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Hasami bowls with rice

Delicious Rice and More with Stylish Hasami Bowls

Cute bowls. Useful rice bowls. Stylish rice bowls.
Hasami porcelain bowls suit dinner with delicious rice.
Hasami bowls are getting more and more popular now.
Among them, we introduce beautiful masterpiece from
popular brand or traditional potteries.
Please find your favorite Hasami bowls to color every day.

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Happy dinner time begins with Hasami bowls

Hot and white.
How about Hasami porcelain bowls for delicious rice?
Stylish Hasami bowls go well with umeboshi (pickled plum) or nori (sea weed). Cute bowls make every meal happier.
Japanese people use rice bowls every day. Therefore, we choose good rice bowls. If you look for best rice bowls, we recommend Hasami bowls.

Flat rice bowls with rice and dishes on wooden plate

Hasami rice bowls get more and more attention recently.
Superb texture, weight, and good design of Hasami bowls provide us warm feeling. Using same rice bowls with your partner of family members would be wonderful. Pair Hasami bowls have been popular wedding gifts.

Flower rice bowls from Azmaya

What is Hasami porcelain?

Hasami porcelain started its history about 400 years ago. Hasami porcelain was started by Korean potteries who were taken by lord of Ohmura at Japan’s invasion of Korea in the end of 16th century.
In fact, not so many Japanese people know the production area of Hasami porcelain. Hasami porcelain is produced in the whole are of Hasami town of Higashi Sonogi county in Nagasaki prefecture. It is a neighbor town of Arita in Saga which is famous for Arita porcelain.

There are about 90 potteries in the producing area of Hasami porcelain. 40% working people in Hasami area are engaged in Hasami ware production. Hasami porcelain developed by specialization such as mold shop, unglazed porcelain atelier, potter, pottery clay shop, glaze shop, etc. In Edo era, Hasami porcelain was already put into commercial production with multi-chambered climbing kiln. Hasami yaki is good at mass-production. So, daily-use tableware such as rice bowls, plates, or sake bottles were produced by Hasami porcelain. Porcelain had been high-class tableware in that time. But thanks to Hasami porcelain, common people started to use porcelain in daily life. It is one of the great achievements of Hasami porcelain. We can say that Hasami porcelain is tableware that have been loved by people from old time.

Hasami bowls Japan Design Store recommends

Hasami porcelain bowls are light and tough. It has been loved as tableware for common people from old time. In traditional Hasami porcelain, we can see many blue-and-white tableware. In addition to this, there are colorful tableware or simple and modern rice bowls. We would like to introduce Hasami bowls designed for modern lifestyle.

  1. Auspicious Hasami bowls of Fujiyama every day
    [Floyd] FUJIWAN

    Hasami porcelain bowls FUJIWAN from Floyd

    How about auspicious Hasami bowls? FUJIWAN from Floyd is a rice bowl of Fujiyama, the most auspicious motif in Japan.
    FUJIWAN has smooth texture and transparent glaze. This rice bowl has cute, but elegant atmosphere like Fujiyama.

    Craftsmen of Hasami porcelain carefully glaze Hasami bowls one by one. On the white glaze likened to snow, craftsmen glaze light blue or orange glaze naturally. In this way, craftsmen express magnificent scenery of Fujiyama. Bright contrast color your dinner table every day.

    Beautiful blue glaze of FUJIWAN from Floyd

    With FUJIWAN bowls, you can see the most wonderful scenery in Japan all the time. It is good gift for those who start new stage of life. Pair Hasami bowls set within paulownia box has been popular gifts. Cool Fujiyama Hasami bowls would be great gifts or souvenirs to friends in overseas countries.

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  2. Calm form rice bowls make dinner table gorgeous
    [Hakusan Toki] Flat rice bowls

    Blue and white Hasami bowls Flat rice bowls

    Hakusan Toki is very popular brand for Hasami bowls. These flat rice bowls are designed by a designer Masahiro Mori. “Not too gorgeous, nor common. New, but nostalgic somehow.” This is the feature of Mr. Mori’s design. Calm and smart form of the flat rice bowls will never be old-fashioned.

    Noodles, meat balls, and dessert in Flat rice bowls

    Hasami bowls of Hakusan Toki have patterns both inside and outside of bowls. It can make rice look delicious. For rice, dishes or dessert, please enjoy various food for these Hasami bowls. Useful form and gentle atmosphere attract us. It won Good Design Award in1993 and Long Life Design Award in 2004.

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  3. Cute Hasami bowls relax us with rounded from
    [Azmaya] Flower rice bowls

    Hasami bowl Flower rice bowl from Azmaya

    If you look for cute Hasami bowls, we recommend Flower rice bowls from Azmaya. This is a collaboration item of a Hasami porcelain pottery “Shiratake Porcelain” and Azmaya. Very stylish rice bowls.
    On rounded form, pop printings give good accent. Blue painting on beautiful white porcelain of Hasami porcelain. It provides modern atmosphere. Simple design can suit any kind of table setting.

