Japanese Tin Jewelry from Nousaku

Tin jewelries from Nousaku

Be More Fashionable with Tin Jewelry from Nousaku

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[Nousaku]Tin jewelries

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Cute and chic, tin jewelry of traditional crafts

From party time to daily use.
Beautiful jewellery shine days of women.

Our buyer selects beautiful Japanese jewelry for all women. We get tin jewelry from a popular brand in Japan Design Store, Nousaku.

A woman wearing tin jewelry is arranging flowers

All jewelries are traditional crafts. Skilled craftsmen handmade these tin jewelries. Carefully handmade tin jewellery make gracefulness of women stand out.

“Where do I go out today?”
“I want to meet her after a long time.”

Whenever you wear tin jewelry, you will be more active.

A woman wearing tin jewellery of Nousaku has wine glass

Tin jewelries from Nousaku are cute Japanese traditional crafts. High-quality Japanese necklace, flower brooches, or hair accessories are recommended gifts for women.

You can arrange by yourself! 100% tin jewellery

Tin is the most expensive metal after gold and silver.
Tin products are always popular in Japan Design Store.
Nousaku offers gorgeous tin basket “KAGO”, sake items that make use of feature of tin, “Tumbler, Beer cup” or “Katakuchi, Guinomi.” Also, syouryu offers “Suzugami” which is produced with skill of Takaoka copperware like Nousaku. Tin is characterized with majestic beautiful shine and presence.

Use tin ware KAGO from Nousaku as wine basket
Nousaku KAGO

What is the difference of tin jewelry and silver jewelry?

Handmade tin jewellery by craftsmen is not so common now. But once you wear it, you will be fascinated with its texture or suitability for any clothes.

Then, what is the difference between tin jewelry and silver jewelry?

The biggest difference of them is that tin can be arranged by ourselves.
Tin jewellery of Nousaku is made of 100% pure tin. They are not too hard, nor too soft. So, you can change their forms depends on your style or mood of the day.

A woman bends tin jewelry of Nousaku

For flower motif, you can lift just one petal. For tin pendant, you can make curves of motif. Please enjoy arranging tin jewelry of Nousaku just like you enjoy making an art work. Of course, you can enjoy beautiful fashion without arranging.

* If you change forms dynamically, or bend too many times, its original design may be spoiled. Please be careful of excess arrange.

A woman has tin flower brooch of Nousaku with her hands

3 series of tin jewelries

  1. Shine of tin × Gold leaf of Kanazawa
    Nousaku Tin Jewelry Flower Pin Brooch

    Tin jewelry “Flower Pin Brooch” from Nousaku is cute brooch of flower motif. These brooches have elegance and cuteness, so they are suitable for any types of clothes. Glittering gold color is the color of gold leaf in Kanazawa. Tin jewelry “Flower Pin Brooch” is a collaboration item of traditional crafts in Kanazawa city of Ishikawa prefecture and Takaoka city of Toyama prefecture.
    Please select your favorite flower pins from 5 flowers, Narcissus, Japanese plum, Poinsettia, Cosmos, and Sunflower.

    Tin flower brooches of Nousaku and flower

    With simple pendant chain, tin flower brooch can be pendant as well. If you have chain, please try it.

    Example of use Sunflower brooch as pendant

    Also, tin jewelry brooch can be arranged as “obidome” for kimono. On front of the blouse, or as an accent on your scarf or stole, tin pin brooches work well.

    Pin stole with tin flower brooch of Nousaku

    Tin Flower Pin Brooch is within exclusive paulownia box. It is good for gifts.

    Tin flower brooch of Nousaku and its exclusive box and description paper

    Material of Tin Flower Pin Brooch

    • Flower Brooch: Tin 100% and gold leaf

    5 kinds of flowers! Each season and flower language

    Tin jewellery of flower pin brooches are cute and elegant. It is great to send these brooches as birthday gifts in the season of the flowers. Also, how about adding a message by flower language?

