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Japanese chopsticks set

2 pairs of Japanese chopsticks sets are auspicious gift sets. The chopsticks gift set within paulownia boxes have high-quality atmosphere. They are good for wedding gifts or birthday gifts.

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Let’s send Japanese chopsticks to celebrate someone

“I would like to send the best gift for my dearest person.”
If you think so, how about sending Japanese chopsticks?
High-class Japanese chopsticks are carefully produced by craftsmen one by one.

Thoroughly made chopsticks will tell your message of celebration or appreciate.
Japanese chopsticks within paulownia boxes would be great gifts for presents of various purposes.

A woman has Shizuku chopsticks from Hakuichi

What is Meoto-bashi?

Meoto-bashi means 2 pairs of chopsticks. “Meoto” means a couple, and “bashi” or “hashi” means chopsticks. Most of Japanese chopsticks gifts sets are Meoto-bashi.

We wish upon Meoto-bashi that “may a couple can be together forever by using Meoto-bashi together every day.”

In this reason, Japanese people have sent not only chopsticks, but also other pair of tableware (such as rice bowls or teacups.)
In addition to this reason, Meoto-bashi has some other auspicious meanings.

First, chopsticks are indispensable items for daily life for Japanese people. So, we wish “may a couple never suffer from starving,” “welfare of a family,” “health” or “long life” on chopsticks.

Also, chopsticks are always used in pair. We cannot use a chopstick alone. When we eat, we need a pair of chopsticks. It is like wife and husband.

Like this, Japanese chopstick gift sets have a lot of auspicious meanings. If you send Meoto-bashi gift sets, the recipients will be filled with happiness and your kind thought.

Kirara chopsticks set within its exclusive paulownia box

Recommended for gifts! Stylish Japanese chopsticks

  1. Item.1Gorgeous and auspicious chopsticks set from “Hakuichi”

    The Japanese chopsticks of Hakuichi have beautiful shine of gold. The glitter comes from gold leaf. The gloss of kinpaku (gold leaf) gives gorgeous atmosphere to the dinner table.

    Hakuichi offers 2 types of gold leaf chopsticks; “Shizuku” and “Clear gold thread”. Each set has stylish chopstick rests.

    “Shizuku” looks mat finishing, but it has unique gloss. If you look close, there are small drops on the surface. In fact, Shizuku means drops in Japanese.
    Gold leaf is gilded boldly.

    Japanese chopsticks set “Shizuku” from Hakuichi
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    “Clear gold thread” has delicate gold thread in transparent chopsticks. Detailed design fits various types of cuisine.
    The edge of chopsticks has non-slip finishing. You can enjoy delicate beauty of Japanese chopsticks.

    2 pairs of Clear gold thread chopsticks on the navy place mat
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    Hakuichi was established in 1975. In Kanazawa city of Ishikawa prefecture, they produce high quality crafts, decoration of architecture, foods, or cosmetics with the gold leaf. To keep the tradition of Kanazawa gold leaf, Hakuichi continues to develop new categories with inherited soul of manufacturing.

    In 2017, two of their products were selected as souvenir for the President of the United States. Hakuichi has exhibited their products in trade fairs of overseas. They continue to introduce the attractiveness of Kanazawa-haku (Kanazawa gold leaf) to the world.

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  2. Item.2Unique and cute chopsticks set from “Floyd”

    The Japanese chopsticks of Floyd have stylish, simple, and unique design.
    Floyd offers 2 types of chopsticks set; “Bamboo Arrow 2 pairs” and “Butterfly 2 pairs.”

    Cute design of Bamboo Arrow chopsticks comes from an arrow. Arrow does not return after it is shot. So, at that time, Japanese parents send kimono (Japanese traditional wear) with Yagasuri pattern when their daughter get married. Yagasuri is a pattern comes from the feathers of an arrow. Parents wish “our daughter will be filled with happiness.”

    Also, arrow is a symbol of talisman against evils.

    Bamboo Arrow 2 pairs from Floyd within its exclusive box
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    Butterfly 2 pairs are set with cute butterfly chopstick rests and octagon chopsticks. There are 4 patterns of color combinations of butterflies. Please choose the best one for your dearest person.
    The pair of gold and silver would be great gifts as gold or silver wedding anniversary.

    3 sets of Butterfly 2 pairs of Floyd within their exclusive boxes
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    Floyd was established in 2005 in Mishima, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. It stated its mission as following: “To deliver emotion, surprise, and smile to people.” Their items make us surprise and smile with their unique and playful design.

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  3. Item.3Lacquer ×Gold / Silver chopsticks from “Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten”

    The Japanese chopsticks from Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten have smooth texture of lacquer and Japanese traditional pattern.
    The chopsticks are made of natural Noto hiba. Craftsmen lacquer the final coating with natural urushi (lacquer).

    2 pairs of chopsticks sets are 4types; “Ume Matsuba”, “Seigaiha”, “Kirara” and “Sakura fubuki”.

    Wajima urushi chopsticks are all handmade by craftsmen. On the lacquered chopsticks, beautiful work is painted with gold Makie (gold-lacquered paint) or gold or silver Takasago powder.

    “Sakura fubuki” has beautiful blizzard of falling cherry blossoms on lacquered chopsticks. It is especially recommended as souvenirs from Japan.

