Japanese Coffee Mugs of Arita Ware and Mino Ware from Wired Beans

Japanese coffee mugs from Wired Beans

Plain Coffee Mugs with Special Design for Delicious Coffee

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For those who use utensils forever

“Eternal mug for your lifetime” from Wired Beans.
This is not a “New” thing, but a thing to renew your mind.

Plain white coffee mug on a wooden cheese board

Sophisticated design which brings shine on daily life.
Warmth and beauty born by handmade of skilled craftsmen.

Japanese coffee mugs “Eternal mug for your lifetime” are filled with craftsmanship and crystal of their skill. In addition, it has “lifetime compensation” (only valid in Japan.)
“Wired Beans” is famous for its products “Eternal glass for your lifetime.”

Various items of Wired Beans on the table

Great gifts for coffee lovers! Recommended gift set

  1. Best set for coffee lovers
    Caffe hat Navy & Eternal Mug Black Mat

    This is Japan Design Store original set with ceramic coffee pour over cone “Caffe hat” navy and Japanese Arita ware mug “Eternal Mug” Large Black Mat.

    Place Caffe hat on black coffee mug of “Eternal mug” series

    Caffe hat is a coffee filter needless of paper filter. It is eco-friendly. In addition, porous ceramic makes water delicious.

    Ceramic pour over cone Caffe hat on black mug

    Stylish coffee drip set is great gift for coffee lovers. We have a set with plain black coffee mug + navy Caffe hat, and a set with plain white coffee mug + red Caffe hat.

    Black coffee mug and white mug with Caffe hat

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  2. Stylish pair of white and black coffee mug
    [Exclusive box] Eternal Mug / Pair set / Arita ware / Ichimatsu

    This is a set of pair mug of “Eternal Mug” series “Arita ware / Ichimatsu.”

    White and black Ichimatsu mugs from Wired Beans

    You can feel the quality of Arita ware from this Japanese coffee mug. Traditional Ichimatsu pattern shines under light.

    Ichimatsu pattern of “Eternal mug” shines reflecting light

    Beautiful and simple white and black coffee mug would be great gifts for couple who like simple lifestyle.
    Japanese coffee mugs from Wired Beans would be wonderful wedding gifts or wedding anniversary gifts.
    We have a pair of plain white and black coffee mug as well.

    Plain white and black coffee mugs of Eternal mug series

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With lifetime compensation! Use coffee mugs for a long time

Japanese coffee mugs from Wired Beans are simple but have enough presence and unique atmosphere. It is a masterpiece that Wired Beans realized the “real item” for customers’ lifetime with Japanese craftsmen so that they “connect craftsmen with users.”

Have a break with Eternal mug

“Want customers to use Japanese coffee mugs for a long time.”
“Wish superb handmade item by craftsmen will result in making richer life of owners.”

Plain white and black mugs were born with these thoughts of Wired Beans.

Plain black coffee mug with magazines and snacks

By any chance the “Eternal Mug” is broken while you use it, Wired Beans exchanges broken mug to new one! In fact, this compensation lasts lifetime of owners. Unfortunately, this compensation is only valid in Japan. However, if you or your friend are in Japan, you can use this system.

Lifetime-usable Japanese coffee mugs have been popular wedding gifts to wish everlasting happiness.

5 mugs of Eternal mug series on the table

By any chance the Japanese coffee mugs are broken

When the Eternal mugs are broken, please put pieces of broken mug and compensation paper (in Japanese, 補償書) in the exclusive box and send the box to Wired Beans. Wired Beans will send a new one regardless of the date you purchased or reasons of breakage. (This service is only valid in Japan.)
Broken pieces of your mug will be recycled to new products.

* For exchange, you need 3 items “Pieces of broken mug”, “Exclusive box” and “Compensation paper.” All 3 items are attached when you purchase. Please keep them carefully.
For more details about compensation, please see “About the compensation system of Eternal mug.

Exclusive box and compensation paper of Eternal mug

Joint development with baristas! Design based on fluid mechanics

Japanese coffee mugs “Eternal mug” from Wired Beans are especially recommended for coffee lovers. In fact, this is elaborately designed based on fluid mechanics as joint development with baristas.
Special work is hidden in these simple plain white and black coffee mugs.

Large black mat coffee mug of Eternal mug series

Please look at roundness of bottom inside the Japanese coffee mugs. This unique bottom makes convection of coffee so that good crema (*) is generated naturally and keep aroma of coffee.

Rounded bottom of inside of Eternal mug series

This rounded bottom generates ideal froth of latte as firm as it is hard to be gone when you stir coffee with spoon.
“For those who are particular about coffee, we would like them to be particular about coffee mugs.”
This design is filled with this passion of Wired Beans.

