Glass Bouquet Vase Calma from Sghr

Glass bouquet vase Calma from Sghr

Bouquet Looks More Beautiful with Glass Vase Calma

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Vase or glass decor? How do you use this unique glass vase?

If a vase has a plate on its top, how do you use it?
Here, we would like to introduce glass vase “Calma” from Sghr (Sugahara).
Calma is very unique vase, a vase with plate.

2 vases of Calma on the table

You can arrange flowers beautifully with this glass vase.
In addition, you can use Calma as glass plate. How about placing chocolates on the plate? Usual tea time becomes stylish.
Also, you can put lighting and make beautiful glass decor.
Bouquet glass vase “Calma” from Sugahara have got attention from table coordinators.

Unique and beautiful glass vase has been popular wedding gifts, housewarming gifts or birthday gifts. Calma from Sghr satisfies flower lovers or home party lovers.

A rose in glass vase Calma from Sugahara

Various ways to enjoy Calma

Glass bouquet vase Calma colors your life. Flat plate reminds us shining surface of water.
“How can I use this glass vase stylishly?” For you, we would like to introduce examples of use Calma.

3 colors of glass vase Calma from Sghr
  1. Arrange bouquet roughly

    Glass vase Calma can make any kind of flowers look stylish. With the glass plate, the vase has great stability. Therefore, you can arrange flowers with long stem such as tulips or calla lilies. In addition, branch flowers such as cherry blossoms or plum flowers looks cool in Calma.

    If you would like to make the most use of glass plate of the bouquet vase, we recommend arranging rounded bouquet.
    Since we can arrange flowers in rounded shape on the plate, we can keep beautiful shape of bouquet just like florist made.
    Also, the plate keeps big flower beautifully such as peony or hydrangea.

    Rounded bouquet of roses in glass vase Calma
  2. Use as glass compote

    Compote is a bowl with a stem for fruits or dessert. Calma from Sugahara is like a glass compote. In addition to use as flower vase, you can use Calma as tableware.
    For cylinder, put pasta sticks or vegetable sticks. On the plate, put small dishes for appetizer. Gorgeous presence of Calma provides splendid atmosphere to home parties.

    In addition, you can arrange flowers in center, and put cut fruits or small confectioneries on plates. Since the glass plate is big in about 25 cm (9.8 inches) diameter, you can place a whole cake as well.

  3. Gorgeous glass decor with ornaments or candles

    Glass vase Calma can be beautiful glass decor.
    For this vase, the flowers are not necessarily natural flowers. In the glass cylinder, you can put ornaments, lighting of LED, or artificial flowers. For parties, bouquet vase can become a candle stand.
    Let’s celebrate special events or parties with glass bouquet vase. Express seasons with the flowers or ornaments in the glass vase.
    Sghr offers 2 sizes and 3 colors of Calma. You can use 2 sizes of Calma side by side or with piling them up.

    Artificial flowers in vase and petals on the plate of Calma

Send Calma of Sugahara as gifts? Leave it to Japan Design Store

Glass vase Calma is carefully produced by glass craftsmen in Sghr one by one. Handmade glass shines to make flowers look more beautiful.
How about sending a brilliant life for your important person?

2 vases of Calma and spray of plum blossom on them

If you would like to send bouquet vase Calma as gifts, please leave it to Japan Design Store. We offer various gift wrappings. You can choose Japanese traditional wrapping especially for wedding gifts or housewarming gifts. You can make a message card for free.

Images of gift wrapping in Japan Design Store
* Boxes differ from item to item

For your long use at ease

  • Calma from Sghr is all handmade by craftsmen. It may occur that slight difference in capacity or size of each glass vase. Also, since the glass is made of natural sand, we can see some small air bubbles or lines in glasses, or slight dent at the bottom of vase. Please enjoy only one feature of handmade glass.
    Small air bubbles in glass vase Calma from Sugahara


  • * Calma of Sugahara is not a heat-resistant glass.
  • * Rapid change of temperature may cause break of glasses. Please avoid do not put hot glass vase on cold place or wet place.
  • * If you fall thick glass vase, it may break and cause injury. Please do not put the glass vase on unstable place or vibratile place.

Caring tips

  • ・When the glass get damage, it becomes easy to break. Please be careful not to hit with other hard tableware or glasses.
  • ・Before use, wash glass with neutral detergent. After use, do same cleaning.
  • ・Please do not use cleanser, sponge with polishing material, or scouring crush. It may cause break or deteriorate the strength.
  • ・When you wash inside the vase, please do not twist the sponge with some power.It may cause break of glass and injury.

Personalize gift service

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* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.

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