Cutlery rest, chopstick and spoon rest, Lucky motif, Nousaku

Cutlery rest Lucky motif from Nousaku

Cutlery rest with Lucky motif from Nousaku

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[Nousaku]Cutlery rest

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New tin tableware from Nousaku, Cutlery rest

Nousaku is a brand of Takaoka copperware. Takaoka copperware is one of Japanese traditional crafts in Takaoka city of Toyama prefecture.
With inherited skill from 400 years ago, Nousaku offers tin or brass items for modern lifestyle.

In 2016, Nousaku celebrated its 100th year in business. Now, they continue to produce traditional crafts with contemporary design.

From the long-established brand, we would like to introduce tin cutlery rest. This chopstick and spoon rest has unique features. Let us propose the fascination of the Lucky motif cutlery rest of Nousaku.

5 different patterns of cutlery rest of Nousaku

Novel idea! Make the form of the cutlery rest by yourself

Cutlery rest is a rest for forks, knives, or spoons.
On Japanese dinner table, we use it as chopstick and spoon rest.

The Lucky motif cutlery rest of Nousaku is made of 100% pure tin. Therefore, you can bend it in your favorite form!

It is not so difficult to make the form. On the both sides of the cutlery rest, you can see a small dot at the center of the bar. The dot is a mark of the rest’s center. Just bend the cutlery rest along the dot. If it is hard, bend the rest at the corner of desk. You can arrange the angles.

When you bend the rest, the lucky motifs stand up. A flat bar becomes a three-dimensional cutlery rest. Before use it, you can enjoy the feature of tin. The motifs are Japanese traditional pattern, but it is filled with playful minds.

Red chopsticks and spoon on the cutlery rest Lucky motif

Meanings of 5 patterns of Lucky motif

In Japanese, Lucky motifs are called “Kissho-mon.” Kissho-mon means the patterns of plants, animals, or sceneries which are believed to be auspicious. In Asian countries, such as Japan and China, people have loved the lucky motifs.

Japanese lucky motifs have been used for kimono (Japanese traditional clothes), obi (broad sash for kimono), accessories, tableware, or interior items. People wish long life or prosperity in auspicious patterns.

The cutlery rest “Lucky motif” of Nousaku has 5 patterns, Ume (Plum), Nanten (Nandina), Hyoutan (Gourd), Kikko (Tortoiseshell). And Seigaiha (Wave).

Names of 5 Japanese patterns of cutlery rest
  1. Ume (Plum)

    Plum blossoms mean “tidy” and “wisdom.” It is the symbol of felicity. Plum has another name “Kou-bun-boku.” It means “a flower which likes study.” It is said that when we study, plum blooms beautifully.

  2. Nanten (Nandina)

    Nandina is an evergreen tree. Nandina is believed to turn difficulties into good luck. Since it bears numerous small red fruits, Nandina is also believed to be the symbol of being blessed with children.

  3. Hyoutan (Gourd)

    Gourd means “prosperity”, “matrimonial happiness”, and “protect from evil.” 6 gourds mean good health.

  4. Kikko (Tortoiseshell)

    Kikko is a hexagon pattern like the pattern of tortoiseshell. It means “longevity”, “fulfillment in love”, and “matrimonial happiness.”

  5. Seigaiha (Wave)

    Seigaiha pattern comes from waves. Just like the waves are continuous everlastingly, Seigaiha means the “infinite expanse.”

The openwork of lucky pattern on the cutlery rest is like an artwork. In the small rectangle of 9cm × 3.5cm, traditional craftsmen expressed detailed patterns.
The traditional auspicious patterns of the cutlery rest remind us the good old days of Japan.

Customers’ use of cutlery rest of Nousaku

Here, we would like to introduce our customers’ voice who use the cutlery rest “Lucky motif.” It seems that everyone makes the most use of the bendable cutlery rest.
If you wonder how to use the unusual cutlery rest, please check the following voice!

  • To celebrate our wedding anniversary

    For me, the cutlery rest of Nousaku is an item that I have been longed for. I request it as the celebration item of the anniversary of our marriage. The name of the cutlery rest “Kissho-mon” sounds very traditional. However, its design and form is very modern.
    The cutlery rest Lucky motif fits various types of cuisine. For Japanese tableware, I use it as chopstick and spoon rest with natural pottery or colorful porcelain. For Western style, the cutlery rest makes the table setting more stylish. A cutlery rest is not so big, but has great presence. The cutlery rest helps me to make a tidy table setting. I would like to treasure it and use it frequently for a long time.

  • Fit Western-style table, too

    I got the cutlery rest Lucky pattern from my friend as a present. It is so useful that I would like to purchase more for my guests. Kissho-mon is Japanese pattern, but fit Western-style table as well. I use it by bending it at the center. For daily dinner, I can use it as a chopstick and spoon rest.

  • Feature of tin interests me

    I purchased it since I was interested in the bendable tin cutlery rest. In fact, tin makes sounds when it is being bent. I wonder if it might break, but now, it is no problem. There are few modern or stylish cutlery rests in the market. The Lucky motif cutlery rest of Nousaku has Japanese beauty and unique feature of tin. I really satisfied with my shopping.

  • Enjoy using it everyday

    The cutlery rest of Nousaku is Japanese patterns, but fit Western-style tableware, too. It is enough big to rest both chopsticks and spoon. Shiny silver color gives stylish atmosphere on the dinner table. When I bend tin cutlery rest, I can make a beautiful angle by the corner of the table. Without care, the cutlery rest may be warped. But I enjoy the forming.
    Lucky motif cutlery rest has modern auspicious patterns and beauty of tin. I look for using it every day!

  • Rest for my fountain pen

    I use the cutlery rest of Nousaku in another way of its use. Especially, I love Seigaiha pattern. I use it as the rest for my fountain pen at my office. Seigaiha is the pattern of everlasting calm waves. So, I start a day with wishing, “may today is a good day.” It is fun to make forms by myself. But be careful of not warped.

  • Birthday gift for my family

    I looked for Japanese and stylish cutlery rest. So, I chose the items of Nousaku. I gave it for my family member as her birthday present. I celebrate her birthday every year. Still, she looked happy with it. The Lucky motif can be used for Japanese or Western-style table setting. In addition, she can enjoy forming the cutlery rest by herself. I am planning to collect other items of Nousaku!

A woman is bending Ume cutlery rest

Recommended cutlery rest set for gifts

Lucky motif cutlery rest of Nousaku is an auspicious and unique item. Therefore, it is a suitable item as wedding gift or housewarming gift.
Or, the chopstick and spoon rests work when you have some home parties.

In addition, cutlery rests with Japanese design have been popular as the souvenir from Japan.
We prepare a set of 5 patterns as a great gift item.

5 cutlery rests within its exclusive paulownia box and its description

Comment from buyer

Good to use, good to look, good to touch, and good meanings! The cutlery rest of Nousaku is filled with good points.
Japanese traditional culture is filled within a small piece of cutlery rest. It is very stylish and modern.

Only Nousaku can produce such an elegant item with Japanese pattern.
We merely see a tin cutlery rest. Therefore, it is recommended as gifts for refined men or your boss.

Nousaku also offers tin chopstick rests

In addition to this cutlery rest, Nousaku offers various chopstick rests.
Auspicious motif ““Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.