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Retirement gifts

How about sending Japanese masterpiece as the retirement gifts with your gratitude? In this page, we introduce our recommended items. You can search best retirement gifts by price range.

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Send retirement gifts with lots of thanks

A person makes history and achievements during he / she works. Retirement is one of the big turning points in his / her life.
For that memorable day, let’s celebrate them with great retirement gifts.

Here, we would like to propose some retirement gift ideas.
How about sending Japanese traditional gifts or high-quality items made in Japan?

Sake sets of Nousaku within paulownia box

What is retirement gifts?

Retirement gifts tell our gratitude or appreciation for all their efforts. When your boss, coworkers, or clients retire, we send some gifts.

What is the retirement age of your country? In most countries, the retirement age is around the 62~65 age.
China is one of the lowest retirement age country. On average, the retirement age is 56.
On the contrary, Norway is the highest retirement age country. The average of retirement age is 67.

In Japan, most companies set the retirement age as 60. However, some companies start to raise the retirement age to 65.

Some people decide to retire earlier than their retirement age. For their family, or for their own future, some people retire earlier, and enjoy their new life.
Also, regardless of age, some people retire a company and change their career. Some start new business by themselves.

When people retire, they have different background or reasons. Naturally, retirement gifts should be different for the one who retires at his / her retirement age or for the one who retires to change his / her career.

Therefore, Japan Design Store proposes some retirement gift ideas for each person.

“Japanese masterpiece” has dignity. And it has story or background that have some sympathy with the retiree’s life.
All products in our store have been popular as birthday gifts or memento.
Among many items, our buyer selects some items for the retirement gifts.

Luxury sake time with sake sets of Nousaku

What is the budget for the retirement gifts?

When you select a gift, budget is important.
Here, we would like to introduce the Japanese average cost for the retirement gifts.

Of course, the grade of gifts is not determined by price. However, if you are in trouble to select the retirement gifts, the following ideas may help you.

Give retirement gifts personally

If you personally send retirement gifts for the retiree, the price for the gift is said ¥5,000 ~ ¥10,000 (about $50 ~ $100). On average, it is ¥7,000 ~ ¥8,000 (about $70 ~ $80).

Of course, if a person has helped you a lot, you can spend more. However, if you send too expensive retirement gifts, the retired person may worry about you.

Guinomi sake cups set with its paulownia box

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Give retirement gifts as a group

If you send retirement gifts as a group, the price for the gift is said ¥10,000 ~ ¥30,000 (about $100 ~ $300). So, you can send a gorgeous present.
If a group has a few members, the price can be not so expensive. A little bit higher than the personal gift is okay.
If a group has a lot of members, ¥3,000 ~ ¥5,000 per person can afford a great retirement gift.

Beer cup from Nousaku with its paulownia box

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This is the retirement gifts ideas from Japan Design Store!

If a person retires at his / her retirement age, and the sender is much younger than him / her, it is difficult to choose the gift items.

The tip for best presents is catching the taste of the retired person. But “retirement gifts” are a little bit different from other gifts such as “birthday gifts.”

The most important thing for a present is not item, or price, but the thought. Yet, retirement expresses “the compilation of his / her dozens of years.”
The retirement gifts are the last presents from a company or the team.

FUJIYAMA sake cup from Nousaku

For the retirement gifts, we need to respect the hobbies of him / her. If your boss is a unique person, unique gift is also good.
However, there is one important point for the retirement gifts. That is “dignity.”

The retirement day or the retirement party means a graduation of a life as a businessman. Therefore, we would like to farewell them in gorgeous and dignified way somehow.
Even a person just changes his / her career, the retirement is one of the turning points of his / her life.

Paulownia box and exclusive box of Nousaku
* Paulownia boxes and exclusive boxes differ from item to item.

Retirement gifts is not only a present, but expresses the bond of the retired person and company. The retirement gifts remind people the days in the company after the retirement.

The retirement gift is an item that is filled with the graduation, the time spent together, and his / her achievements. Every time a person sees it, he remembers that “I had good coworkers and boss”, “I made some achievements in the company”, or “my retirement party was wonderful.”
So, we recommend the items with dignified atmosphere.

  1. ¥5,000 ~ ¥10,000 (about $50 ~ $100)

    1. [Nousaku] [Set] [Paulownia box] Pair Guinomi / Gold & Silver

      The first retirement gift idea is Japanese traditional sake cup sets. If the retired people like alcohol, we recommend pair tin Guinomi sake cups from Nousaku. Gold and silver colors have auspicious and dignified atmosphere. The retired person can enjoy drinking sake with a lot of memories.

      It is said that “the water in tin bowl does not rot” or “tin makes sake mellow and delicious.” So, tin has been used as sake cup sets or tea sets. In addition to Japanese sake, people can enjoy any kind of alcohol or water more deliciously.