    Unique pattern of Flower rice bowl

    Rice bowls with some height keep warmth of rice, and we can easily hold the bowls. Cute Hasami bowls Flower rice bowls have L and S set for pair set.
    S rice bowls can pile within L bowls. Many people choose this pair rice bowls set with his or her partner.

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  4. Hasami deep bowl can be used as rice bowls
    [Eiho porcelain] Wa-Modern plate

    Beautiful white porcelain of Eiho porcelain

    If you look for thin and light Hasami bowls. We recommend “Deep plate” of Wa-Modern series from Eiho porcelain. Wa-Modern series is stylish Hasami porcelain with Sen-dan Suji on translucent white porcelain. Products of Eiho porcelain have been popular for its thin and translucent white color. They can be piled within cupboard neatly. Graphic design of Japanese traditional patterns like Ichimatsu, Seigaiha, Shippo, Karakusa, or Yabane give new taste.

    A woman has Deep plate of Wa-Modern series from Eiho porcelain

    Please use “Deep plate of Wa-Modern series for rice bowls in addition to use for dishes. Clean and beautiful white porcelain of Eiho porcelain make rice look beautiful. Hasami porcelain set with auspicious patterns would be great gifts as well. With your family or partner, Hasami porcelain makes your time special. It is useful Hasami bowl for guests, too.

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  5. Hasami porcelain watch over growth of children
    [amabro] OKUIZOME

    OKUIZOME tableware set from amabro

    If you look for Hasami bowls for small children, we recommend OKUIZOME from amabro. “Okuizome” is a ceremony to celebrate 100 day of life of a baby and wish for his or her health and growth. Recently, tableware that can be used after the ceremony has been chosen for Okuizome.

    A girl tries to eat rice from Hasami bowl

    OKUIZOME is a set of 7 tableware such as Hasami rice bowls, small plates, or soup bowls. Hasami kids’ tableware can be used for a long time. From baby to child, and even adults, small bowls can be used. “Tableware for Okuizome is the first tableware for the baby. Therefore, it should be authentic items that can be used for a long time.” If you think so, we recommend this Hasami porcelain set. OKUIZOME set is popular new baby gift.

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Hasami bowls spread from “Kurawanka bowl”

There is a famous Hasami bowl, “Kurawanka bowl.”
“Meshi, Kurwanka,. Sake, Kurawanka.” (How about meals? How about sake?)
In Edo era (about 200~400 years ago), there were business ships that called that catchphrase in Yodogawa river of Osaka. They were called Kurawanka ships. In Kuwawanka ships, people sell rice, soup, rice cakes, or sake. “Kurawanka bowls” were used as tableware in that ship. Now, those Kurawanka bowls are unearthed in Yodogawa river.

“Kurawanka bowls” were numerously produced in producing area of Hasami porcelain. They are thick and tough. Stable porcelain was useful for common people. “Kurawanka bowls” were used by people in Hasami area in addition to use by Kurawanka ships.
When we see the history of “Kurawanka bowls”, we can see the roots of Hasami bowls that is now loved by people.

Pair Hasami bowls are popular gifts

Hasami bowls have been popular gifts for important people. How about Hasami porcelain for wedding gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, birthday gifts, gifts for the Mother’s Day or the Father’s Day?
Hasami porcelain bowls are characterized by usability for people’s life and stylish design for modern life style. Hasami bowls has developed in long history with people. And it is now loved by people, too.

Hasami bowls can bring comfortable life. It is good gifts to tell “Thank you” or “Congratulations”. Our original gift set with pair rice bowls has been popular.

Auspicious set of FUJIWAN and Bamboo arrows 2 pairs

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More stylish Hasami porcelain? See here!

In addition to rice bowls, Hasami porcelain have been popular for its modern mugs, soba choko cups, mamezara, teapots, or plates. Masterpiece with translucent white porcelain, and high-quality kitchen tools produced by superb skill of craftsmen. If you look for more Hasami porcelain, please see this featured page, too.

Send Hasami bowls as gifts? Leave it to Japan Design Store

If you would like to send Hasami bowls as gifts, please leave it to Japan Design Store. We offer various stylish gift wrapping for modern Hasami porcelain. You can choose Japanese traditional Noshi wrapping as well.
Easy wrapping is with Tosa Japanese paper and Mizuhiki from Iida city of Nagano prefecture. If you would like to make difference from usual gifts, we recommend Japanese Ume Mizuhiki option.

Examples of gift wrappings in Japan Design Store
Boxes differ from item to item

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