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[Omotenashi set 5] Daily use / 5 Inban-Kozara and Chopstick Rest set Moon

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remarks 【Set contents】 6 items : Chopstick Rest set Moon (×1) / Inban-Kozara (×5) [Koushi (×1) / Karamatsu (×1) / Kuyou (×1) / Kikuju (×1) / Hikiami (×1)]_x000d_ All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different individualities of each product.
Short Description 【[Omotenashi set 5] Daily use】 This is a set of 5 Inban-Kozara (small plate) and Chopstick Rest set "Moon." Moon is a set of 5 chopstick rests. Kozara is one of the most useful tableware. The pattern of kozara have auspicious meaning in Japan. Moon is a stylish chopstick rest made of 100% tin. Please enjpy Japanese dinner time with these kozara and Moon chopstick rest.



Azmaya is a producing brand. Azmaya collaborates with many Japanese traditional ateliers or designers to create Japanese modern products. The popular items are Inban series. Beautiful porcelain with white and blue colors. Also, their Nanbu tetsubin is famous for its design and function.



Nousaku is a top brand of metalworking in Toyama city. They continue to produce artistic products with bendable tin. The items are not only traditional crafts, but also artwork. Designers around the world are fascinated by their design and detailed work.

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