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size ペンダントトップ:φ15mm×3個_x000d_ チョーカー:本革 黒 45cm_x000d_ 箱:130×80×35mm
weight 25.0000
notes oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product._x000d_ [Cautions] Gold leaf jewelries of Hakuichi are applied gold leaf on lacquered natural wood. Over gold leaf, they are applied topcoat. So, these jewelries are strong than usual gilded products. However, gold leaf will come off little by little by rubbing as you use. Also, silver leaf and copper leaf change colors over the years. Do not apply strong power on delicate jewelry. Excess power causes damage and breakage. Fall from high places or strong touch with pointed stuff cause scratch or removal of gold leaf. Do not soak jewelries into water or leave them while they are wet for a long time. It may cause discoloration or rust._x000d_ [Caring tips] Plated parts cannot avoid discolor by oxidization. To enjoy beautiful shine as longer as much, please follow the following care and way to keep. Gently wipe sweat or oil with soft cloth after use. Keep jewelries with wrapped in soft cloth to avoid oxidization. Do not polish products that plated with Rhodium or gold with polishing cloth with polisher. It causes the removal of topcoat._x000d_ [Allergy] Gold leaf jewelry of Hakuichi is applied “metal” and “lacquer”. If you have allergy against metal or lacquer, please avoid using them. Even if you do not have allergy, when you feel itchy or anything wrong with your skin, stop using soon._x000d_ Metals in jewelries: Gold (gold leaf / plate), Silver (silver leaf), Copper (copper leaf), Brass, Rhodium
Short Description 【Pendant / Bolo】This is gold leaf jewelry Pendant (choker) “Bolo” from Hakuichi. “Bolo” is a cute choker with chain balls. The wooden balls are smaller than “Bonbon”. Gorgeous combination of gold leaf, silver leaf, and copper leaf has natural atmosphere. Cute chain of balls reminds us bolo we used to eat when we were children. They bounce a little on your neck. This pendant top is made of cherry wood. This jewelry is within pillow case paper box. Elegant choker would be great gifts for women.

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