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    2. [Nousaku] NAJIMI tumbler

      As the retirement gifts for drinkers, we recommend tin tumblers from Nousaku. Tin tumblers have been popular as gifts for boss or seniors.
      100% pure tin tumblers make the taste of shochu, beer, or whiskey stand out.

      NAJIMI tumbler has a dent for putting thumb on one side. NAJIMI tumbler relaxes the fatigue of every day. People can spend slow time with a high-quality tumbler.

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    3. [Nousaku] Pair Kuzushi-Tare / Gold & Silver

      As a retirement gift idea for women, we recommend Kuzushi series from Nousaku. In addition to women, Kuzushi is recommended for non-drinkers.
      Kuzushi does not have flat bottom. People can enjoy superb swing.

      Since Kuzushi does not have solid shape, people can use the sakazuki as a small bowl for dishes. It’s not a geometrical circle, but break the form on purpose. In this way, Kuzushi has faint elegance and indescribable chic atmosphere.
      Kuzushi has been popular as a special gift.

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    4. [Nousaku] Sorori / Flower Vase / Gold / L

      If a person likes interior goods, we recommend “Sorori” from Nousaku as the retirement gift. Sorori is a brass flower vase. It has smart design. The streamlined shape makes the atmosphere stylish. The flower vase is simple but beautiful just it is. Sophisticated flower vase fits any kind of rooms.

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    5. [Nousaku] FUJIYAMA Sake Cup

      If the retired person likes Japan or Japanese sake, we recommend “FUJIYAMA sake cup” from Nousaku as the retirement gift. As you know, Mt. Fuji is the representative mountain of Japan. When you turn over the cup, here is another small Mount Fuji at the bottom!
      People can enjoy drinking with the floating Fujiyama in sake.

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  2. ¥10,000 ~ ¥20,000 (about $100 ~ $200)

    1. [Nousaku] [Set] [Paulownia box] Pair beer cup

      How about pair beer cups for the retirement gifts? Beer cups of Nousaku have been popular presents. Tin makes fine froth of beer, and keeps the cold of beer. Simple design and solid weight provide dignified atmosphere. Daily drinking time becomes a special time.

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    2. [Nousaku] [Set] [Paulownia box] Pair NAJIMI tumbler

      NAJIMI tumbler has been popular as the retirement gifts. This is a pair set of NAJIMI tumblers. Pair set is within exclusive paulownia box.
      After retirement, a person gains more time to spend with their partners. Therefore, pair sets have been especially popular as the retirement gifts.

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    3. [Nousaku] [Set] [Paulownia box] 1 Katakuchi L Gold + 2 Guinomi (Gold & Silver)

      Sake sets of Nousaku have been popular as the retirement gifts. If the retired person likes Japanese sake, or Japanese crafts, we recommend sake sets with Katakuchi and Guinomi cups.
      This is a sake set with Katakuchi (sake pitcher) L / Gold and 2 Guinomi sake cups / Gold & Silver. The sake sets are within exclusive paulownia box.

      Tin sake sets make sake mellow. Refined paulownia sets have been popular items as the exclusive retirement gifts.

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    4. [Wired Beans] Eternal Glass / Old fashioned glass f / Titanium coated

      Another retirement gift idea is stylish glass. This is unique old fashioned glass with titanium coated. The outside is dynamic, whereas, the inside is shiny mirror surface. The outside color is blueish rainbow. The titanium inside reflects the color of drink.

      The titanium is high-purity pure titanium. It does not include any other metals. You can use it at ease.
      This glass is with lifetime compensation in Japan. People can exchange broken glass into new one regardless of the date of purchase or reason of breakage. (This compensation is only valid in Japan.)

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    5. [Hakuichi] Pair of Oborozuki bowl / Night moon (Black) / 8 sun

      In addition to tin cup or unique glass, wooden bowl would be great retirement gift. This Oborozuki bowl is a high-class lacquer bowl. Hazy moon is expressed with pure gold leaf.

      Wooden bowls can be used as stylish tableware, or artistic interior goods.
      Oborozuki bowls are filled with beauty of wood grain, gold leaf, and curved surface. Simple Japanese crafts would be great retirement gifts.

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Long usable masterpiece for the retirement gifts

These are our retirement gift ideas.
In fact, sake sets or glass have been popular retirement gifts in our store. The tableware makes the retired people’s life richer.

Japan Design Store offers various items within paulownia boxes or exclusive boxes. Beautiful boxes are suitable for dignified presents. Also, we have various gift wrapping for the retirement gifts.

We wish our items would help the retired people to spend wonderful time after the retirement.

Retirement gift ideas for men & women

Caring tips

  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

Image of personalized gifts
Image of personalized gifts

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