Japanese Gold Leaf Jewelry from Hakuichi

Gold leaf jewelries from Hakuichi

Shine of Kanazawa Gold Leaf × Natural Wood, Gold Leaf Jewelry

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[Hakuichi]Gold Leaf Jewelry

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Sparkling, rounded. Gold leaf jewelry of sweet desserts

“Cookie”, “Bonbon”, “Bolo (crunchy cookie)”, “Drop”.
They are cute rounded dessert that we have cherished since we were child.
Those cute dessert become cute jewelry.

Here, let us introduce gold leaf jewelry from the top gold leaf craft brand, Hakuichi. Its gentle and elegant atmosphere is just for women.

Hakuichi Gold leaf jewelry Cookie gold and silver

Rounded, twinkling, and cute.
Every time we wear gold leaf jewelries, we get excited. From party to daily use, cute Japanese gold jewelry works. Please see the authentic shine that shines days of women.
Gilded jewellery of necklace, pierced earrings, and earrings would be great gifts for women.

Gold leaf jewellery from Hakuichi on white plates

Authentic shine of 400 years’ tradition of Kanazawa

Gold leaf of Kanazawa has more than 400 years of history from the Maeda han in Kaga region. In fact, gold leaf of Kanazawa accounts for more than 98% of production in Japan. Suitable climate for production of gold leaf and untiring passion of craftsmen inherits gold leaf of Kanazawa.

Kanazawa city of Ishikawa prefecture is known as “Little Kyoto.” It gets more attention by the opening of Hokuriku Shinkansen. Traditional crafts with gold leaf or elegant Japanese confectionery of a castle town have been popular. There are various sightseeing spots in Kanazawa such as 21st century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa, Kenrokuen, or Higashi Chaya District. So, Kanazawa is one of the most popular places where tourists visit in Japan. Stylish Japanese gold jewelry of Hakuichi was born in Kanazawa that is a city mixed with traditional beauty and new aesthetic sense.

Gold leaf pendant of Piled gold leaf makie modern Komon series

Gold leaf jewelry of Hakuichi is made of wood. Craftsmen lacquer the wood and gild it with gold leaf or silver leaf. Gold jewelry of traditional crafts are all handmade by skilled craftsmen. Authentic shine of gold produced by careful work makes grace of women stand out.

Gold leaf jewelry collection from Hakuichi

Gold leaf or silver leaf jewelries of Hakuichi gets attention by its presence. Simple and modern design dresses women regardless of ages.
All Japanese jewellery get motif from sweet dessert. It is also good to use necklace and earrings together.

  1. Kanazawa Gold leaf jewelry Cookie

    Gold leaf jewelry “Cookie” is gentle rounded form like a Langues de Chat cookie. It has impressive beauty of gold leaf or silver leaf like full moon. Big plate “Cookie” has great presence. It provides sweet atmosphere like cookies.

    A woman wears gold leaf jewelry Cookie Silver

    The pendant top is made of katsura tree. On backside, you can see wooden grain slightly.

    Backside of pendant top Cookie

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    Pilied gold leaf makie modern Komon series

    In Cookie series, these 2 have more modern design. “Piled gold leaf makie modern Komon series” is gold leaf jewelry with Komon patterns. Craftsmen draw Komon patterns with piling or different texture of gloss of gold leaf. It has premium presence like makie, lacquer with gold leaf. Enjoy unique design by makie craftsmen.

    A woman wears pendant of Piled gold leaf makie modern Komon series

    For “Piled gold leaf makie modern Komon series”, drawstring porch is in jewelry box. The pendant top has elegant logo of “HAKUICHI” on backside.

    Backside of pendant of Piled gold leaf makie modern Komon series

    Material of Gold leaf choker Cookie

    • Pendant top: Gold leaf, Silver leaf, Lacquer, Wood (Katsura)
    • Metal parts: Plated brass
    • Choker: Genuine leather Black (45cm)

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  2. Kanazawa Gold leaf jewelry Bonbon

    Gold leaf jewelry “Bonbon” is cute choker with rounded ball like bonbon. Bonbon has delicious secret like fruits, nuts, or whiskey in it. So, this Japanese gold jewelry is recommended for a mysterious woman.
    This pendant top is made of cherry wood.

    A woman wears gold leaf jewelry Bonbon gold

    Material of Gold leaf choker Bonbon

    • Pendant top: Gold leaf, Silver leaf, Lacquer, Wood (Cherry)
    • Metal parts: Plated brass
    • Choker: Genuine leather Black (45cm)

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  3. Kanazawa Gold leaf jewelry Bolo

    Gold leaf jewelry “Bolo” is a cute choker with chain balls. The wooden balls are smaller than “Bonbon”. Gorgeous combination of gold leaf, silver leaf, and copper leaf has natural atmosphere. Cute chain of balls reminds us bolo we used to eat when we were children. They bounce a little on your neck.
    These pendant tops are made of cherry wood.

    A woman wears gold leaf jewelry Bolo

    Material of Gold leaf choker Bolo

    • Pendant top: Gold leaf, Silver leaf, Copper leaf, Lacquer, Wood (Cherry)
    • Metal parts: Plated brass
    • Choker: Genuine leather Black (45cm)

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  4. Kanazawa Gold leaf jewelry Drop

    Gold leaf jewelry “Drop” is a series of swinging earrings and pierced earrings.

