In Japan, Meotobashi, or 2 pairs of chopsticks have been popular gifts for wedding gifts or gifts to couples/.

As a present for a couple, pair items are popular.

But, Meotobashi has more meaning than just a pair items.




What is the meaning of sending 2 pairs of chopsticks?

Today, I would like to introduce some reasons!

① Liken to a couple, together for a long time

We cannot use a chopstick alone. Chopsticks are always used in pair.

Also, if the sizes of chopsticks are different, we cannot use it well.

Therefore, chopsticks are likened to a couple who corporate, support, and live together.

"May a couple can be together forever by using Meoto-bashi together every day.”


We wish this for 2 pairs of chopsticks.

[Floyd / Butterfly 2 pairs]

② Auspicious item that deepen the bond

In Japanese, chopsticks are "Hashi." Also, bridge is "Hashi" in Japanese.

Therefore, we imagine a bridge from chopsticks.

We wish that chopsticks bring happiness like a bridge pass people and their happiness.

Chopsticks are believed that it deepens the bond of couple, and people's luck.


[Hakuichi / Chopsticks & Chopstick rests set]

③ Wish a couple's health

Chopsticks bring us food.

So, we wish "may you always eat delicious food ever after" or "a couple never suffer from food."

2 pairs of chopsticks have people's wish of "health" "long life" and "welware of a family."


[Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten / Wajima lacquer chopsticks]


Now, can you understand the meaning of sending Meotobashi?

2 pairs of chopsticks are the item filled with wish for a couple's happiness.

How about sending chopsticks for a couple?


[Wajima Kirimoto / Oval lacquered chopsticks]


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