Japanese lacquer ware, wooden bowl

Japanese wooden bowl AEKA

AEKA bowl, Japanese wooden lacquer bowl

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Look for wooden bowls? We recommend this Japanese lacquer ware.
This wooden bowl is the fusion of Japanese traditional lacquer ware with modern design.

“AEKA” wooden bowl is made of horse chestnut. The lumber is taken from the wood in accordance with the direction of the wood grow. In this way, the lumber is hard to transform and strong against impact.

Gato Mikio Store

Gato Mikio Store offers this traditional and modern wooden bowl.
Gato Mikio Store is an atelier of lacquer ware in Kaga, Ishikawa prefecture, Japan. It was established in 1908. So, the atelier has more than 100 years’ history. The atelier is characterized by the traditional skill of Yamanaka lacquer ware with modern and useful design. The wooden tea canister and bowls have been paid the attention from domestic and overseas. Some of the items won the Good Design Award.

AEKA, slender and evanescent form

AEKA means slender or evanescent in Japanese. Japanese people have discovered the beauty into the evanescent things such as the beauty of cherry blossoms when they fall.
As the name shows, this wooden bowls has slender and elegant carve.

Gato Mikio Store offers two types and two colors of AEKA bowls.
As the type, the store offers the rice bowl and soup bowl. Soup bowl is larger than rice bowl. The name describes the use for rice or soup, but you can put various food in it.
The colors are plain and black. The plain color is coated wood with transparent urethane. The black one is lacquered by “fuki-urushi” skill. “Fuki-urushi” is the work that the craftsmen repeat lacquer wood and wipe the lacquer off many times. This repeated work produces the beautiful gloss on the wood.
Plain bowl has gentle texture of the wood. Black bowl has the unique glass of lacquer. Select your favorite one.

Enjoy your dinner with this Japanese wooden bowls!

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