Caffe hat / White

Caffe hat / White / 224 porcelain

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size フィルター/ φ105-H75 mm コースター/D105-W105 H9mm
weight (g) 220.0000
notes freezer, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks Please note that you CANNOT use detergent since the micro halls of the ceramics absorb the ingredients of detergent. Just wash the ceramic pour over cone with water or warm water. When you feel the smell of stale coffee or the filter is clogged up, grill over the dripper over open fire or in toaster oven. After heating, please do not cool it down rapidly. Rapid temperature change may cause damage or breakage of the item.
Short Description 【Caffe hat / White】224 porcelain is a brand producing unique ceramics items. Those items are made by technology of Hizen Yoshida Yaki with the history more than 400 years. This Caffe hat is a coffee filter made by ceramic. The coaster supporting a coffee filter is a design of a pretty clover. You can always confirm quantity of the coffee which you poured into a mug cup by using this coaster. If this filter is clogged, please warm it by fire till smoke appears. This is the coffee filter which is Eco usable semipermanently.


224 porcelain

224 porcelain is a ceramic brand based on Hizen Yoshida ware. Hizen Yoshida porcelain is a craft in Saga prefecture. With the originalities of designers, they produce items with playful mind and usability.