choosing Japanese traditional porcelain for wedding gifts, housewarming gifts or birthday gifts?

Masterpiece collection of Ko Kutani from Seikou porcelain on the table

Thick and glossy! High quality like hand paint

Kutani ware from Seikou has some thick and gloss on their picture or patterns.
Kutani yaki is characterized by its glossy overglaze and thick ceramic painting.
In fact, these patterns are printed by printing paper. We cannot believe our own eyes for this high quality.

Ume Giku cup and mamezara from Kissho series

Seikou porcelain researched Japanese overglaze paint for Kutani for years. Finally, they realized the product with high quality like hand paint by printing paper.
Seikou porcelain research, invent, and produce printing paper by their own. Glossy and thick bright overglaze was born from the pursuit of Seikou that “we want to provide beautiful Kutani ware for as many people as possible.”

Kutani mamezara from Seikou porcelain

2 series of Kutani porcelain tableware from Seikou

We offer 2 series of Kutani ware from Seikou, “Kissho” and “Masterpiece collection of Ko Kutani.”
Both series have bold pattern of Japanese traditional plants or animals. Gorgeous tableware brings you elegant atmosphere. Brilliant tableware is suitable for special celebrating dinner or gifts.

  1. Mamezara and cup “Kissho”

    Kutani yaki tableware of Kissho series

    “Kissho” series of Seikou porcelain has modern coloring and unique composition of pattern. “Kissho” means auspicious or good omen in Japanese.
    “Ume Giku (Plum and chrysanthemum)” and “Sakura (cherry blossom)” are very brilliant like kimono of Kaga Yuzen. “Yoshidaya-Fu Aoi” has very bright yellow and green. “Youraku-Mon” and “Takara-Zukushi” have delicate pattern on beautiful white porcelain.

    5 kinds of Kissho series Kutani mamezara
    Lineup of mamezara *Yoshidaya-Fu Aoi is only in mamezara

    Mamezara, or tiny plate from Seikou porcelain is 95mm (about 3.7 inches) in diameter. Cup is φ55mm (about 2.1 inches) × h53mm (about 2 inches). Both are cute palm size. Small cup (Ochoko in Japanese) is useful for sake cup, whiskey cup, Chinese tea or espresso.
    When you have guests, gorgeous Kutani mamezara and cup entertain them. Mamezara can be saucer for small cup as well.

    2 cups and plates of Kutani ware on the tray

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    What is Youraku-Mon?

    • We often see Youraku-mon as pattern on ceramics. This pattern comes from accessory of Indian nobles. Youraku-Mon is also used for decoration of the Buddhist statue. Youraku-Mon is a noble pattern.
      Youraku-Mon of Kutani cup
  2. Mamezara and plate “Masterpiece collection of Ko Kutani”

    Kutani ware tableware of Masterpiece collection of Ko Kutani

    Noble and everlastingly brilliant masterpiece of Ko Kutani. Ko Kutani means antique Kutani ware. Seikou porcelain revives representative patterns of Ko Kutani with modern skill as “Masterpiece collection of Ko Kutani.”

    6 unique patterns have been also popular among antique lovers.
    6 patterns are “Ko Kutani Iroe Ishidatami Mon”, “Ko Kutani Aode Tsuru Karuta Mon”, “Ko Kutani Aode Doha ni Botan Zu”, “Ko Kutani Aode Hyoutan Wari Matsu Zu”, “Ko Kutani Iroe Botan Mon”, and “Ko Kutani Iroe Kachou Zu”.

    5 traditional Ko Kutani series plates
    Lineup of mamezara * “Ko Kutani Iroe Kachou Zu” is only in mamezara
    5 traditional Ko Kutani series Kutani from Seikou
    Lineup of 5 gou plates * Ko Kutani Aode Tsuru Karuta Mon is only in 5 gou plate

    In Masterpiece collection of Ko Kutani, Mamezara is 105mm (about 4.1 inches) in dimeter and plate (5 gou) is 150mm (about 5.9 inches) in dimeter. Usually, these traditional patterns are on big Ko Kutani plates more than 30cm (about 11.8 inches) in dimeter. But with these plates, we can enjoy traditional Kutani porcelain on dinner table. A plate with daring design and elegant color makes dinner table gorgeous. 5 gou plate from Seikou porcelain is useful size as individual plate. However, some likes to display those plates as home decor.