Actually, these plain white and black coffee mugs are used in some coffee shops. Professionals love these. Please enjoy orthodox coffee at your home.


  • * Crema…Reddish-brown froth on top of espresso coffee.
A woman is drinking coffee with reading a magazine

Simple and modern design that never bore us

Japanese coffee mugs “Eternal mug” have attractive smooth texture and stylish form. Simple design suit well on your tables and create calm time.

Plain white and black coffee mugs on the table

Developer of these plain white and black coffee mugs said, “we aimed that owners can use mugs in their daily life.” Here, let us introduce 3 attractive points of these Japanese coffee mugs.

3 attractive points of the Japanese coffee mug

  1. Gentle texture to fit our hands

    Eternal mug from Wired Beans has soft texture although it is a ceramic. It feels like our hands stick to surface when we touch mat texture.

    A woman wraps Ichimatsu black mug with her hands
  2. Smooth rim which makes drink more delicious

    Craftsmen pursue in good drinking touch of Japanese coffee mugs. Its smooth texture is only known by users. Black mat mug has thin rim which is difficult for usual Arita ware.

    Rim of Eternal mug
  3. Magical handle that is stylish and easy to hold

    Handles of the plain white and black coffee mugs are also noticeable point.

    Handle of Eternal mug black

    In the hole of modern and stylish handle, we can put 3 fingers neatly. It is stable when we drink.

    A woman has black coffee mug

GK Industrial Design pursues usability and beauty

GK Industrial Design designed the Japanese coffee mugs from Wired Beans. It was established in 1952. Their designs are broadly permeated in daily life of Japanese people.

For example, the soy sauce cruet of Kikkoman, logo of Cosmo energy holdings, package of Bufferin (medicine for headache), train of JR-EAST, Akita Shinkansen “Komachi”, Yurikamome 7300, Shell flat seat of JAL…
They design various items from utensils in daily life to trains and won several design awards.

Their ideology is “fusion of technique and art.”
While trying to have design firmly taking root in industrial society, they propose systems enlivening the relationship between humans and things, or lives and industries.

Coffee mugs from famous producing areas of Japan

Japanese coffee mugs from Wired Beans are produced in potters of Arita ware and Mino ware where are leading ceramic producing area in Japan.

  1. Wired Beans Eternal mug / Arita ware

    Arita ware is a kind of porcelain produced in area around Arita town of Saga prefecture. It has long history. Before Edo era (1600~1867), ceramics have been produced in Arita. In fact, Arita porcelain is the first porcelain in Japan. Now, it is designated as Traditional Craft by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry).

    In Eternal mug series, black mat mugs and white and black mugs with Ichimatsu pattern are Arita ware. Unique atmosphere of black mat coffee mug provide elegance in your coffee time. You can feel happiness of pursuing one thing.

    4 Arita ware mugs on the table

    Potter of Arita ware: Tsujiyo ceramics Factory

    • Arita ware coffee mugs of “Eternal mug” series are produced by a potter of Arita ware “Tsujiyo Ceramics Factory.” It is also known as Yozan. The establishment of Tsujiyo dates way back to 1850s. The founder Yosuke Tsuji opened kiln in Yoshida of Ureshino city of Saga prefecture about 160 years ago. Tsujiyo have handed down traditions and simultaneously, try to create new value to broaden possibilities of Arita ware.

      They also produce “SUI” series which is already introduced in Japan Design Store.

      Craftsman of Tsujiyo Ceramics Factory glazes mugs

  2. Wired Beans Eternal mug / Mino ware

    Mino ware is a kind of ceramics produced in area of Tono region of Gifu prefecture. Mino ware is varied from daily tableware to utensils for tea ceremony or one-of-a-kind items by artists. Tea utensils affiliated with “Momoyama pottery” has been popular such as Oribe, Shino, Ki-Seto, or Seto Guro. Mino is a big producing area that accounts for about 50% of tableware production in Japan and about 70% of tile production.

    In Eternal mug series, plain white mat coffee mugs are Mino ware. Soft white color reflects light gently. Plain white coffee mug suits well with wooden table. Mino ware mugs provide more relaxing time.

    2 Mino ware mugs on the table

    Potter of Mino ware: Maruken Seitou

    • Mino ware coffee mugs of “Eternal mug” series are produced by a potter of Mino ware “Maruken Seitou” in Tajimi city of Gifu prefecture. It was established in early Showa era (1930s). Started from production of tiles, they began to produce ceramic tableware in 1955. Since then, they produce various ceramics for modern lifestyle. Carefully produced ceramics by craftsmen color our life.

This is “Japanese” mug, Ichimatsu

Japanese coffee mugs from Wired Beans have mugs with Ichimatsu pattern.
It is said that Ichimatsu pattern became fashion by “Ichimatsu Sanogawa” who the popular Kabuki actor of female role. He used this pattern in costume for kabuki.

