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Wooden wine cooler of Azmaya

Wooden wine cooler makes a Japanese modern dinner

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Wooden wine cooler filled with Japanese beauty

We would like to introduce wooden wine cooler from Azmaya. It is a simple wine chiller bucket, but has sophisticated beauty.
Straight wood grain comes from Kiso sawara cypress.

On the smooth white wood, pink gold hoops shine modestly. Solid presence of the wooden wine cooler reminds us a Japanese beauty in kimono.
This champagne chiller fascinates us on the dinner table.

A story of finding the best wooden wine cooler

Contrary to other tableware or kitchen utensils, wine cooler or champagne cooler is not a common one.
Since it is not a daily necessity, I (a buyer of Japan Design Store) did not place a high priority on wine cooler.

However, when we have home party, I realized the demand for stylish wine cooler. For 3 years, I have looked for a Japanese modern wine cooler or champagne cooler. (Before I found the wooden wine cooler of Azmaya, I used usual stainless wine chiller bucket.)

A wine cooler with Japanese as well as modern design… I decided to find a wooden wine cooler. As a matter of fact, it was difficult to find the one I looked for.

I found a beautiful champagne cooler at a shop in Kyoto. But that was 95 thousand yen (about USD $950).
I also find a stylish wine cooler at a shop in Tokyo. But that was 65 thousand yen.
A wooden wine cooler in Nagano was reasonable price. But that was not so stylish that I do not want to put it on the table.

Like these stories, I was not able to find the one. It is my policy that I cannot introduce an item what I do not want.

When I become fed up with finding the best wooden wine cooler, a miracle happened to me.

What is wine cooler or champagne cooler of Azmaya?

Azmaya is a brand of daily necessities. Since our store opened, I have introduced small plates, mamezara, Nambu cast iron kettle, or butter cases from azmaya.

One day, I asked a staff of azmaya “do you know a good studio of wooden wine cooler?”
She answered “oh, don’t you know our wine cooler?”

There is a Japanese proverb for this situation. “It is darkest beneath the lamp.” It means “it is often difficult to see what is under your nose.”

I purchased a wooden wine cooler from Azmaya. That was what I looked for!
Design, size, texture, and price. It satisfied me from all dimensions.
Azmaya has the ideal wooden wine cooler for me.

Honestly, however, we can see some rough finishing places compared to more expensive wine cooler or champagne cooler.
I will explain these points later.

Anyway, wine cooler of Azmaya has stylish, modern design in reasonable price.

In this way, we would like to introduce the wine chiller bucket from Azmaya.

Not only beautiful, but wooden wine cooler is useful, too

When we see wooden champagne cooler, cool design attracts us at first sight.
A wooden wine chiller bucket gives an elegant atmosphere like that of a Japanese high-class restaurant.
In fact, wooden bucket is a suitable item for a wine chiller.

Wooden wine cooler of Azmaya is made of solid natural Kiso sawara cypress.
Sawara cypress is a conifer. Just like Japanese cypress (hinoki), sawara cypress has antibacterial effect and strength against moisture. Compared to Japanese cypress, sawara cypress has less flavor of wood.

In addition, sawara cypress is so light that we can use in daily life. A lot of resin in the sawara cypress makes itself waterproof.
Therefore, Japanese people have used sawara cypress as ohitsu (wooden rice bucket) or bucket for sushi.

Moreover, wooden bucket made of sawara cypress is hard to conduct heat. So, wooden wine cooler can keep the temperature. You can cool wine or champagne in the constant temperature.

The ice in the wooden wine cooler remain for a long time, whereas, the outside is hard to sweat. Unlike a stainless wine cooler, the outside of the wooden chiller bucket does not become cold.

Wooden wine cooler has warmth of wood. Besides, the champagne chiller remains the wine, champagne, or Japanese sake cool.

No leakage of water with one tip

You do not have to worry about leakage of water of the wooden wine cooler.
However, since it is a handmade wooden craft, there is a one tip.

First, the bottom of the wooden bucket is tightly inserted so that the bucket does not leak water.

However, each wine cooler has individualities. When you fill the wine cooler while it is dry, it may leak water.
This is due to the tracheid in wood. Tracheid is a numberless pipe in wood. It is a road for water. When the tracheid is filled with water, the leakage will stop.

In fact, the wooden wine cooler just become a little wet. Big leakage will not happen.

If you worry about becoming wet, we recommend filling the wooden wine cooler 1 hour before you use. When the water become less, add water again.
By repeating this, the leakage will stop.
Please do it in kitchen or any other wettable places.

It takes some time before using the wooden wine cooler. When you have home party, prepare the wine chiller bucket with cooking. Time for preparing a party is also very pleasant.

When you put the wooden wine chiller on the table, put the bucket on cloth or tray.
We appreciate your understanding to the natural wood. Please use the wooden champagne cooler for a long time.

Rough finishing places compared to expensive wooden bucket

Wooden wine cooler of azmaya is produced with a traditional skill. Without using adhesives or nails, wood lumbers are tightly fixed by hoops. This technique is rare in the world.

To hoop the wooden bucket tightly, we can see some thrust of hoop into wooden wine cooler.
Thrusted places are napped. Also, the surface may be napped, or the hoop may lose its colors partly.
However, those are not inferior goods. We appreciate your kind understanding.

Compared to expensive wooden champagne cooler, we can see some inferior points. But for home parties or casual shops, we believe that this quality is enough.

For me, I like this Japanese modern atmosphere of the wooden wine cooler. I am satisfied with design, usability, and price. So, I would like the customers to choose it with understanding of its quality.

By any chance the hoops are moved or joined places are left, Azmaya will repair. Please contact us or azmaya for further information.

Wooden wine cooler as gift to wine lovers

Wooden wine cooler of azmaya would be great gift for wine or champagne lovers. If you have friends who love Japanese traditional culture, he or she will be glad to get this wine chiller bucket.

In addition to the chiller of wine or champagne, you can cool Japanese sake or juice.
How about using the wooden wine cooler for a special party dinner? The table setting will be more elegant.

Stylish wooden wine cooler will be great presents as wedding gifts, birthday gifts of wine lovers, or souvenirs from Japan.

What is Azmaya?

Azmaya is a brand produces Japanese traditional crafts, tableware, and daily necessaries. It was established in 1997. The representative of Azmaya Mr. Kumada recognized the fascination of Japanese crafts and culture from his long life in the United States. And he established Azmaya.

They state their concept as “products that customers can use and love for a long time, and crafts that do not compromise with the skill and material” and “there is a utensil which can be used for 1000 years if it is used carefully.” Under these concepts, Azmaya develops and improves the products with craftsmanship in Japan.

As we can see in this wooden wine cooler, the products of Azmaya are characterized by their modern but nostalgic design with Japanese traditional culture or inherited skills.
The wooden wine cooler will make you realize the origin of Japanese manufacturing and aesthetic sense based on Japanese traditional culture.

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