Christmas comes around the corner!

In this season, we have a lot of home parties, isn't it?

Then, we recommend tumbler for sake or beer!


Let's drink special alcohol with stylish glass or cup!

If you would like to send gift, we recommend pair tumblers set!

When you send tumblers, please add a message that

"Wish you enjoy delicious sake or beer with your partner or friends!"



Today, I would like to introduce pair tumblers set made of various materials. 

1.Noble shine! Tin tumbler pair

【[Set] [Exclusive box] Pair tumbler / Nousaku

Tumblers of Nousaku can contain about 150ml.

Tin tumbler has high thermal conductivity. So, if you refrigerate the tumbler, you can enjoy cooler sake!

Since it is a palm-size, we recommend it to those who like Japanese sake or whiskey.

Also, please enjoy unique effect of tin. Tin makes sake mellow.


We also recommend this useful tumbler.

[Set] [Exclusive box] Pair NAJIMI tumbler / Nousaku

2.Make sake shine! Glass tumbler pair

[Set] ETERNAL GLASS / Tumbler / Frost / Exclusive box / WIRED BEANS

These are beautifl frosted glass.

ETERNAL GLASS series of WIRED BEANS has modern form.

Carefully handmade tumbler make you drink more!


[Set] Pair of Gold leaf glasses / Kannyu / Hakuichi

This tumbler is Kannyu series from Hakuichi.

On the wavy glass, calm glitter of gold shines.

Especially for a celebration dinnrer, we recommend this Gold leaf tubmler.


3.Beautiful wood grain! Wooden tumbler pair

[Set] Wooden cup / SAKURA Cylinder / Plain & Black / Gato Mikio Store

Wooden cup of Gato Mikio store is Yamanaka lacquer ware.

Yamanaka lacquer ware is characterized by its beautiful wood grain.

As you can see, the wooden tumblers have beautiful wood grain.

You can use these cup for sake, shochu, or tea.


Also, these cute rounded cups have been popular.

[Set] Wooden cup / SAKURA Egg / Plain & Black / Gato Mikio Store



This is our tumbler collection.

There are all sorts of tumblers. Depends on the materials, each tumbler has different atmosphere.

Please enjoy the difference!