Kumi Ichimatsu pattern is used in emblem of Tokyo Olympic in 2020. Ichimatsu pattern has got attention as one of the representative patters of Japan.

In fact, project of “Eternal mug” with Ichimatsu pattern was started to make a mug that is really “Japanese” for Japan and the world.

Ichimatsu pattern mugs of Eternal mug

Craftsmen carefully overglaze ichimatsu pattern one by one to express gorgeous atmosphere. Making best use of unique atmosphere of Arita porcelain, craftsmen make casual but beautiful finish on Arita ware mug. It is a beautiful Japanese coffee mug to suit well in daily life.

A woman wraps Ichimatsu white mug with her hands

Plan, design, and ceramics paintings. Plain white and black coffee mugs are filled with Japanese elaborate manufacturing. “Japanese” coffee mugs are recommended gifts for friends in overseas as well. (* Please note that lifetime compensation is only valid in Japan.)

[About “Eternal mug / Arita ware / Ichimatsu”]
Ichimatsu pattern of “Eternal mug / Arita ware / Ichimatsu” is delicate pattern that can be seen by directions or state of light. We are sorry not being able to show the pattern clearly through pictures. But both black and white coffee mug have Ichimatsu pattern.

With stylish logo mark

Stylish logo marks are on the Japanese coffee mugs from Wired Beans. For mat type, on its side, and for Ichimatsu pattern mug, on its bottom.

Logo marks on black coffee mugs

4 piled squares express “Customer” + “Wired Beans” + “Craftsmen” + “Designer.” In the Japanese coffee mug case, they are customers, Wired Beans, potters of Mino ware or Arita ware, and GK Industrial Design. People make wish upon this logo that keeping good relationship of the 4 and treasure culture of using items for long time.

A woman has large black mat coffee mug

Gift for important person? Leave it to Japan Design Store

“Eternal mug” from Wired Beans are always close for the life of your important people. Stylish Japanese coffee mugs would be great wedding gifts, wedding anniversary gifts, or housewarming gifts.

Black mat coffee mug with Caffe hat

Also, plain white or black coffee mugs are recommended for the Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, longevity gifts or birthday gifts. Pair mug would be cool gifts for couples.

2 Pairs of black and white coffee mugs from Wired Beans

If you send “Eternal mug” as gifts, please leave it to Japan Design Store. We always wait for you with suitable stylish gift wrappings. You can choose Japanese traditional Noshi wrapping as well.
Japanese paper and cute Ume Mizuhiki option have been popular.

Exclusive box of Eternal mug with gift wrapping of Japan Design Store
* Boxes differ from item to item
[About the compensation system of the glass]
Rules of compensation
If you break your important coffee mug, Wired Beans will exchange it into new mug. The first time is for free. For the second time and after, customers need to pay the commission. Payment should be done by cash on delivery.
Wired Beans cannot compensate in the following situations.

* The broken mug cannot be identified. (Please send large broken pieces.)

* If customer lost compensation card or paper box. (Please keep the paper box.)
* Without the name and address of customers, and date of purchase in the compensation card. Or, if customer alter the contents of card.

About compensation card
Compensation cards are in the all items of Wired Beans.
The compensation card is valid only in Japan. The card cannot be reissued.
Wired Beans cannot meet the demands from the overseas countries. We appreciate your kind understanding.
* Wired Beans may stop this service from necessity of the makers or atelier.
The way of exchange
If you kindly purchase the mug of Wired Beans in Japan Design Store,please send broken pieces of mug and compensation card in the paper box to Wired Beans.Wired Beans will send a new mug to you.
* Customers need to pay shipping cost for sending and returning the product.
* The way of exchange is explained in the description paper in the box when you receive the item. (Japanese only)
* Please keep the paper box and compensation card.
Contact form and address for exchange
Wired Beans Inc.
Urban net Itsutsubashi building 6F, 1-5-3, Itsutsubashi, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi
Tel: 022-380-8700 (9:00~17:00 Sat. Sun. Holidays are closed)

For your long use at ease

  • * All mugs are different in sizes, thickness. Also, we can see unevenness on mugs. Regarding to sizes, places in kiln generate differences. Different thickness or unevenness are unexpectedly born when craftsmen glaze mugs. These are unique features of handmade crafts by craftsmen. We appreciate your kind understanding.
  • * Roundness of inside bottom of mug is designed to produce good crema of espresso coffee.


  • * Microwave SAFE.
  • * NOT open flame or oven safe.
  • * Strong impact or rapid change of temperature may cause breakage.
  • * Please avoid using polish or sponge with cleanser. They make damage on mugs.
  • * Please be careful when you touch broken mugs.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.