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[Exclusive box] Oval lacquered chopsticks / Makiji / Black / Wajima Kirimoto

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weight 43.0000
notes Differs depending on the item
remarks Wash with soft cloth or sponge with neutral detergent after use. Please hand wash the chopsticks. By dishwasher, natural wood get damage by strong impact or rapid dry. Please do not soak the item in water for a long time. Also, please do not sterilize the item by boiling. After wash, wipe the water as soon as possible.
Short Description 【[Exclusive box] Oval lacquered chopsticks / Makiji / Black】This is a simple and beautiful lacquered chopsticks of Wajima lacquerware. It is 220mm long. Uwanuri has beautiful gloss of lacquer. Craftsmen shave oval form and lacquer each item. Oval chopsticks were out of production once. It takes a lot of times and skills of craftsmen. Wajima Kirimoto revived it from the demand of the trial center of Industrial Research Institute of Ishikawa. Oval form and beautiful lacquered chopsticks fit our fingers gently. Suitable items for gifts as well.



Wajima Kirimoto is a long-established brand of Wajima lacquerware. It has about 150 years’ history. Traditional bento box has simple design and beautiful texture of white wood. We can feel the skill and history of Wajima lacquerware from their products.