2 weeks to go until the Respect for the Aged Day

It is September 9th.

This year, the "Respect for the Aged Day" is September 21st.

So, 2 weeks to go before the Day!


Respect for the Aged Day is one of the national holidays of Japan.

As the name explains, it is the day to respect aged people.

The day is the 3rd Monday of September every year.


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In the picture, from left to right,

Soba choko glass of Taisho Roman glass series from Hirota glass

Tin beer tumbler from Nousaku

Tin sake cup from Nousaku

Coffee pour over cone "Caffe hat" from 224 porcelain


These items are especially recommended for the gifts for aged people.

It is the Japanese holiday, but how about send a gift to your grandpa or grandma?