Gold urushi lacquerware, Oborozuki, Hakuichi

Beautiful gold urushi lacquerware Oborozuki from Hakuichi

Gold urushi lacquer bowl Oborozuki

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Beautiful scenery of gold moon on the dinner table

Luxury and elegant mood of gold moon.
You will be surprised to the lightness of the Japanese lacquer bowl.

Hakuichi is a long-established brand of gold leaf crafts in Kanazawa.
They provide us a beautiful scenery on the dinner table.
The gold moon of the lacquer bowl is pure gold leaf.
Gold urushi lacquerware would be great gifts for celebration.

Here, we would like to introduce gold urushi lacquerware Oborozuki from Hakuichi.

Gold urushi lacquerware Oborozuki, chopsticks, and lacquer sake cups on the table

Pure gold leaf and Japanese wood. The pursuit of materials

The Japanese lacquer bowl Oborozuki has beautiful and elegant atmosphere.
Where does the beauty of the gold urushi lacquerware come from?

At first sight, you can see shining full moon and beautiful wood grain of Oborozuki.
The full moon is gilded with pure gold leaf. It is the real glitter of gold.

Hakuichi is active in the first line of Kanazawa gold leaf crafts. Therefore, they can produce such a beautiful gold urushi lacquerware.
Oborozuki means hazy moon. The delicate design of gold full moon shines on the Japanese lacquer bowl.

Beautiful gold moon gilded by gold leaf
* Oborozuki bowl “Day moon” (Natural) ends its sale due to the end of production. We appreciate your kind understanding.

Also, please look at the beautiful wood grain. The material for Oborozuki bowl is castor aralia. Castor aralia wood has smooth and glossy texture, and gentle atmosphere. Craftsmen make the best use of beautiful wood grain of castor aralia of Japan. Therefore, gold urushi lacquerware Oborozuki has its original beauty.

4 types of Japanese lacquer bowls Oborozuki
* Oborozuki bowl “Day moon” (Natural) ends its sale due to the end of production. We appreciate your kind understanding.

Superb skill of Kanazawa traditional crafts we can see from Oborozuki

The superb skill of craftsmen sublimates materials in a beautiful craft.
A gold urushi lacquerware Oborozuki is completed by work of woodturners, lacquerware craftsmen, and gilding craftsmen.

Here, let us introduce the superb skill of each craftsman.

  1. Beautiful thin turning by woodturners

    When you touch the Gold urushi lacquerware Oborozuki, you will be surprised to the lightness of the bowl. Few wooden bowls have such thinness.
    Only the skilled woodturner can make thin turning.

    The thinness of Japanese lacquer bowl is like that of glasses. Also, the surface is so smooth.

    Castor aralia becomes fine-grained wood by slow growing in cold place. Woodturners turn this wood thinly, and beautifully with its original grain. We can see stylish and beautiful wood grain in the gentle carved surface.

    Surprising thinness of Oborozuki by skilled woodturners
    * Oborozuki bowl “Day moon” (Natural) ends its sale due to the end of production. We appreciate your kind understanding.
  2. Elegant gloss by lacquerware craftsmen

    After woodturners finish turning, lacquerware craftsmen lacquer the bowls. They make gloss on the wood with making the best use of beautiful wood grain.

    “Black / Night moon” of Oborozuki has chic color. The beautiful color cannot be explained with color names.
    Craftsmen rub lacquer into the wood repeatedly, and polish it to make gloss. By rubbing the lacquer in, Japanese lacquer bowl gets natural gloss and toughness.

    You can enjoy the gloss of lacquer and beautiful wood with “Black / Night moon” Oborozuki.

    Beautiful gloss of night moon bowl of Oborozuki
  3. Hazy moon by gilding craftsmen

    After the works of woodturners and lacquerware craftsmen, gilding craftsmen finish the gold lacquerware. Craftsmen gild various sizes of gold leaf to make a hazy moon.

    In fact, the place of moon is pursuit of craftsmen. Gilding craftsmen see the stream of wood grain. They put the moon in the best place where the moon looks like rising from thin clouds.
    The aesthetic sense of craftsmen makes this beautiful scenery.

    This hazy moon of gold urushi lacquerware changes its color as you use it. Gold moon becomes chic moon.
    Please enjoy growing your own moon of gold urushi lacquerware.

