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size 京扇子:W28×D10×H210_x000d_ 扇子袋:W45×H230_x000d_ 桐箱:W110×D48×H245
weight 180.0000
notes oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks Do not use Japanese fan for different use than original use of product. Do not store folding fan with opening it. The fan gets the habit of opening and become hard to close. Do not close or fan the hand fan with vigor. Japanese paper may be torn, or sticks get damage and cause breakage. Be careful of not touching water or sweat to fan. It may cause color loss, breakage, warp, or adherence to clothes. Avoid using traditional Japanese fan outside when it is rain or gale. Wipe of dust or dirt with soft brush or cloth. After use, close fan, set attached band, and store in paulownia box. Store fan in place where does not get direct sunlight and humidity.
Short Description 【Kyo-Sensu / Black】This is “Kyo-Sensu / Black” from WDH. It is a unisex size and set with fan porch. Kyo-Sensu is famous as a traditional craft in Kyoto. Skilled craftsmen produce a fan through 88 processes. Leaf is Japanese paper dyed with persimmon tannin. The paper has mat gloss. _x000d_ This traditional Japanese fan is made of 43 sticks. Since it has more sticks than usual folding fans, it is supple and provides soft breeze. Tassel made of “Kyo-Kumihimo (braided cords)” is attached at the rivet of fan. Sheen of pure silk is elegant. High-quality Japanese fan fit your hands well. It is said that fan is an auspicious item. Suitable item for wedding gifts or housewarming gifts.



WDH suggests a high-quality lifestyle generated by the manufacture with Japanese traditional skills. You can enjoy the change of their original items over the years. Beautiful items deepen the depth of your life.

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