At the end of a year, and the beginning of a year, Japanese people have many chances to eat and drink a lot.

As I introduced at the last post, Oshogatsu, or the New Year's Day is a special holiday for Japanese.

For such a special day, we need a special sake set!

Let's make a beautiful table setting with stylish sake sets.


The followings are our recommended sake set for Oshogatsu table setting.


1.[Set] [Exclusive box] Pair Lacquer sake cup / Silver & Black + Gold & Red / Toba Shitsugei

This lacquer sake cup from Toba Shitsugei is filled with Japanese traditional beauty.

You can enjoy superb combination of glass, lacquer, and gold (silver) leaf.

The lacquer ware of Toba Shitsugei has solid lacquer work by a special skill "Kongou-Ishime-Nuri."


This lacquer wine glass is also popular item of Toba.

Lacquer colored wine glass / Green / Toba Shitsugei]

This wine glass series has various colors.

2.[Set] [Paulownia box] 1 Katakuchi S Gold + 2 KIKI-Ⅱ(Gold & Silver) / Nousaku

Tin is the third expensive metal after gold and silver.

Tin sake sets from Nousaku can make sake look more beautiful by its shiny casting surface.

Also, tin can make sake more delicious!

For a special sake of Oshogatsu, we recommend auspicious sake set with gold and silver.


For beer lovers, we recommend tin beer cups!


[Set] [Exclusive box] Pair beer cup L / Nousaku

For shochu or whiskey lovers, tin tumblers are recommended.

[Set] [Exclusive box] Pair NAJIMI tumbler / Nousaku]

3.[Set] Gold leaf sake set / Kannyu / Hakuichi

Glass sake sets from Hakuichi are gilded with real Kinpaku (gold leaf) of Kanazawa.

Kannyu series have unique work of Kannyu, or crazing.

Wet gloss of glass make sake look more beautiful and gorgeous.


4.MITATE N 2oz / Shot glass D / Kimura glass

MITATE from Kimura glass is a solid shot glass with Edo kiriko cut work.

Solid weight, high-class atmosphere, and beauty of glass enlivens the mood.

We can enjoy sake in more luxury atmosphere.



If you would like to send sake sets as gifts, we recommend this item, too.


Sake catalogue / 5000 yen / GS02

This catalogue gift collects selected alcohol from all around Japan and the world.

You can present happy time to choose sake for the recipients.


This catalogue gift service is only available in Japan.


These are our recommended sake sets.

How do you like them?

As a reward for all of your accomplishment in 2017, for a good start of a new year, or having a luxury time with your friends....

How about these sake sets?

Please have a wonderful Christmas holiday with your favorite sake and sake sets!