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Gold tableware with kinpaku

Luxurious shine Gold tableware with kinpaku

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Gold tableware with kinpaku

Gold tableware can make dinner table luxury. Kinpaku means gold leaf. Gold tableware with kinpaku is one of the Japanese traditional crafts. In addition to the use in your home, kinpaku items have been popular for gifts, too.

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High-quality shine on the table

Kinpaku, or gold leaf reflects beautiful and elegant shine.
Japanese people have been attracted to the noble gloss.

Kanazawa city in Ishikawa prefecture accounts for 98% of gold leaf production in Japan.
The glitter of kinpaku from Kanazawa is luxury and elegant.
The gold leaf in Kanazawa has more than 400 years’ history.
Gold tableware with kinpaku gives elegant mood to our dinner table.

Lacquer sake cup of Toba Shitsugei with osechiryori

High quality Japanese tableware have been popular as gifts.
For wedding gifts, or anniversary gifts, or housewarming gifts, gold tableware is great for gifts.

Sake set of Kannyu series from Hakuichi

In addition, the gold tableware is recommended for a special dinner. For some parties, or special tableware for guests, kinpaku items are suitable.
Beautiful shine of gold leaf gives special and luxurious atmosphere to the table.

In this page, we would like to introduce the gold tableware with kinpaku.

Special dinner with lacquer sake cup, gold chopsticks and chopstick rest on a tray

Sparkle you and dinner table! Recommended gold tableware with kinpaku

  1. Series.1Pair chopsticks with kinpaku as gifts

    For Japanese people, chopsticks are indispensable items for daily life. If we receive high quality chopsticks as gifts, it is very happy.
    In Japan Design Store, we get many orders of gold chopsticks as gifts.

    If you would like to feel Japanese atmosphere on your dinner table, we recommend chopsticks with kinpaku.

    Some pairs of gold chopsticks and chopstick rests
    1. Item.1[Hakuichi] Set Pair chopsticks and chopstick rests

      Chopsticks and chopstick rest set of Hakuichi have luxurious gold leaf work. This pair set “Shizuku” is a set of cute gold chopstick rests and pair chopsticks. The gold chopstick rests are enough big to use as tiny plate.
      Shizuku is a gold chopsticks with kinpaku and usable form.

      Gold chopsticks and chopstick rests on platters of the table
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    2. Item.2[Hakuichi] Set Pair chopsticks and chopstick rests Clear gold thread

      “Clear gold thread” of Hakuichi has stylish combination of clear ×gold leaf. By special skill, gold thread of kinpaku shines in clear chopsticks. If you put this clear gold chopsticks on vivid color table, you can see the beautiful shine of kinpaku more.

      A woman uses clear gold thread chopsticks
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    3. Item.3[Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten] Gold lacquered chopsticks Umematsuba

      This is stylish pair chopsticks from Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten. Ume (plum) and Matsuba (leaf of pine tree) are gold lacquered on the chopsticks.

      Ume tells us the coming of spring after cold winter. Matsu is an evergreen tree. In Japan, Ume and Matsu are the symbol of “nobleness” and “long life.”

      Gold lacquered pattern of the chopsticks of Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten
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    4. Item.4[Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten] Chinkin chopsticks Seigaiha

      Seigaiha is a motif of waves. In these chopsticks, the pattern of Seigaiha is drawn by “Chinkin.” Chinkin is a traditional skill. Craftsmen carve the patterns with chisels, and fill the place with kinpaku.

      You can see the gentle line of hand drawn patterns and beautiful shine of gold leaf.

      A woman uses Chinkin chopsticks
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  2. Series.2Gold glasses for your sake time

    If you would like to enjoy sake time, we recommend gold sake set. Pour sake, and drink it with the sake cup with gold leaf… What a luxurious time!
    From your dinner time to sake party, the gold sake set makes your dinner table stylish and luxury.

    A pair of lacquer sake cups of Toba Shitsugei
    1. Item.1[Toba Shitsugei] Lacquer sake cup

      Lacquer sake cup of Toba Shitsugei is filled with Japanese beauty. It is a combination of kinpaku, lacquer, and glass. The bottom of the glass is lacquered with special skill “Kongou Ishime Nuri.”

      With this gold cup, sake looks more beautiful and delicious.

      Gold and silver lacquer sake cup of Toba Shitsugei
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    2. Item.2[Toba Shitsugei] Lacquer colored glass

      This item is also the product of Toba Shitsugei. It is lacquer colored glass. Solid texture of lacquer and shine of kinpaku attracts us.
      Your wine time will be more elegant with this gold glasses.

      A pair of lacquer colored glasses of Toba Shitsugei
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    3. Item.3[Nousaku] Katakuchi, Guinomi

      Katakuchi and guinomi of Nousaku is a luxury sake set with the glitter of kinpaku and elegant texture of tin. The cast surface reflects light when you pour sake into the gold cup. A pair of gold and silver is auspicious combination.
      This gold sake set is great item for gifts, too.

      Tin sake set of Nousaku
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    4. Item.4[Nousaku] Kuzushi

      Kuzushi is sakazuki cup and sake cup. All sake sets of Nousaku are made of 100% pure tin. Tin is the third expensive metal after gold and silver. It can remove impurities and make sake delicious.

      Swinging gold sake cups reflects light beautifully. Your sake time will be more luxurious with the beautiful gold cups.

      Sakazuki cups and sake cups of Kuzushi on the table
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    5. Item.5[Hakuichi] Kannyu series

      This is Kannyu glass series from Hakuichi. Hakuichi is a popular maker of gold tableware with kinpaku.
      “Kannyu” means crazing. Craftsmen crack the gold foil, and stain it to the glass.

      Delicate shine of kinpaku and wavy form gives elegant atmosphere.
      Glasses with kinpaku can be whiskey glasses as well.

      Sake set of Kannyu series from Hakuichi on the table
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  3. Series.3Modern glitter! Gold tableware

    Gorgeous combination of kinpaku and lacquer ware has dignity. We can see exquisite handwork of Japanese craftsmen from the gold tableware.
    Beautiful kinpaku tableware work various scenes from daily use to home parties.

    1. Item.1[Hakuichi] Oboroduki bowl

      This is Oboroduki bowl from Hakuichi. Full moon is expressed by kinpaku on the lacquerware. Daring design of bowl provides graceful mood to the dinner table.

      Thin, light, and modern lacquerware works daily dinner to parties.

      A woman has black Oboroduki bowl
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Gold tableware with kinpaku as special gifts

From ancient times, gold has been loved as a symbol of “eternity,” “eternal youth and immortality,” and “long life.”
Beautiful Japanese traditional crafts with kinpaku are suitable for gifts.

Gold tableware on the table

The shine of gold foil color the special day. Gold tableware with kinpaku may bring happiness to the recipients of gifts.

Please feel the Japanese beauty and skill from gold tableware with kinpaku.

Set of gold chopsticks and lacquer sake cup

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