    1. Narcissus

      Season of narcissus is “winter ~spring.” Flower language is “Respect.”

      A woman wears Narcissus tin flower brooch

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    2. Japanese plum

      Season of Japanese plum is “early spring.” Flower languages are “Noble, Grace (white plum).”

      A woman wears red scarf and pin it with Japanese plum tin flower brooch

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    3. Poinsettia

      Season of Poinsettia is “winter.” Flower languages are “Bless, Wish for good luck.”

      A woman wears Poinsettia tin flower brooch

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    4. Cosmos

      Season of cosmos is “summer ~ autumn.” Flower languages are “True heart of lady, Harmony, Grace (white cosmos).”

      A woman wears Cosmos tin flower brooch

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    5. Sunflower

      Season of sunflower is “summer.” Flower languages are “Affection, Worship, You are wonderful.”

      A woman wears Sunflower tin flower brooch

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  2. Curvy form provides unique atmosphere
    Nousaku Tin Jewelry Pendant -suzuha-

    Tin jewellery “suzuha” gets its motif from leaves of tree. On shine of metals, natural forms provide gentle atmosphere. For “cracked ice,” craftsmen express detailed texture of cracked ice by rolling. On “ripple”, the moment of swaying water is expressed. Shine of tin slightly reflects the color of surrounding environment like the real surface of water.

    2 tin pendants of suzuha series from Nousaku

    Tin jewelry suzuha can be used reversible. Tin pendant of “cracked ice” has hairline finish on backside. For “ripple,” the backside has shinier waves.

    Tin pendant suzuha is good for dresses. But for daily clothes, shiny tin jewellery provides elegant atmosphere for simple clothes.

    The necklace chain is adjustable. You can enjoy Princess type (about 45cm, 18 inches) to Matinee type (about 55~60cm, 22~24 inches).
    Tin necklace suzuha series is within exclusive box.

    Tin pendant ripple within its exclusive box and with description paper

    Material of Tin Pendant suzuha

    • Pendant top: Tin 100%
    • Chain: Silver 925 (Rhodium plate) with adjuster 60cm

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  3. Get attention! Beautiful supple form
    Nousaku Tin Jewelry Aya / Yui series

    Tin jewelries Aya and Yui series are necklace and hair barrettes with stick. “Aya” gets motif from “Ayaori,” or twill. “Yui” is a jewelry of bound threads. They are big motif but delicate design.

    3 tin pendants and hair barrette with stick from Nousaku on the table

    Since these accessories are made of tin, you can arrange the curve by yourself. For the tin barrettes with stick, you can change the angle of curve. It is very easy to use. Please use this hair accessory for your daily hair style.

    A woman wears hair barrette with stick Yui

    By the way, the pendant top and barrettes of Yui -wave- are same. So, if you get pendant, you can make it to a barrette with your stick. Also, if you get hair barrette, you can make it to a necklace with your chain.

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    Aya has solid and unisex atmosphere. So, you and your partner can use it as pair necklace.

    A woman wears tin pendant Aya

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    Tin jewelries of Aya and Yui series are within paulownia box. For necklace type, the necklace is within drawstring pouch. It is useful when you bring. Necklaces are with adjustable chain. Enjoy beautiful tin jewellery.

    Tin pendant of Aya series within its exclusive drawstring pouch and paulownia box and its description paper

    Material of Aya / Yui series

    • Pendant top / Barrette: Tin 100%
    • Chain: Silver 925 (Rhodium plate) with adjuster 60cm
    • Stick of barrette: Acrylic

What is Nousaku?

Under the concept of “Produce better casting in better way,” Nousaku pursues beauty which reflects the sense of the time with the most use of tin texture.

Nousaku started manufacturing of Buddhist alter fittings with inherited casting skill in Takaoka city of Toyama prefecture for 400 years in 1916. When it was established, they produced Buddhist alter fittings, flower vase, or utensils for tea ceremony. Recently, they produce tableware, home decor, lighting and more. Nousaku continues to tell the attractiveness of Takaoka copperware which is a traditional craft of Japan.

