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suzugami, Japanese tin plate

Flexible tin tableware, suzugami

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Why suzugami gain such a popularity?

Suzugami is a tin tableware. It is only 0.7mm thick. This flexible metal tableware has ranked within a third of selling rankings every week on our store.
The order of suzugami reached a total of more than 2000. Recently, there are cheaper articles similar to this on the market. However, you can see the difference comparing the softness of tin or beautiful regulated pattern.
Suzugami is the original product of Shimatani-shouryu atelier. Less than ten craftsmen can produce suzugami with high skill of making “orin”, a Japanese Buddhist bell.

tin tableware

What is suzugami, metal flexible tableware?

Suzugami is a mysterious plate that can be bent softly though it is made of metal.
You can change the form repeatedly without break. This ever-changing tableware is a product from syouryu, a new brand of Shimatani-syouryu atelier. This plate is made of 100% tin.
Everyone will be surprised to touch this tin tableware.
“What? This plate can bend softly like this!”
This flexible tin plate has been popular since it was on sale.
Suzugami also has gained high reputation as a wedding gift or a birthday present.

syouryu suzugami

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New tableware that you can make the form

Suzugami, it is a metal tableware that can easily bend.
You can fold, bend, or straighten it. Change the form of suzugami as you like again and again.

For example, suzugami fit with Japanese sweets. This combination is perfect for omotenashi of your guest. Furthermore, the conversation will become lively if you tell the guest that you create the form of plate.

suzugami with Japanese dumpling

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Shimatani-syouryu atelier

The atelier of “orin”

Shimatani-syouryu atelier is an atelier which have specially produced “orin,” the Japanese Buddhist bell. It has long history since 1909. Shimatani-syouryu atelier started a new brand syouryu in 2013.

Hand made by skilled craftsmen

“Orin” is made by pounding metal board by a hammer, making carve and tuning the sound. Suzugami is the masterpiece produced by this traditional skill.
In addition, suzugami is different from other tin boards in another point.
There are only less than ten craftsmen who produces “orin” in Japan. Among these ten craftsmen, only three craftsmen produce suzugami. They pound and roll the tin by hammer so that reduce the metal deterioration.
That is why suzugami can be bent and straightened again and again without metal deterioration. Please use suzugami for a long time.

craftsman of syouryu

Q & As about suzugami

  1. Why is suzugami flexible?

    The feature of real 100% tin makes it possible to bend this metal tableware easily.
    Tin is softer than other metal material like gold or silver. Usually, tin made tableware is made of pewter. Pewter is an alloy of tin and antimony. However, syouryu uses real 100% tin to make use of softness of tin.
    And the secret of the flexibility is the skill of Takaoka copperware, the Japanese traditional craft.
    Unlike other tin board, craftsmen roll again and again with pounding by hammer. The pounded tin board becomes fibrous with many metal layer. That is why suzugami has less metal deterioration.

    flexible tin tableware
  2. Suzugami = suzu + kami?

    When you directly translate “suzugami”, the meaning is “tin paper.” Suzu means tin, and kami means paper in Japanese.
    Since you can bend and fold easily just like origami (Japanese traditional art, folding paper,) everybody can use suzugami regardless of young and old, men and women.
    Also, the three patterns “arare”, “samidare”, and “kazahana” remind us of the patterns of origami or kimono(Japanese traditional wear). These three patterns are Japanese traditional patterns.
    The pounding skill of craftsmen makes the metal strong as well as producing a good design.

    folded suzugami for a chopstick rest
  3. What is the size of suzugami?

    We offer four sizes of suzugami, 11cm, 13cm, 18cm, and 24cm.
    Among these sizes, 13cm and 18cm have been popular items since their release.
    Let us introduce how to use each size later.

    four sizes of suzugami
  4. How about patterns?

    We offer three types of pattern, “arare”, “samidare”, and “kazahana”.
    All patterns are “tsuchime”, which is the pattern made by pounding tin by hammer.
    The most popular pattern is “kazahana” in our shop. The soft texture of “kazahana” fit various types of interior.

    Arare means hail in Japanese. This pattern is like a tsuchime produced by hail.
    Samidare means the rain in May in Japanese. This pattern is like a mark made by rain drops.
    Kazahana means the snow in sunny day in Japanese. This pattern is like a pattern piled with kazahana.
    Pattern type of suzugami

Coordinate your dinner table with suzugami

Do you mind that table coordinate with suzugami seems to be difficult?
Never mind! In fact, this simple tin tableware can fit various types of cuisine not only for Japanese cuisine, but also for Western style. Please change your usual dishes into suzugami. Your dinner will be more stylish by suzugami.
Suzugami can keep the cold of food if you refrigerate the plate.

For small suzugami plates

Small suzugami, 11cm and 13cm are the best with sweets, appetizers, and every little cuisine.
If you want to upload photos to SNS, this stylish tin plates make food more delicious look.

small tin plates with small cuisine

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For big suzugami plates

How about putting noodles on big suzugami? Simple noodles changes to a dish served in a good restaurant. Especially when you put Japanese noodles like soba (buckwheat noodle) or udon (thick white noodle), you can enjoy the real Japanese dinner on your table.
We recommend refrigerate the tin tableware for 1-2 minutes for putting cold cuisine.

big tin plate with Japanese noodle

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Stylish interior, another use of suzugami

The flexibility of suzugami enables you to change its form just the way you like. The form is not only tableware, but also an accessory case or a coaster.
As you can see in the picture below, you can make suzugami into accessory tray (left side) by bending the four corners. Even more, suzugami changes into a flower vase for dry flower by rolling it up (right side).
Suzugami can change its form into whatever you want, whenever you need.
Now, what do you want to make with suzugami?

accessory tray and dry flower vase by suzugami

We make our original “flower vase set”

“Flower vases made of suzugami look great. But I do not have an appropriate glass…”
If you do not have adequate size glasses, we recommend these “Suzugami flower vase set”! These are our original sets with suzugami of syouryu and shot glass of Kimura glass.

