It is already October.

Breeze of fall is cool and comfortable.


We need to send a lot of gifts in this season.

If you look for elegant gifts, we recommend

TY Palace plate from 1616/arita japan



The motif of TY Palace Plate of 1616/ arita japan is the flower of chrysanthemum.

For Japanese, chrysanthemum is a very familiar flower.

Elegant Arita ware plate would be suitable item for wedding gifts or housewarming gifts.

Chrysanthemum is a flower in autumn.

So, Palace Plate is great item as autumn gift.



So, let us introduce our recommended gift sets of Palace Plate.

1.[Set] [Exclusive box] Palace Plate x 3 / φ220 (x1) + φ160 (x2)

This is very popular gift set.

If you have a special party, how about piling 2 different sizes plates?


2.[Set] [Exclusive box] Palace Plate x 5 / φ160 (x5)

Beautiful chrysanthemum bloom on dinner table!

5 plates are useful as individual plates.

Set of 5 plates work from daily dinner to a special party.


3.[Set] Luxury sake set

This set includes 2 Palace Plates and 2 Lacquer sake cups.

The lacquer sake cup from Toba Shitsugei is filled with Japanese traditional beauty. It has beauty of glass, gold leaf, and lacquer.

This set would be great set for gifts to sake lovers.


4.[Set] Japanese tea shop set at home

If you would like to enjoy tea time, we recommend this set.

This set includes the following 5 items.


・TY Palace Plate φ160 (×1)

・Tea canister TAWARA Plain (×1)

・Cast iron teapot Marutama S (×1)

・Teacup Round (×1)

・Casting saucer Square (×1)


With high-quality items, you can spend a luxury and calm time.


How do you like our sets?

In addition to the sets introduced here, we have more and more gift sets!

Please select the best one for your important person.