Glasses from Sghr, Sugahara

Sghr Sugahara

Sghr -Sugahara-

Each glass is handmade by glass craftsmen.
It is the glassware of Sghr, or Sugahara.
At a time, it shines, and another time, it looks warm.
Unique glassware has attracted people. All glasses were born from the communication with craftsmen and glass.
In this page, we seek the attractiveness of works from Sghr since its establishment in 1932. Please enjoy the beautiful appearance of glassware pursued by glass craftsmen of Sugahara.

Bright life of glass handblown by craftsmen, Sghr

Glass products of Sugahara are handmade. There is no same item in the world.
When you see and touch the glassware, your mouth broadens in a smile. Glasses of Sghr would be great gifts for your dearest person as well. Beautiful shine of glass is suitable for wedding gifts, housewarming gifts or birthday gifts.

Pursuit of glass craftsmen of [Sghr -Sugahara-]

Glass is born from natural sand.
Glass craftsmen of Sugahara always communicate with natural material, and sincerely produce glassware every day.

“Glass is alive.” “Communicate with glass.”
These expressions may sound funny to you but this is how Sugahara artisans talk about glass.

From Sghr -Sugahara-

According to them, there is a moment that scorching liquid glass reaches beauty at its maximum.
Catches that moment and extract the feature of glass to the most of it. In order to this, craftsmen of Sugahara communicate with glass every day, and listen to the “voice” of glass.

Glasses or plates of Sghr which is handblown its life by craftsmen will shine forever by your side.

What is [Sghr -Sugahara-]?

Sghr or Sugahara is an original brand produced by Sugahara Glassworks Inc. Sugahara Glassworks Inc. has produced handmade glassware since its establishment in 1932. At its start, there is only one glass craftsman in the company. Now, they have about 40 craftsmen. Sugahara has one of the biggest glass studios in Japan in Kujukuri of Chiba prefecture.

In 1984, Sghr exhibited at the Good Design Corner of Japan Exhibition organized by a department store in New York. After that, they started to export their items to Europe, the Unites States, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and so on. Since 2003, Sugahara has exhibited their products at a trade fair in Paris in France. In 2004, they exhibited at Tokyo Designers Week Container Exhibition and won Design Premio award. Sghr broadens their field in and out of Japan. Sugahara produces a life with glassware through their careful handwork.

Unique design handmade glass

Sghr produces various design glass products by their handwork.
Craftsmen invent many new products every year. Now, Sugahara has more than 4000 original products. Sghr produces design, invention, and package in addition to making glassware. Free environment that produces new idea regardless of age or sections grows Sugahara more.
If you would like to see details of glasses of Sghr, please see followings.

  1. Glasses of [Sghr -Sugahara-]

    Glasses of Sghr work in various scene from daily use to entertaining guests. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or sake time, please use beautiful glasses of Sugahara. Handmade glasses have comfortable texture for your mouth and hand. Clear glassware provides you richer life.

    Duo glass is one of the representative products of Sugahara. It has beautiful overlapping of glass. Pair glass set would be great wedding gifts or anniversary gifts, too.

  2. Glass plates of [Sghr -Sugahara-]

    Glass plates of Sghr makes dishes look stand out. Glossy glass plates look food fresher and more delicious. Collect glass plates in different sizes or colors, and enjoy table setting.
    Also, stylish glass plates of Sugahara can be beautiful home decor. As accessory tray or tray for key, glass plates will work.

  3. Glass decor of [Sghr -Sugahara-]

    Glass decor of Sghr provides you a brighter life. Stylish glass clock and cute ring holder. Fashionable glass decor makes you happy every time you see it.
    Glass decors of Sugahara makes your room more stylish. In addition to living room, bedroom, or entrance, beautiful glassware suits office as well.
    Unique and brilliant glass decor has been popular for wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, or celebration for new business.

Original colors of [Sghr -Sugahara-]

One of the reasons of popularity is stylish colors of Sghr. Calm colors suit any kind of rooms and decorate your dinner table or rooms. What is your favorite color?

  1. [Clear]

    Using high-purity material, Sugahara offers beautifully transparent “Clear” color. This color makes form or shades of glass and plates stand out. Transparent glass suits any colors. Dishes and drink on Clear glass look more beautiful and delicious.

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  2. [Tan]

    “Tan” origins its color from brown color of tanned leather. Tan of Sghr color is yellowish light brown. When you look through Tan glass in the light, it looks elegant amber color. Depends on the thickness of glass or plates, Tan glasses look different appearance.

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  3. [Carbon]

    “Carbon” is translucent black. It has solid atmosphere like smoky quartz. In Leila series of Sugahara, this Carbon color has most beautiful gradation. It is not just “black” but has deep and refined mood.

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  4. [Wine Red]

    “Wine Red” color of Sghr is purplish deep color like an amethyst. Elegant Wine-Red glass gives flowery gorgeous atmosphere. Calm color suits sophisticated men as well.

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  5. [Indigo]

    “Indigo” color has quiet air among blueish colors of Sugahara. For thick glass or plates, Indigo looks more deeper color. Blue glass suits Japanese tableware, too.

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  6. [Forest]

    “Forest” of Sghr is deep green color like a beautiful forest. Fresh green makes dishes look stand out like plants. Bright green makes accent on your dinner table.

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Sghr glass tableware can be home decor

Glass tableware of Sugahara is so beautiful that we would like to see it every day.
In addition to use as tableware, we recommend using glassware as home decor.
For example, glasses can be cute bud vase or vase. Glass plates are also good for dry flower or air plants. In addition, glass plates can be accessory tray or key tray.
Please use the bright glassware of Sghr to make accent in your room.

Sghr glassware for gifts

Glassware of Sugahara proposes richer life.
Handmade glassware of Sghr is recommended for gifts. Carefully made glass tells your heart to the recipient.

How about sending glassware of Sugahara as wedding gifts, housewarming gifts, or gifts of Mother’s Day or Father Day? Products of Sugahara tells your heartwarming thought. Since handblown glass has warm mood, you can send glassware in autumn or winter, too.

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