You can make suzugami flower vase as soon as its arrival!
Of course, you can use the set separately; suzugami as a tableware and shot glass as a glass.

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Our staff uses suzugami!

One of our staff bends and stretches suzugami to make various forms. You can get ideas of suzugami use.
For more details, please see “甘い香りが広がる 国産うれしの紅茶でおしゃれなティータイムを” or “Round suzugami

Do you want a round tin tableware? Unfortunately, syouryu offers only square tin plate. However, another atelier Nousaku offers round flexible tin tableware called “suzumaru.”

Nousaku round tin plate

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Special paulownia gift box

Suzugami is a nice gift as a wedding gift or a birthday present.
We prepare special gift boxes made of paulownia.
Original case for suzugami is a stylish gray cardboard. Of course, this case is good. However, if you want to send a present for someone special, we recommend suzugami with this paulownia box.
The wrapping below is a combination of paulownia gift box with easy wrapping (Japanese style) with ume-mizuhiki (Japanese traditional ribbon with plum flower).

paulownia box for gift

We prepare four sizes of paulownia box for each size, 11cm, 13cm, 18cm, and 24cm. We are sorry that we do not have the paulownia box for roller.
A paulownia box can contain up to 5 pieces of suzugami. We are pleased to make the set as you select the size and patterns.
When you select different sizes of suzugami with a paulownia box, please choose the paulownia box of the size of bigger plate.

paulownia gift box

Our original set for suzugami

We offer our original set that is composed of some suzugami plates with paulownia box. Please make the most of our collection.

original set of suzugami

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Japan Design Store original gift set

In addition to the original sets within paulownia box, our buyer and staff make original gift sets with various items various brands.
All sets are thoughtfully selected by our buyer. When you cannot decide the gift items, how about selecting these sets?

Within Japan Design Store original gift box

Original gift sets are within our original gift boxes. Our original gift box has gentle ivory color like Japanese paper. A gold logo mark is on the box as an accent.

Image of Japan Design store original gift box

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Koro, a roller for rolling or straightening suzugami

Suzugami is often purchased with koro. Koro is a roller to roll or straighten suzugami easily.
The gift with suzugami and koro have gained popularity.

suzugami and koro, a roller

Best size of koro for suzugami

Koro has two sizes, large and small. We recommend small koro for 11cm, 13cm, and 18cm of suzugami. If you purchase the 24cm suzugami, large koro is the best size.

18cm paulownia box with small koro
18cm paulownia box and small koro. These are almost the same size.
24cm paulownia box with large koro
24cm paulownia box and big koro. Large koro is bigger than the box.

Wrapping ways of suzugami with Koro

Many customers purchase "Koro (wooden roller)" together with suzugami. Also, many customers choose Japanese-style wrapping to the set.
However, please note that the gathering way of gift wrapping is different from other products.

When you would like to gather 1 suzugami and 1 Koro, we gather these 2 in a clear bag.

If you order Easy-wrapping (Japanese), we put See-through Tosa Japanese paper and Mizuhiki on suzugami, and put Tosa Japanese paper on Koro.

[$3 wrapping]
If you order $3 wrapping (Wrapping paper Japanese style), we wrap and put Tosa Japanese paper and Mizuhiki on suzugami. Koro is wrapped with wrapping paper.

$3 wrapping
[Noshi wrapping]
Based on Japanese manner, we put Noshi on one product only.
So, we wrap and put Noshi on suzugami.
Koro is just wrapped with wrapping paper.
We cannot put Noshi on Koro. We appreciate your kind understanding.
Noshi wrapping

Companies choose Suzugami as gifts or souvenirs

We have received many orders as gifts or souvenirs of companies. We can receive it as “bulk order” 20 sets or more. If you would like to order less than 20, please directly order from our website.

Gifts and souvenirs for companies

We received some orders from various companies in Japan.
Suzugami has Japanese and English descriptions. So, for overseas customers, we recommend suzugami as gifts or souvenirs.

Also, when you visit or want to visit Japan, please choose this suzugami as “omiyage.” Omiyage means souvenirs.

Suzugami is filled with Japanese craftsmanship, and does not take much room.

You do not have to visit various places in Japan. Instead, you can get great Japanese souvenirs online!

A bulk order will be a special order. Please contact us at latest 45 days ~ 2 months before you would like to get the items.
* If you would like to make an urgent order, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to serve you as much as we can.

Japanese and English descriptions

Caring tips

  • * Wash with soft cloth or sponge with ph.-balanced detergent after use.
  • * Please do not rub with a hard scrubbing brush. Also, the product is soft and vulnerable. Avoid polishing with the cleanser.
  • * When the gloss has become dull, please polish the products using a commercially-available metal polish, toothpaste or baking soda. The gloss will return with them.
  • * Please do not apply to the direct flame because of the low melting point.
  • * Please do not put in the freezer to reduce the risk of tin pest (that tin becomes brittle by the cold).
  • * Please do not put in the dishwasher and dryer.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

Image of personalized gifts
Image of personalized gifts

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