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[Set of 4] Art piece set / MAME series / Mamezara plate / amabro

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remarks 【Set contents】4 items: MAME series (×4) [Kissho-Sakana-kata-sara (×1) / Fukisumi-Fuji-kata-sara (×1) / Mizutama-Momo-gata-zara (×1) / Ruri-yu-Kame-gata-zara (×1)]_x000d_ All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product. We can see some chip or crack, or different shade of color or chip of patterns on paintings. There is no problem in its quality. NOT oven and microwave safe. Wash with neutral detergent and soft sponge after use. Check the care label of the detergent. Gold paintings and paintings may be easy to be removed by washing. Dishwasher safe. But please follow the care label of it. Please avoid rapid change of temperature. All the plates are polished enough. However, if you mind the rough place, polish there with fine sandpaper or the bottom of other tableware. Do not use the plates at high places or unstable places. After use, please dry the plates enough. The breakage of the products may cause serious injury. When you put sour food on the tableware for a long time, paintings may turn their colors.
Short Description 【[Set of 4] Art piece set / MAME series】This is “Art piece set” from MAME series. This set includes 4 cute plates. These 4 plates are especially popular among various plates of amabro. Art piece set has retro atmosphere, but cute and fashionable. These cute Japanese dinner plates would be cool interior goods as well. All motifs have auspicious meanings. Each plate is within stylish exclusive box. Cute tableware would be great gifts as well.



Amabro is a product brand of MURAKAMI ART corporation directed by an artist Amane Murakami. Under the theme of “Art of life”, they propose a life with Japanese traditions.

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