Useful Japanese lacquer bowl Oborozuki of Hakuichi

In addition to the beauty, the gold urushi lacquerware is very useful. You can wash the Japanese lacquer bowl with soft sponge and neutral detergent.
Please do not hesitate to use high quality lacquerware. In fact, the tableware is most beautiful when it is being used.

  1. Standard use! As a stylish tableware on the dinner table

    The gold urushi lacquerware Oborozuki has 2 sizes, 6 sun and 8 sun. “Sun” is Japanese traditional measure unit. 1 sun is about 3 cm.

    6 sun Japanese lacquer bowls are about 18cm in diameter. “Black / Night moon” looks beautiful with Japanese food such as Nikujaga (simmered meat and potatoes).

    8 sun is about 24 cm in diameter. It fits big dishes, pasta, or donburi!
    If you put a gold urushi lacquerware at the center of the dinner table, your home party will be chic and stylish.

    High class lacquerware of Hakuichi works daily dinner to parties. You can use the Japanese lacquer bowls in various scenes.

  2. As a stylish bowl of sweets

    6 sun of gold urushi lacquerware is the best size for a stylish bowl of sweets. Japanese modern lacquerware fits various confectioneries.

    The gold urushi lacquerware fits green tea, black tea, or coffee, too. So, when you have a guest, the Japanese lacquer bowl works!

    Sweets in the Japanese lacquer bowl Oborozuki
  3. As a chic interior

    The gold urushi lacquerware has enough presence as an elegant interior.
    Beautiful form, elegant gloss, and shine of gold leaf make an art work.

    As a key tray, or just an art, you can use the Japanese lacquer bowls.

    3 gold urushi lacquerware Oborozuki on the table
    * Oborozuki bowl “Day moon” (Natural) ends its sale due to the end of production. We appreciate your kind understanding.

What is “Hakuichi” of Kanazawa city?

Hakuichi is in Kanazawa city of Ishikawa prefecture. Kanazawa is famous for gold leaf production. In fact, the gold leaf of Kanazawa accounts for 98% of gold leaf production in Japan. The production has more than 400 years’ history.

In addition to the suitable climate of Kanazawa, the passion of gilding craftsmen has grown the Kanazawa gold leaf.

Hakuichi is the top brand of Kanazawa traditional crafts. It was established in 1975. The products of Hakuichi broadens to food, decoration of architecture, or cosmetics.

What they treasure is the “thoughts of manufacturing.” With inherited thoughts, Hakuichi continues to develop new field.

Hakuichi paid attention to “Hakuuchi-gami.” Hakuuchi-gami is a kind of Japanese papers that is used to produce kinpaku. They won the patent for facial oil-blotting paper produced by a method of Hakuuchi-gami.

In 2017, two of their products were selected as souvenir for the President of the United States. The items are “Makie ballpoint pen Senbaduru (Ballpoint pen with gold-lacquered thousand cranes)” and “Hanami-dori Temotobako (Stationery box with a bird watching flower)”.

Hakuichi has got good reputation as a brand of high quality gold leaf crafts. They also exhibited in trade fairs in the world. Hakuichi proposes the fascination of Kanazawa gold leaf to the world.

Look here!

If you like ceramics, you may check the logo or signs on the bottom of the ceramics. The gold urushi lacquerware Oborozuki has red brand seal “Hakuichi” at the bottom of the bowls.
We can feel the quality of Japanese lacquer bowls from this small seal.

Red seal of Hakuichi at the bottom of Oborozuki
* Oborozuki bowl “Day moon” (Natural) ends its sale due to the end of production. We appreciate your kind understanding.

Japanese gold urushi lacquerware as gifts

The Japanese lacquer bowl Oborozuki show us a beautiful scenery with full moon.
Each bowl has different wood grain, gloss of lacquer, and shine of gold leaf. There is only one Oborozuki in the world.

The gold urushi lacquerware has gorgeous, chic, but simple design. So, the bowls would be great gifts.

We have 2 sizes of Oborozuki. The sizes are 6 sun (about 18cm in diameter) and 8 sun (about 24cm in diameter).
We also offer pair sets for the special gifts.

Gold has been loved as a symbol of eternity and permanence. Auspicious gold urushi lacquerware is suitable for the celebration of wedding or housewarming gifts.

Please enjoy the masterpiece of Japan.

Oborozuki in its exclusive box and its descriptions

Caring tips

  • * Oborozuki bowl “Day moon” (Natural) ends its sale due to the end of production. We appreciate your kind understanding.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

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