    3 types of Wajima urushi chopsticks sets from Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten
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    “Seigaiha” is a name of the wave pattern. Seigaiha pattern has wish that “may peaceful life lasts forever like the calm waves of ocean.”
    Traditional patterns are designed by a special skill “Chinkin.” Craftsmen carve the patterns with chisels, and fill the place with gold leaf.

    Seigaiha chopsticks set from Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten within its exclusive paulownia box
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    Hashimoto Kousaku Shikkiten was established in 1949 in Wajima city of Ishikawa prefecture. They continue to produce “Wajima urushi chopsticks” with inherited skill of the First Kousaku.

    Their authentic Japanese chopsticks made of natural wood and natural lacquer have got great reputations. Their products won various awards such as “100 crafts in Ishikawa”, “Design Center Ishikawa elected products”, and “Ishikawa brand new products.”

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  4. Item.4Highest-quality chopsticks from “Wajima Kirimoto”

    Wajima nuri is one of the representative lacquerware of Japan. Beautiful gloss of Wajima lacquerware have attracted people.

    The Japanese chopsticks of Wajima Kirimoto is made of hiba, finished with natural lacquer.
    Unique oval form of the chopsticks fit our fingers well. Craftsmen shave this form one by one.

    Wajima Kirimoto offers 2 types of Japanese chopsticks; “Makiji” and “Uwanuri.” Makiji has mat gloss, Uwanuri has shiny gloss of lacquer.

    4 types of Oval lacquered chopsticks from Wajima Kirimoto
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    Simple but beautiful chopsticks continue to fascinate people forever. It would be great gift item.
    Please choose the highest-quality chopsticks for your dearest person.

    A woman has oval lacquered chopsticks from Wajima Kirimoto

    Wajima Kirimoto is a long-established brand of Wajima nuri. Based on inherited skill of lacquerware, they try to collaborate with various brands such as the famous French brand “Louis Vuitton.”
    Simple, elegant, and sophisticated lacquer ware gives us gorgeous mood.

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Stylish Japanese chopsticks as a special gift!

What item would be the best for gift? Everyone has different gift ideas.
We recommend a useful but a little expensive item that one seldom buy for oneself.

From this point, Japanese chopsticks is one of the great items. There are all sorts of chopsticks in terms of materials, design, and price.
But few people purchase high-class chopsticks for themselves.
Therefore, high-class Japanese chopsticks would be great gift.

As a wedding gift

In japan, 2 pairs of chopsticks (Meoto-bashi) are popular item of wedding gifts. For new couples, stylish and high-quality chopsticks are pleasant items. In busy new life, Japanese chopsticks does not take much space.
High-quality chopsticks work when we have guests, too.

Please select the best pairs from our various Japanese chopsticks for the new couples.

5th wedding anniversary “Wood anniversary gift”

Wedding anniversaries have names. The 1st is paper, 2nd is cotton…
As the time passes, wedding anniversary is likened to harder and more precious thing.

The 5th anniversary is “Wood anniversary.” The life become stable and calm. The relationship between wife and husband become more “couple” just like a big tree. Therefore, the 5th anniversary is called wood anniversary.
Also, it is said that the roots underground express the stable life and thick grown leaves express the prosperity of a family.

So, many people celebrate one’s 5th wedding anniversary with wooden items.
How about selecting Japanese chopsticks? All chopsticks in Japan Design Store are made of natural Japanese wood.

Celebrating long life

High-class Japanese chopsticks are suitable item to celebrate long life.
In japan, it is said that it is good to send some red items for a person become 60 years old.

How about sending chic red lacquered chopsticks?
The gloss of urushi has elegant and luxurious atmosphere. Lacquered Japanese chopsticks would be very stylish presents.

Celebrating promotion

Chopsticks has the meaning of “bond”, “bridge”, or “health.”
Let’s celebrate one’s promotion with a pray for further success. Japanese chopsticks tell our wishes.

For Mother’s Day or Father’s Day

Japanese chopsticks are great gift item for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. If your father or mother like Japan, please select chopsticks.
Lacquered chopsticks are filled with Japanese beauty especially.

As souvenirs from Japan

As souvenirs from Japan, Japanese miscellaneous goods have been popular.
Since Washoku (Japanese cuisine) was designated as Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, Japanese traditional food culture has got attention from the world.

Japanese chopsticks are representative Japanese tableware.
Lacquerware is one of Japanese traditional crafts. On the lacquered chopsticks, Japanese traditional pattern is decorated with traditional skill. So, Japanese chopsticks would be great souvenir from Japan.

Japanese chopsticks are stylish, great design, filled with Japan, light and compact. If you visit or would like to visit Japan, please select Japanese chopsticks as souvenirs! We will send it to your countries.

If you would like to add more with Japanese chopsticks, how about sending Japanese tableware together?

Also, if you choose USD $3 gift wrapping, you can make a message card for free. A message card and chopsticks will tell your celebration or appreciate.

Meoto-chawan with Meoto-bashi

In addition to Meoto-bashi, Japan Design Store offers cute Meoto-chawan as well. Meoto means a couple, and chawan means rice bowl. So, Meoto-chawan means a pair of rice bowls.
With 2 pairs of Japanese chopsticks, how about sending a pair of rice bowls? The recipient of gifts can start Japanese dinner as soon as the arrival of the goods.

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  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.

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