KAGO, Japanese novel tin tableware from Nousaku

KAGO, a flexible tin tableware

Novel tin tableware KAGO

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KAGO, the only one in the world

Bend into favorite form as many time as you want.
Do you know this magical tableware? You can find your original use in various situations.
KAGO is the masterpiece of Nousaku, an atelier of Japanese traditional casting. A fusion produced this novel tableware. The traditional casting skill of craftsmen in Takaoka, Toyama prefecture met the novel idea of the creator.
You can change the form of this tin tableware in accordance with your free idea. The form of KAGO you make may be the only one thing in the world. We believe that you will have a strong attachment to this free tin tableware.
KAGO has gained popularity by not only Japanese people, but also the creators in Europe or the United States of America.

KAGO as a fruits basket

The tin of Nousaku can make KAGO

Tin is the third expensive metal after gold and silver. Tin is high antibacterial effect, hard to be oxidized, and hard to cause the metal allergy.
Nousaku uses the 100% real tin. Usually, tin tableware is made by an alloy of tin and other metal material. In this way, the craftsmen are easy to make finishing. However, tin of Nousaku does not include any other materials.
100% real tin is very soft so that you can bend easily (depend on the form or thick, though). When you bend KAGO, you can hear some dull sound. This is not a sound of breaking. This sound is called “tin cry.” Tin molecule makes this sound.
You may become addicted to this sound.
The 100% tin tableware fits our hand and various life styles. Enjoy the real texture of tin.

flexible tin tableware with fruits

How soft the KAGO is?

Let’s bend KAGO to see how soft it is.
First, let’s pull up the KAGO square L. You can easily stretch it. The touch is similar to a bold wire.
You may be surprised that you can bend so easily. However, you do not have to worry about breaking. Unless you twist this tin tableware, it will not break.
The square type of KAGO has large mesh. So you can stretch it dynamically.

stretching square L KAGO

Next, let’s bend dahlia tin tableware. We bend the KAGO of dahlia L in the picture below.
Hold the both ends, and bend towards inside. You may feel that dahlia type is solid and hard rather than square type.
In fact, the dahlia tableware has smaller mesh than square, it cannot stretch vertically or horizontally that much.
You can easily change the form of square tin tableware. On the other hand, dahlia type is suitable for basket use.

stretching dahlia L KAGO

KAGO as a basket

If this flexible tin tableware arrives at your home, please try various use for the KAGO.
Here, let us introduce some of the use of KAGO.
At first, this is the basic use as basket. For slow breakfast at holidays, or home party, please put some breads on the KAGO dahlia L. This large and gorgeous tin tableware changes your table into the art.

KAGO, good basket for breads

In this picture below, we use square L as a fruits basket. Square tin tableware makes stylish and modern table.

KAGO, stylish fruits basket

Furthermore, you can use it as wine rack.
Since you can change the form depends on the forms of wine bottle, every size or form wine can be stable.

Having a luxury party with wine and fruits or flowers on this tin tableware.
Tin has high antibacterial effect. You can put food without anxiety.

KAGO, luxury wine rack

Another use of KAGO

Next, let us introduce advanced way of use.
First, we use KAGO square M as a flower vase.
Put your favorite flowers into clear glass. Next, stretch square M into your favorite form and size. Then, put the glass into the KAGO.
Here, an art object is complete! Everyone will be surprised to see this new flower vase.

KAGO as a stylish flower vase

Want to adorn table with a small flower? Leave it to this tin tableware!
For example, it is difficult to put flowers with long and firm stem, such as roses or gerberas into a wide-mouthed glass. The flowers cannot stand firmly.
Here, let’s use the flexible tin tableware! For this use, small size is suitable.
Bend the KAGO softly, and cover the glass with it. The mesh of KAGO can support the flowers’ stem.

KAGO supports flowers

Finally, the use as magazine rack.
Square L is proper size for this use. Pull up the corner of KAGO. Please remain the center parts as it is. Then, the only one magazine rack is complete!
You can put this new interior by the side of sofa, or bed.

KAGO as a magazine rack

Good for gifts and souvenirs

This flexible tin tableware is also good for a present.
In your dining table, you can put fruits or vegetables. For your dinner, tin made wine rack decorates the table stylish. In your living room, change the form and make an original art object.
There is no such a magical tableware like KAGO in the world.
We believe that you can send this tin tableware as a present with confidence.

Also, when you visit or want to visit Japan, please choose this KAGO as “omiyage.” Omiyage means souvenirs.
In fact, KAGO is the most popular item for Japanese souvenirs from Japanese people to overseas friends.

You do not have to visit various places in Japan. Instead, you can get great Japanese souvenirs online!

stylish coordinate of KAGO with wine, tea, and fruits

For other use, the KAGO can change into a lamp shade by stretching, a basket for hand towels, or stand of the iPad.

KAGO as a iPad stand

This tin tableware has gained large popularity from overseas customers who like Japanese traditional but modern products.
English description is available.
Please enjoy Japanese unique and traditional tin tableware.

English description is available for KAGO

Caring tips

  • * Wash with soft cloth or sponge with ph.-balanced detergent after use.
  • * Please do not rub with a hard scrubbing brush. Also, the product is soft and vulnerable. Avoid polishing with the cleanser.
  • * When the gloss has become dull, please polish the products using a commercially-available metal polish, toothpaste or baking soda. The gloss will return with them.
  • * Intensive pressure to the one place, or twist the product will cause the break of tin tableware. Please do not bend the tableware too much.
  • * Please do not apply to the direct flame because of the low melting point.
  • * You cannot use it in microwave oven.
  • * Please do not put in the freezer to reduce the risk of tin pest (that tin becomes brittle by the cold).
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

Personalize gift service

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* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

Image of personalized gifts
Image of personalized gifts

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