【SALE】[Set of 4] Mon-Ori towel / Bath towel ×4 $99.99→$59.79 [Over-stock sale] | Japan Design Store

【SALE】[Set of 4] [Wooden box] Mon-Ori towel / Bath towel ×4 / Imabari Kinsei $99.99→$59.79 [Over-stock sale]

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size バスタオル 4枚 約60×120㎝_x000d_ 箱サイズ:30×40×10㎝
weight (g) 1800.0000
notes oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks * Make sure to check the situation of the items stated above. We cannot accept return or exchange of sale items._x000d_ 【Set contents】4 items: Bath towel ×4 [Beige (×2) / Pink (×2)]  This is Imabari towel made of 100% cotton. All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Each item is different in finishing. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.
Short Description 【SALE】Over-stock sale! You can get this item at discounted price now! No inferior points. You can even send it as gifts. (We do not include any documents with price.)_x000d_ * We CANNOT accept any cancel, return, or exchange of this product._x000d_ 【[Set of 4] Mon-Ori towel / Bath towel ×4】This is a set of 4 bath towels of Mon-Ori towel from Imabari Kinsei. “Mon-Ori towel” is a long-selling item of Imabari Kinsei. High-class towel gift born from rich nature of Imabari and skills of craftsmen has been popular gifts for everyone. Craftsmen express detailed pattern combined with Japanese traditional arabesque pattern and waves of Kurushima strait by jacquard weaving. Arabesque pattern is an auspicious pattern. So, it would be great wedding gifts, return gifts, or new baby gifts. High quality towels set within beautiful wooden towels is suitable as presents for your dearest people.

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