The wind strikes cold.

For such a cold day, we miss the warm stew or Nabe.

What kind of tableware do you use for them?

Ceramics? fine.

But wooden tableware make us warmer, isn't it?


Today, we would like to introduce wooden tableware.

To keep warm in the house, we recommend these natural tableware.



1.Good for Japanese white cream stew! Meiboku-wan

This is our popular item Meiboku-wan from Sonobe.

One time, it is 3-months wait until the arrival!

Craftsmen hollow out the wood, and shave it with pottery wheel to produce this smooth surface.

Once you touch it, you cannot stop stroking it!


Meiboku-wan is a simple wooden bowl.  Therefore, you can use it for miso soup, Japanese white cream stew, or any other dishes!

The warmth of wood makes stew look more delicious!


2.For a natural party! Cheese board

End of the year is a season of party!

Wooden cheese board of Azmaya is useful to put some baguette or cheese.

Just cutting the bread on the board, and serve it directly.

Easy, faster, and stylish, what a perfect board!


3.Children and adults! Mushroom bowls set

This is a set of cup, bowl and spoon. Very cute Mushroom set from Sunao Lab.

This item has been popular for New baby gifts.

However, we adults can use them, too!

For example...


Like this!

Soup in a cup, salad in a bowl, and bread!

It's a perfect breakfast.

If you use the Mushroom set on the bread board SENRO, you can make more natural food presentation.


4.Have a break with tea! Wooden teacup

This is wooden cup from Gato Mikio store.

Wooden teacup is very light and hard to be broken.

Wood turners hollow out the wood carefully to produce a cup.

Even the drink is hot, wooden cup hardly become hot.




These are our recommended wooden tableware for this winter.

In fact, the warmth of wood is the second comfortable warmth for babies, next to the skin of human.

That's why wooden tableware ease us.


Please keep warm and survive cold winter with wooden tableware.