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Beautiful sake cup of Kuzushi series from Nousaku

Beautiful sakazuki cup Kuzushi reflects light

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Nousaku has been popular for their modern design tin tableware with the traditional skill of Takaoka copper ware. In fact, Nousaku is in Takaoka city in Toyama prefecture, where the Takaoka copperware has been popular for a long time.

Nousaku won various honorable awards. In addition, they have exhibited their items in various international trade fairs and exhibitions.

Tin sake sets of Nousaku have got popularity from Japanese sake lovers, sake shops, and Japanese restaurants. Nousaku offers various ochoko, guinomi and katakuchi. Moreover, they have special sake bottle for hot sake “Chirori.”

Japan Design Store offers rich variety of Nousaku products as an online shop of Nousaku items. This time, we would like to introduce one of the strongly recommended items of our buyer. It is “Kuzushi.”
The sakazuki cup and sake cup of Kuzushi have the beauty of carves. The sakazuki and sake cup are very simple, but elegant.

What is Kuzushi, a sakazuki cup with unique beauty

Sakazuki and sake cup of Kuzushi series from Nousaku does not have flat bottom. So, you can enjoy superb swing of light in the sakazuki cups.

In fact, the shape of sakazuki cup Kuzushi is not the perfect circle. “Kuzushi” comes from “Kuzusu.” Kuzusu means “break” or “get off one’s balance” in Japanese.
By breaking perfect circle, the sakazuki cups of Nousaku get a touch of beauty.

Since it has imperfect form, you can use the sakazuki and sake cups as tableware, too.

The sakazuki cup Kuzushi was designed by a product designer Makoto Koizumi. He won various design awards. Also, he was a judge of the Good Design Award.
Mr. Koizumi is especially good at the design of furniture and the space. That’s why we feel warmth of handmade craft from the simple and unique design of sakazuki cup Kuzushi.

Sakazuki cups and sake cups of Kuzushi series

What is the attractive points of tin?

The sakazuki cup Kuzushi is made of 100% pure tin. The sake cup and sakazuki cup of kuzushi series are produced with greensand molding.

Tin is the third expensive metal after gold and silver. Also, tin is hard to be oxidized metal.
In addition, tin has high thermal conductivity. Therefore, you can enjoy Japanese sake in cold to warm.

When you drink cold sake, please refrigerate the sakazuki cup for 1-2 minutes. The cold sake become much colder. You will be surprised to touch and taste the sakazuki sake.
(Please note that tin becomes fragile in below-zero temperatures. Do not put tin sake cups in freezer.)

What’s more, tin has an effect to remove impurities and purify water. When you pour Japanese sake into the tin sake cup, the sake becomes mellow.

The sakazuki and sake cups with gold leaf is gilded by the gold leaf craftsmen in Kanazawa. Kanazawa is in the next prefecture of Toyama.
The beautiful shine of gold leaf attracts us any time. Even it looks shine itself.

Furthermore, 100% pure tin is very soft. You can change the form a little.
Nousaku produced the sakazuki cups as thinner as possible to make it light and smooth. Please enjoy the unique texture of tin sakazuki cup.

A woman has tin sake cup of Kuzushi series

Who is the designer of sakazuki cup Kuzushi, Makoto Koizumi?

The sakazuki and sake cups of Kuzushi series is designed by a product designer Makoto Koizumi. Those who are involved in product design, Makoto Koizumi is so famous that everyone knows. His design is beautiful and functional.

Mr. Koizumi was born in 1960 in Tokyo. Now, he runs an office “Koizumi Studio” in Kunitachi city in Tokyo.

He knocked the door of space design in 1985. Having a dream to be a wooden furniture designer and craftsmen, he studied under Choei Hara and Shigemitsu Hara. In 1990, he established “Koizumi Studio.”
He designs everything relates to daily life such as miscellaneous goods, furniture, space, and architecture.

He was judge in the Good Design Award from 2000 to 2003. Now, he is a judge in Sapporo Eco Design Award and Craft Competition in Takaoka. Mr. Koizumi works to discover great products of local industries.

In addition, Mr. Koizumi is devoted himself to design education. He is a part-time instructor in the Department of Environmental Design in Tama Art University and Kuwasawa Design School. Also, he is a guest professor in Product Design of Daido University and a professor of Musashino Art University.

For Nousaku, he designed not only the sakazuki cups, but also the interior plan of new company building.

Beautiful shine of gold leaf of sakazuki cup Kuzushi-Tare

Sakazuki cup Kuzushi as gift

Kuzushi series has 2 types.
“Kuzushi-Tare” has beautiful sakazuki cup shape. It is great item for celebrating party.
“Kuzushi-Yure” is cute rounded sake cups. You can enjoy sake little by little.

The pair of gold and silver is very auspicious combination.

Also, in addition to use as sake cup and sakazuki cup, you can use Kuzushi as tableware. So, you can send it to not sake lovers, too.
This sakazuki cups and sake cups have English description. Please do not worry about care and use.

Gold pair of Kuzushi-Yure and its exclusive box

Comment from buyer

How do you like sakazuki cup and sake cup of Kuzushi series? Kuzushi series of Nousaku has dignified atmosphere. It is like a Japanese modern artwork.

Beautiful and functional tin tableware is a great gift for sake lovers and yourself.
For sake lovers, we recommend sake cup “Kuzushi-Yure.” For cooking lovers and more “Japanese” lovers, we recommend sakazuki cup “Kuzushi-Tare.”

If you would like to enjoy Japanese sake with the sake cup of Nousaku, we recommend warm sake.
As tin has high thermal conductivity, you can enjoy the superb taste of warm sake with your hand. Let’s try it!

Caring tips

  • * Kuzuhi Yure have changed their specifications a little. Now (July 2018), gold leaf is not gilded on the edge of each sake set. Please note that some products are partly different from the pictures of this page.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

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