Sophisticated appearance of tin jewellery is done by superb casting skill and carefully finishing. Nousaku mixes 3 elements “Traditional / Technique / Beauty” and tries to seek new possibility of casting.

Is tin jewelry safe?

“Tin jewellery is beautiful, but is it safe for body?”
You may worry about it since it is rare jewelry.

Tin of Nousaku is 100% pure tin. Usually, tin is mixed with other metals to make it hard and easy to finish. However, tin jewelries of Nousaku do not include those metal at all.
Tin is known as the most expensive metal after gold and silver. It is hard to be oxidized among various metals and has strong antibacterial effect. In addition, tin is known as a metal that is hard to cause metal allergy. Therefore, you can wear tin jewelries at ease.

People have had deep relation with tin from ancient era. It is said that tin tools are already used in ancient Egyptian dynasty. In Japan, treasure made of tin is stored in Shosoin in Japan, which is a treasure house established in about 1300 years ago. It is said “water does not rot in tin ware.” Japanese people have used tin ware as sake set, tableware, or utensils for tea ceremony.

However, some parts of tin jewelry may cause degeneration or discoloration by reaction to rubbing, sweat, cosmetics, or perfume. If you feel anything wrong with your skin, stop using and see a doctor soon.

How to care tin jewellery?

You do not need special care for tin jewelry.
When dirt becomes remarkable, wash tin jewelry with soft cloth and neutral detergent. If gloss becomes dull, polish with commercial-available metal jewelry polish or pasted baking soda.
(* For gilded item such as Tin Flower Pin Brooch, please avoid polishing as much as possible since gilded place may be removed by rubbing.)

A woman has tin pendant suzuha on her hands

Tin is a soft metal. Please avoid rubbing with cleanser or hard brush. Chains of necklace or pendant are coated with Rhodium plate. If you polish chains with polisher, the coating may be come off.

Basic care for tin jewelry is as same as usual jewelries. We are happy if you use tin jewellery for a long time with gentle care.

Tin jewelry as gift for women

Stylish tin jewelries would be great rewards for yourself, and gift for women. For the Mother’s Day, it is good present for your mother or mother-in-law. In addition, as retirement gifts or thank you gift for your teacher, necklace, brooch, or hair barrette with stick would be elegant gift for all women. Also, it is good birthday gift or 10th wedding anniversary gift for your wife.

Moreover, traditional Japanese accessory would be suitable gifts for Ambassador to Japan, wife of Ambassador, diplomats, or nobles or guests from other countries. Tin jewelries of Nousaku have English description as well. You can send Japanese jewelry at ease.
Elegant handmade jewelry would be great gifts when a person wins some awards.

Tin jewelry gift? Leave it to Japan Design Store

If you send tin jewellery as gifts, please leave it to Japan Design Store.

We offer various stylish wrapping suitable for the gifts for your important person. You can also choose Japanese traditional Noshi wrapping as well. Elegant Tosa Japanese paper and cute Ume Mizuhiki have been popular.

Images of Japanese modern wrapping on exclusive boxes of tin jewellery from Nousaku

Japan Design Store ships anywhere in Japan for FREE! Our gift staff carefully wraps your gift.

Caring tips

  • * Please keep away from flames because of the low melting point.
  • * Please do not rub with a hard-scrubbing brush since the product is soft.
  • * Intensive pressure to one place will cause the break of tin jewelry. Please do not bend jewelries too much.
  • * Tin jewelry is so soft that you can change forms freely with your hand. However, if you change forms dynamically, or bend too many times, its original design may be spoiled. Please be careful of excess arrange.
  • * Some parts of tin jewelry may cause degeneration or discoloration by reaction to rubbing, sweat, cosmetics, or perfume.
  • * If you feel anything wrong with your skin, stop using and see a doctor soon.
  • * Do not wear tin jewelry when you take bath, sport, sleep, or any time you may get injured by jewelry.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.