    Gold leaf jewelry Drop on white tableware

    Earring or pierced earrings made of natural wood, lacquer, gold leaf or silver leaf are very light. You do not feel its weight almost. Shine of gold leaf or silver leaf swings by your face as you move. They make your face look gorgeous.
    Earring tops are made of ebony tree.

    A woman wears gold leaf jewelry Drop gold

    Material of Gold leaf earrings, pierced earrings Drop

    • Earring tops: Gold leaf, Silver leaf, Lacquer, Wood (Ebony)
    • Earring metal parts: Brass + Plate (Gold / Rhodium)
    • Pierced earring metal parts: Brass (stainless hook) + Plate (Gold / Rhodium)
      Chain is 35mm (about 1.4 inches) long.

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    * Drop series also has pierced earrings

Stress FREE! Exciting lightness

“I like big jewelries, but it is hard to wear since most of them are heavy…”
Have you ever thought like this?
Gold leaf jewelries from Hakuichi are stress free! They have enough volume but has comfortable weight. The Japanese gold jewellery is made of natural wood × lacquer ×gold or silver leaf. They are so light that we can forget its presence while we wear them.

Gold leaf jewelry pierced earrings hooked in glass

Gold leaf jewelry is recommended for dress for party since we can wear it comfortably. Even when we wear both earrings and choker, they are not heavy. Light gold jewelry makes us excited. In addition to a special day, we can wear them for casual clothes every day.

Gold leaf jewelry Cookie gold and silver on a plate

What is Hakuichi, a top brand of gold leaf work?

Hakuichi was established in 1975 in Kanazawa city of Ishikawa prefecture. They started to produce manufacturing with gold leaf so that people can enjoy gold leaf in daily life. Gold leaf was once the material for traditional crafts. Now, “crafts with Kanazawa gold leaf” was developed as one of the representative traditional crafts in Kanazawa. In addition to crafts, they produce decoration of architecture, foods, or cosmetics with the gold leaf.

Hakuichi paid attention to “Hakuuchi-gami.” Hakuuchi-gami is a kind of Japanese papers that is used to produce kinpaku. They won the patent for facial oil-blotting paper produced by a method of Hakuuchi-gami.
In 2017, two of their products were selected as souvenir for the President of the United States. Hakuichi has exhibited their products in trade fairs of overseas.

Hakuichi is active in the first line of Kanazawa gold leaf crafts. They propose a life with crafts with Kanazawa gold leaf with inherited soul of manufacturing.

Gold leaf jewelry as gifts for women

Japanese gold jewelry from Hakuichi would be good reward for yourself, and great gifts for women. Simple design with gold leaf or silver leaf suits any fashion and any generation. How about sending beautiful gold leaf jewelry for your wife with appreciation? Also, good gifts on Mother’s Day for your mother or mother-in-law.

Elegant traditional jewellery is suitable for retirement gifts for your boss or thank you gifts for your teacher.

In addition, gold leaf jewelry can celebrate Gold wedding anniversary, and silver leaf jewelry can celebrate Silver wedding anniversary. Twinkling gold jewelry would be great birthday gifts or wedding anniversary gifts. Japanese traditional gold jewelries have enough dignity as gifts for those who win awards.

Moreover, traditional Japanese accessory would be suitable gifts for Ambassador to Japan, wife of Ambassador, diplomats, or nobles or guests from other countries. Description paper are both in Japanese and English. So, it is good gifts for friends in oversea countries.

Send gold leaf jewelry as gifts? Leave it to Japan Design Store

If you would like to send gold leaf jewelries as gifts, please leave it to Japan Design Store.

We offer various stylish wrapping which is suitable for gifts for your important people. You can also choose Japanese traditional Noshi wrapping. Elegant Japanese paper and cute Ume Mizuhiki have been popular.

Easy wrapping on exclusive box of gold leaf jewelry of Hakuichi

Japan Design Store ships everywhere we can ship. Our gift staff wraps your items carefully.


  • * Gold leaf jewelries of Hakuichi are applied gold leaf on lacquered natural wood. Over gold leaf, they are applied topcoat. So, these jewelries are strong than usual gilded products. However, gold leaf will come off little by little by rubbing as you use. Also, silver leaf and copper leaf change colors over the years.
  • * Please do not apply strong power on delicate jewelry. Excess power causes damage and breakage.
  • * Fall from high places or strong touch with pointed stuff cause scratch or removal of god leaf.
  • * Please do not soak jewelries into water or leave them while they are wet for a long time. It may cause discoloration or rust.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

Caring tips

Plated parts cannot avoid discolor by oxidization. To enjoy beautiful shine as longer as much, please follow the following care and way to keep.

  • * Gently wipe sweat or oil with soft cloth after use.
  • * Keep jewelries with wrapped in soft cloth to avoid oxidization.
  • * Please do not polish products that plated with Rhodium or gold with polishing cloth with polisher. It causes the removal of topcoat.


Gold leaf jewelry of Hakuichi is applied “metal” and “lacquer”. If you have allergy against metal or lacquer, please avoid using them. Even if you do not have allergy, when you feel itchy or anything wrong with your skin, stop using soon.
Metals in jewelries: Gold (gold leaf / plate), Silver (silver leaf), Copper (copper leaf), Brass, Stainless, Rhodium

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.