In our store, we have 3 long-selling items.

That is "TY Palace Plate" from 1616/arita japan, "Beer cup" from Nousaku, and "Suzugami" from syouryu.

These 3 items get many orders every day.


However, there are some items that sell not that much, but get a certain orders every day.

We call those items "hidden long-selling items."

Today, we would like to introduce the "hidden long-selling items."


Caffe hat from 224 porcelain

The first item is ceramic coffee pour over cone "Caffe hat."

You can pour over coffee without paper or cloth filter.

Since the ceramic is porous, the water becomes delicious and coffee becomes mellow by this cone.

Fine ground coffee beans are easy to be clogged. So, we recommend grinding coffee beans roughly.



The most popular color is Navy.

Clover holder has cute form and glossy color.

This Caffe hat has been popular item as gifts for men.


See more details of Caffe hat from here.

Paper-free coffee pour over cone


Tea Mate from Cement Produce Design

Next item is heat-resistant tea glass "Tea Mate."

It is very cute, as well as useful!

Tea Mate has heat-resistant glass, tea strainer, and lid.


Since it is heat-resistant glass, you can enjoy hot black tea or herb tea in winter, and cold drink in summer,

Cute glass has been popular item for gifts for women.

Also, pair glasses are great wedding gifts.


See more details of Tea Mate from here.

Nice tea time with the perfect mug for herbal tea!


Mushroom wooden bowl set from Sunao Lab

The third one is Mushroom bowl set from Sunao Lab.

This cute item has been popular for new baby gifts.

It is tough, smooth texture, and cute mushroom design!

A father designed this unique bowl set.

He wants a child to use high-quality crafts at ease since they are children.

So, all the materials are natural that babies can use at ease.


See more details of Mushroom bowl set from here.

Safe and gentle. The first wooden bowl and spoon



These 3 are our "hidden long-selling items."

These are not the best seller, but has clear reason for their popularity.

We recommend these items with confident!