sake set, sake bottle Chirori from Nousaku

sake set, sake bottle Chirori from Nousaku

Chirori, sophisticated sake bottle for sake set

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Luxury supper with the sophisticated sake bottle Chirori

Make your sake more delicious and mellow.
Tin sake set makes a luxury time.
This is a tin sake bottle for all sake lovers, especially for hot sake lovers.
Of course, Chirori is a perfect gift for Japanese sake lovers.
Let us introduce you the highest-class and suitable tin sake bottle Chirori from Nousaku.

Nousaku sake set

What is Chirori from Nousaku?

Chirori is a sake bottle to make hot sake. This bottle is not only warm Japanese sake, but also make sake more delicious. With this sake bottle, you can enjoy the luxury time like in high-class restaurant or high-class hotel.
When you make hot sake, boil water in a small pot, and put Chirori into the pot. Warm Japanese sake slowly.

warm sake with sake bottle Chirori

The surprising relationship between tin and sake

When you imagine sake bottle, you may imagine a ceramic sake set. In fact, tin sake set has long history related with Japanese sake.
Tin has antibacterial effect and high thermal conductivity. Furthermore, tin is hard to be rusted or corroded. In Japan, people have used tin as the Buddhist altar fittings and special sake set for offerings. Temples and shrines have used sake bottle made of tin. The sake set of temples and shrines have been called “Suzu,” tin in Japanese.
In addition, people believe that tin is auspicious metal since it is not rusted and corroded. People have sent tin ware for wishing one’s prosperity.
Tin sake set has been sublime utensil in Japan.

good sake dinner with sake set of Nousaku

Why tin sake bottle Chirori can make sake delicious?

Tin sake set Chirori can remove miscellaneous taste of Japanese sake, and make sake mellow. Scientifically, the relationship between tin and fusel oil is the secret of how to soften the taste of sake. The fusel oil is a volatile component which is generated during the brewing of alcohol. It is said that the fusel oil is especially contained in Japanese sake and wine.
In fact, tin has an effect to dissolve the fusel oil. So, the Japanese sake taste becomes mild by the tin especially when the sake is dry. Furthermore, the tin hardly has metal-specific smell. The tin sake set does not interrupt the delicate taste or aroma of sake.
Please compare the taste by yourself, tin sake bottle, and another sake bottle.

drinking hot sake with sake bottle Chirori and tin sake cup

Stylish sake dinner with modern sake set

Sake lovers cannot miss the special effect of tin. However, the most charming point of Chirori is this stylish and modern design.
Sake bottle Chirori is all handmade by the craftsmen in Takaoka city, Toyama prefecture, Japan. When you pick this bottle up, you can feel the weightiness.
When you touch the surface of this sake bottle, you can see the original handmade casting surface. Elegant texture and gloss of tin makes you feel the elegant Japanese sake dinner.

two sizes of sake bottle Chirori S & L

In addition, the handle of sake bottle is covered with thin strip of bamboo. When you heat Japanese sake, the metal iron turn to be very hot. However, detailed work of craftsmen makes the handle safe and sophisticated.
Once you use this sake bottle, you cannot satisfy with any other sake bottles. Sake set of Nousaku will be an irreplaceable utensil.

detailed worked handle of sake bottle Chirori

How to make delicious hot sake with sake bottle Chirori

Unlike other alcohol like wine or beer, you can enjoy Japanese sake at various temperatures.
In fact, Japanese language has multiple words to explain sake by various temperature. For example, “Hinata-kan” means sake around 30℃. “Hitohada-kan” means sake around 35℃. “Nuru-kan” is around 40℃, and “Atsu-kan” is around 50℃. It is said that the higher the temperature rises, the dryer the sake taste become.

For delicious hot sake, warm sake bottle in hot water

When you want to make hot Japanese sake, do you use microwave oven?
We recommend you to warm sake bottle in hot water. It is true that you can heat sake very quickly by microwave oven. However, sudden rise of temperature evaporates the good sake aroma.
Furthermore, the temperature of lower half and upper half of glass will become different by using microwave oven. That difference makes sake unbalanced.
For your more relaxed time, please enjoy more delicious hot Japanese sake with good sake set, especially, sake bottle Chirori.

warm sake bottle Chirori in hot water

Do you want to send a sake bottle Chirori as a present? Leave it to us!

We offer an exclusive box for all products of Nousaku.
The box is gray and has silver logo of Nousaku. In addition, we prepare some special sake sets, tin sake bottle and tin sake cups for nice presents.
Other Japanese shops seldom prepare the Nousaku original exclusive boxes. Therefore, if you are planning to send a special gift, please leave it to us!
We have English description. You can purchase and use it without anxiety.
*We cannot accept the naming service on this product. We appreciate your understanding.

sake set and exclusive boxes of Nousaku

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