For couples, pair items are popular presents.

We can send a message with the pair items that "Please enjoy it together."


Well, it gets much colder, and we can enjoy sake more.

Beer or shochu with Nabe ryori.

Japanese sake with sashimi.

Wine with cheese.

Whiskey with ice cream or chocolate sounds great!


Let's send tumblers or glasses pair.




Our recommended tumblers and glasses pair sets 

1.[Set] [Exclusive box] Pair NAJIMI tumbler / Nousaku

Tin tumblers pair of Nousaku can make every drink delicious, not only alcoho, but also water.

Since it has beautiful casting surface, it reflects light gently.


2.[Set]ETERNAL GLASS / Tumbler / Frost / Exclusive box / WIRED BEANS

Eternal glass/ tumbler from WIRED BEANS has stylish design.

It has 3 types, clear, frost, and black.

This item has been popular item as gifts.


3.[Set] Pair of Gold leaf glasses / Kannyu / Hakuichi

Kannyu series of Hakuichi has unique and gorgeous gold leaf craft.

Elegant glasses are loved by every generation.


4.[Set] Pair CRUMPLE OLD / Whiskey glass / Kimura glass

CRUMPLE OLD is one of the unique whiskey glasses from Kimura Glass

CRUMPLE OLD has very catchy design.

Makoto Komatsu designed this crumpled glass.

It reflects light so beautifully.

A couple can have a stylish time.



These are our recommended pair sets.

They are especially recommended for sake or beer lovers.

However, you can enjoy daily drink, such as tea or water with these tumblers.


As a gift to couples, or reward for yourself, how about these pair sets?