Nowadays, pour over coffee or hand drip coffee has been popular among coffee lovers.

But, tools for pour over coffee seems to have no relations with our shop.

Japan Design Store mainly sells Japanese traditional crafts.

HOWEVER, in fact, we have a special tools to make delicious coffee.

The reason is clear! All of our staff, including our owner Hayase loves coffee!

We roast coffee beans, mill, and brew delicious coffee everyday.


Our store sells a special pour over cone. That is very Eco friendly!

Of course, it is produced with special skill of Japanese craftsmen.

Let us introduce our unique item, "Caffe hat."


No paper coffee filter!

This is ceramic pour over cone "Caffe hat" from 224 porcelain.

You do not have to use paper coffee filter with it!

Caffe hat from 224 porcelain

カフェハット 一見、

"What's this black cone?" You may think so at the first sight.

This is ceramic coffee pour over cone! A black cone is set with clover-shape coaster.

The form of the cone reminds us hat.


You do not have to use paper or cloth filter.

The pour over cone itself has countless micro holes.

Caffe hat is made of Hizen Yoshida ware.  The clay of Hizen Yoshida ware is very porous.

So, the ceramic pour over cone can purify water and extract delicious coffee.


This Caffe hat has been popular item for the Father's day gifts.


When you would like to drink delicious coffee, you find a good coffee shop, first.

Try various kinds of coffee beans or the production areas of beans.

Find your favorite coffee cup or mug.

Finally, you start to collect tools for hand drip coffee.


When you collect the coffee tools, how about thinking of "Eco"?

Let's make a perfect cup of coffee with your favorite coffee tools!