    Comparison of mamezara and 5 gou plates from Seikou porcelain
    Left: Mamezara / Right: 5 gou plate

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    What is Ko Kutani?

    • “Ko Kutani” means Kutani ware produced in Kutani village in Kaga (now, Kaga city of Ishikawa prefecture) or Imari ware (of Ko Kutani style) produced in Arita in Hizen area (now Arita city in Saga prefecture) in mid-17th century. Ko Kutani is characterized by its daring design comes from flowers, birds, winds, moon, mountain, water, or people. Those design expressed with strong brushwork and thick overglaze painting on white porcelain.
      Kutani ware plates of Masterpiece collection of Ko Kutani

What is Seikou porcelain?

In early Taisho era, (about 100 years ago) Seikou porcelain opened its kiln in Nomi city of Ishikawa prefecture.
Seikou porcelain researched Japanese overglaze paint for Kutani for years. Finally, they realized the product with high quality like hand paint by printing paper. Transparency of glassy glaze and thick overglaze paint are as same quality as hand paint work. Seikou invents overglaze, produce printing paper, and print on porcelain by themselves.

“Expression which inherits Ko Kutani by using Japanese overglaze paint.”
“Consistent with improving quality of Kutani ware as a craft.”
“Offer unique elegance of Kutani ware in reasonable price which is acceptable for market.”
These 3 are principles of Seikou porcelain. With their as high quality as hand paint, Seikou tells attractiveness of Kutani yaki to modern life.
They won many awards such as at “Charming Japanese Souvenir Contest” by Japan Tourism Agency or at “Gourmet & Dining Style Show.”

What is Kutani ware?

Kutani yaki (Kutani porcelain) is porcelain produced in Southern Ishikawa prefecture (Kanazawa city, Nomi city, Komatsu city and Kaga city.)
The greatest feature of Kutani ware is brilliant overglaze paint. Draw outline with black brown paint called “Gosu,” and color with 5 colors of overglaze paint Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, and Deep blue with some thick.
Now, Kutani porcelain is known as “Japan Kutani” through the world. Kutani ware has handed over colorful tradition and continue to evolve for modern life.

Colorful Kutani ware tableware from Seikou porcelain

Stylish and cute! Japan Design Store original set

If you look for traditional Kutani ware, please leave it to Japan Design Store.
We make our original set which is useful for stylish table setting. Elegant and cute Kutani ware set would be great gifts.
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Cup and Mamezara set recommended by our buyer

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Send traditional Kutani ware as gifts? Leave it to Japan Design Store

If you would like to send traditional Kutani ware set from Seikou porcelain as gift, please leave it to Japan Design Store.
How about beautiful Kutani porcelain as wedding gifts, housewarming gifts or birthday gifts? Kutani ware from Seikou porcelain expresses Japanese traditional nature and patterns. The traditional tableware tells your thought of “Thank you” or “Congratulations.” Japan Kutani would be great gifts for your friends in overseas, too.

Cups and plates of Kissho series from Seikou porcelain

Japan Design Store offers stylish gift wrapping for every purpose of gifts. Tosa Japanese paper of Easy wrapping and Ume Mizuhiki option has been popular. You can also use Japanese traditional gift wrapping Noshi.

Examples of gift wrapping of Japan Design Store
* Boxes differ from item to item

For your long use at ease

  • * Kutani ware from Seikou porcelain is all handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.
    Also, Kutani yaki is characterized by thick overglaze paint. Thick overglaze paint has cracks (Kannyu) on its surface. Please enjoy unique feature of Kutani porcelain.

    Kannyu on overglaze paint of Kutani ware

Caring tips

  • * NOT microwave, oven and open flame SAFE.
  • * Please avoid using dishwasher and dish dryer.

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For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
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