Beautiful Hand Blown Glass from Sghr, Sugahara

Various glasses from Sghr

Glasses of Sghr that Stopped the Most Beautiful Moment of Glass

We collect distinctive and colorful glasses.
Sghr (Sugahara) has been popular for its stylish design.
Their glasses comfortably fit our hands and lips.
Glass masterpiece provides special moment to our daily life.
Let us introduce beautiful glasses produced by glass craftsmen.

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Beauty that only handmade glasses have

Sghr (Sugahara) has its glass studio in Kujukuri of Chiba prefecture.
All products of Sghr are handmade by glass craftsmen. Craftsmen catch the most beautiful moment of scorching glass. Glassware produced with bottom of craftsmen’s heart shine beautifully.

Various glasses of Sugahara on the table

Glasses of Sghr are very characteristic.
Calm colors, stylish and beautiful form. You may have not seen unique design of glasses of Sugahara. The glasses emit sparkling shine to color your life. Please find your favorite glass.

Look down glasses from Sghr

Glassware of Sghr make your daily life richer. It is recommended for gifts as well. Some pair glass sets are within paulownia box. They are good wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, or wedding anniversary gifts.

[Sghr] Glass series

Polished design and delicate texture. Glasses of Sugahara are produced in pursuit of texture for hands. For beer, wine, shochu, whisky, or Japanese sake. Or for water, juice iced tea or iced coffee. Please use the glass for your purposes. Glasses with broad rim would be good for dessert cup, too.

Clear glasses of Sugahara on the table
  1. Already has drink!? Representative work of Sghr

    Duo glasses from Sghr

    “Duo” series from Sugahara has been popular since its release in 1996. It is one of the representative works of Sghr.
    It looks like a glass already has some drink. Craftsmen make layers of glasses by the only skill of handmade glass. Smart form and solid weight of this glass attract us.

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  2. Elegant form by curvy line

    Leila glasses from Sugahara

    “Leila” series from Sghr is glass and glass bowl with elegant wavy line of rim. Gentle curvy glasses relax the time when you are with your family or friends. Flower-like bowl would be good as dessert cup with ice cream.
    Smart and stylish form is its attractive point.

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  3. Bottled up the moment of bubbles
    [Mysterious rising bubbles]

    Dessert and champagne cocktail glasses from Sghr

    “Mysterious rising bubbles” from Sugahara are glasses that bottled up bubbles in glass. Craftsmen express the rising bubbles born in water in the glass. This glass is recommended for champagne, sparkling wine, or any other carbonated drinks. Good gifts for alcohol lovers.

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  4. Pour beer, Japanese most beautiful scenery!
    [Fujiyama Glass]

    Fujiyama Glass and its exclusive paulownia box with Easy wrapping

    “Fujiyama Glass” from Sghr is a glass of Fujiyama. Depends on the colors of drink, you can enjoy various scenery of Fujiyama. For example, when you pour beer, the glass looks like Fujiyama covered with snow. Black beer or red beer are also good. Golden Mt. Fuji, or Fuji in red with sunrise… Please enjoy your own Fujiyama.
    This glass is born with a collaboration of a product designer Keita Suzuki and Sugahara. Each glass is within original paulownia box.

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  5. Shine of layered glass

    Cascade glasses from Sghr

    “Cascade” glass from Sugahara has line like an orbit of a planet. It looks like water is stay in diagonal. Cascade was born with endless curiosity against glass of glass craftsmen. In addition to its unique design, these glasses are very useful size and comfortable weight. For your daily life, or when you have guests, special glasses work.

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  6. Cute double walled glass
    [Air lip]

    2 sizes of double walled glass “air lip” from Sugahara

    “Air lip” glass from Sghr is produced with technique and sense of craftsmen without mold. Once swelled glass is dented so that a glass can become gently rounded double walled glass.

    In addition to use as glass, “Air lip” is good for small bowl for dishes or dessert cup. You can use it for hot whiskey, hot wine, or hot soup as well.

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  7. Taste wine with authentic wine glass

    Wineglasses of Bueno from Sghr

    Wine glass “Bueno” from Sugahara has authentic form and texture. Rounded bowl keeps mellow flavor of wine. This glass is made with a wish that “Want people to enjoy wine more lightheartedly.” Since they are very useful glass, “Bueno” is recommended for daily dinner. Superb color glasses color your wine time.

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  8. Glossy glass makes Japanese sake stand out
    [Sake glass set]

    Sake glass sets of Duo on the table
    duo Tokkuri & Ochoko set

    Sake glass set from Sghr makes your sake time more gorgeous. Glossy shine of glass makes taste and transparency of Japanese sake look more beautiful. Japan Design Store selects cool glass tokkuri (sake pitcher), katakuchi, guinomi, or ochoko (sake cup). When you pour sake with this sake glass set, you look more beautiful.

    Katakuchi of riv and guinomi of oriole from Sugahara
    Sake glass set of riv and oriole

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  9. Elegant glass flower

    Sake glass set Saki like flowers

    “Saki” from Sugahara is a glass sake set with 5 glasses. One glass can nest inside the other. Each glass has gentle atmosphere with rounded from and wavy line. Pour sake from Katakuchi to a small glass. Enjoy wine with a large glass. In addition to use as sake cup, you can use glass bowls for dishes as well. Please enjoy stylish table setting with glass flower. 5 glasses set of “Saki” is within Sugahara original paulownia box.

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As glass decor for your room

Glasses of Sghr have beauty that never bore us.
In addition to use as tableware, you can enjoy their beauty as glass decor in your room. Display some colors of glasses, or arrange flowers within glasses. Handblown glasses of Sugahara have both cool and warm atmosphere. Regardless of seasons, beautiful glasses color your rooms.

Arrange flowers within double walled glass Air lip from Sghr
Air lip

Pair glass set selected by Japan Design Store

Japan Design Store makes pair glass sets. One of the attractive points of Sghr is its rich variety of colors. You can choose best color for your recipients.
Glasses of Sugahara are recommended gifts that are filled with delicate skill of Japanese craftsmen.

Various glasses of Sugahara from their sides

Pair glass set has been popular gifts. How about choosing glassware of Sghr for wedding gifts, housewarming gifts or wedding anniversary gifts? We will send you pair glass sets within original paulownia box of Sugahara.

Pair glass of cascade ant its exclusive paulownia box
Paulownia box for pair glass set of Sghr (* Except for a part of products)

Send glasses of Sghr as gifts? Leave it to Japan Design Store

If you send glasses of Sugahara as gifts, please leave it to Japan Design Store. We wait for you with stylish gift wrapping which is suitable for your important gifts.
In our store, Easy wrapping which is with Tosa Japanese paper and Mizuhiki elastic ribbon has been popular. You can also choose Japanese traditional Noshi wrapping. Cute Ume Mizuhiki option has been popular, too. Our gift staff carefully wraps your presents.

Examples of gift wrapping in Japan Design Store
* Boxes differ from item to item

Look for pair glass? See here!

If you look for pair glass set produced by Japanese craftsmen, please see this page!

[Sghr] Glass series

For your long use at ease

  • All glassware from Sghr are handmade by glass craftsmen. Slight difference may occur in capacity or size of each glass. Also, since the glass is made of natural sand, we can see some small air bubbles or lines in glasses. Please enjoy only one feature of handmade glass.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

Images of personalize gift service
Images of personalized gifts


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