The days get shorter. We can feel the blessing of the sun these days.


Well, do you send some gifts to your parents?

For the Mother's Day, the Father's Day, their birthdays or wedding anniversary...

There are a lot of days to send gifts for parents.


After we leave the home, for getting married or job, we tend to miss the timing of sending gifts.

It is embarrassing somehow, but we should keep the appreciation for parents and parents-in-law.

They brought you or your partner up.


However, when we decide to send some gifts, it is hard to choose the items.

Do you know the preference or favorite colors of your parents?


So, today, we would like to introduce best 5 gift ideas for parents.



1.2 Pairs of chopsticks

How about  sending Japanese traditional cutlery chopsticks?

This is Hand-painted Makie chopsticks "Ume Matsuba" from Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten.


Ume (plum) and Matsuba (leaves of pine tree) are both auspicious motifs in Japan.

The delicate design is hand painted with a special skill "Makie."

In Makie, craftsmen paint the pattern with lacquer, and cover the paint with gold powder.

The rich gloss of lacquer gives high-class and elegant atmosphere.


In addition to this "Ume Matsuba," Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten offers various 2 pairs of chopsticks. Please check here.

Authentic Japanese chopsticks from Wajima


Also, Japan Design Store offers more chopsticks set. Please check this page.

Japanese chopsticks as refined gifts



2.Sake set

If your parents like sake, how about sending sake set?

This is a sake set of Katakuchi and Guinomi cups from Nousaku.


Sake time of your parents will be special one with gorgeous sake set.

Tin sake set can make sake more delicious.

For sake lovers, gorgeous sake set would be the best present.


3.Wooden teacups

If your parents prefer tea than sake, we recommend wooden teacups.

These are wooden teacups from Gato Mikio Store.


Wooden cups have the warmth of natural wood and smooth surface.

In addition, wooden cups are hard to be broken even we drop them.

Your parents can get older with the wooden cups.


4.Kettle / Teapot

We use kettles or teapots every day.

Here, we would like to introduce lifelong kettle and teapot.


On the left, this is Nanbu tetsubin from Azmaya.

When you boil water in Nanbu tetsubin, the iron makes water mellow.

Also, you can take iron.


On the right, cast iron teapot from Chushin Kobo.

The inside of the teapot is enameled, so that it is hard to be rust.

Cast iron teapot can keep appropriate temperature for tea for a long time.



5.Donabe rice cooker

Lastly, we would like to introduce donabe rice cooker.

Donabe means earthenware pot.

With Kamado-san from Nagatani-en , you can cook delicious rice easily.

In fact, Kamado-san has been very popular in Japan.


If all the children leaves home, parents do not have to cook much rice.

So, for a couple, we recommend 2 rice cup or 3 rice cup size.



These 5 are the gift ideas for parents by Japan Design Store.

Please tell your appreciation for parents with wonderful gifts.