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[Roji]Color Nanbu cast iron

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Stylish and easy to care! Let’s start a life with Nambu tekki

Your tea time every day will be more pleasant one with special teapot.
If you are tea lovers and looking for good loose leaf tea, why not looking for good teapot?
Today, we would like to introduce you special tetsubin teapots of Nambu tekki.

Tetsubin teapot of Nambu tekki from Roji

With cute colors!

Nambu tekki has solid presence. In addition to that, the color tetsubin teapots of Roji are cute, elegant, and usable.
“Isn’t it hard to care Nambu tekki?”
If you worry, please start with this Nambu tekki!

Making green tea with white color tetsubin teapot

What is Nambu tekki?

Nambu tekki or Nanbu tekki is a kind of Japanese ironware and traditional crafts.

Nambu tekki has long history.
The history of Nambu tekki started about 900 years ago, in Oshu city. Kiyohira Fujiwara, also famous as the Oshu Fujiwara invited casters from Shiga prefecture. He started the production of cast iron.
Thereafter, people produced daily necessities such as agricultural tools, weapons, or pots. The cast iron production developed by the patronage from the lord.

In 1975, Nambu tekki was designated as the first Japanese traditional craft. The high skill of Nambu tekki have been inherited by great sensitivity and artistry of casters.

As the tetsubin shows, Nambu tetsubin is characterized by its simple charm, solid presence, and beautiful texture of cast iron.

Dome-Arare tetsubin teapot black

Recently, Nambu tekki has got attention from the material of parapet of bridge or streetlight. In addition, Nambu tekki produces modern art.
Not only in Japan, but Nambu tekki extend operations into overseas markets. Now, we can see Nambu tetsubin in overseas.

Tetsubin teapot of Nambu tekki has got popularity for stylish tableware. Please feel the beauty, skill, and warmth of handmade craft.

Stylish but very useful!
4 points of tetsubin teapot of Roji

  1. Easy to care! Enamel coated inside

    Tetsubin teapots of Roji have been famous for its easy care.
    The secret of this usability is the enamel coating on the inside of teapot and lid. The enamel coating prevents from being rusted even the water remains in the teapot.
    Usually, Nambu tetsubin does not have enamel coating. Therefore, Nambu tetsubin can make water delicious and supply iron. On the other hand, the iron surface is easy to be rusted.

    “I would like to spend a life with Nambu tekki someday…”
    If you have that desire, please start the life with this tetsubin teapot! The tetsubin teapots of Roji has usability as well as the great texture and design.
    We have confident that this tetsubin teapot will satisfy you.

    Enamel coated inside of tetsubin teapot Moon
  2. Enjoy delicious tea by high heat-retaining teapot

    Tetsubin teapots of Roji has great thermal resistance and heat-retaining effect. the tetsubin teapot can keep the warm of tea.
    Nambu tekki does not release heat that easily. In fact, iron has 1.5 times higher heat retaining effect than aluminum. It is proved that iron takes 1.5 times more time to cool the heat than aluminum.

    In addition, iron has higher thermal conductivity than stainless.
    Loose leaf tea requires proper-temperature hot water to extract the best taste and flavor. Tetsubin teapot can keep the proper temperature of hot water for tea. Therefore, Nambu tetsubin teapot has been popular.
    We will introduce you “how to make delicious tea with Nambu tetsubin teapot” later. Please check it as well.

    Pouring green tea with white Dome-Arare tetsubin teapot
  3. Great quality for long patronage

    The greatest feature of color tetsubin teapot of Roji is that it is hard to lose colors. Unlike the color tetsubin teapot of other ateliers, the tetsubin teapot of Roji spraying the color before firing. That is why the color tetsubin teapot of Roji is hard to lose colors.

    Coloring of color tetsubin teapot of Roji

    Moreover, cast iron teapot does not break unlike the ceramics teapot.
    You can use Nambu tetsubin teapot for a long time at ease. Please patronage tetsubin teapot.

  4. Great design with tradition x Japanese modern

    Tetsubin teapots have cute form. The tetsubin teapot is like a small-sized Nambu tetsubin.
    We offer 3 types of color tetsubin teapot; Tsutsugata-Hakeme, Moon, and Dome-Arare.
    Let us introduce each perspective.

    1. Stylish form “Tsutsugata-Hakeme”

      Tsutsugata means cylindrical and Hakeme means the traces of brushing. So, Tsutsugata-Hakeme means the cylindrical teapot with pattern of traces of brushing.
      As “Tsutsugata” explains, Tsutsugata-Hakeme tetsubin teapots have stylish form. the diagonal lines like the traces of brushing, and the horizontal straight line on the center make the tetsubin teapot cool. The knob of lid is square. We can feel delicate work and detailed design from this tetsubin teapot.

      Two colors of Tsutsugata-Hakeme tetsubin teapots.

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    2. Calm presence “Moon”

      Tetsubin teapot of “Moon” is blue cast iron. Blue gray color has calm presence. Cool and calm tetsubin teapot.
      This tetsubin teapot has rare shape as teapot; a disc-shaped teapot.
      Rounded form reminds us full moon.

      Tetsubin teapot Moon

      We can see crescent lines on the surface. The lines draw the crescent moon.
      Asymmetry design gives Japanese atmosphere to this tetsubin teapot.

      Crescent line of tetsubin teapot Moon is like crescent moon

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    3. Traditional pattern “Dome-Arare”

      Arare is a traditional pattern of Nambu tekki. Dome-Arare tetsubin teapot has this traditional pattern on modern form. The Arare pattern on the cute form pot looks like polka dots. The rounded form reminds us the Japanese teacup yunomi. Cute, but very “Japanese” tetsubin teapot.

      Two colors of Dome-Arare tetsubin teapot

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    The tetsubin teapots of Tsutsugata-Hakeme and Dome-Arare have white color. The white tetsubin teapots are colored with gold as the foundation, and then sprayed white color. We can see modest gold color under the white color.
    White tetsubin teapots have been especially popular from women.

    Roji offers modern design color teapots. Cute, stylish, and calm color tetsubin teapots will color your dinner table. How do you coordinate the Nambu tetsubin teapots?

How to make delicious tea with tetsubin teapot of Nambu tekki

Here, we would like to introduce the way to make delicious tea with tetsubin teapot of Nambu tekki.

  1. Prepare hot water

    Boil water with kettle.

  2. Regulate temperature of hot water depend on the kind of tea leaf

    If you brew black tea, the boil water is best. For genmaicha or houjicha, cool the boiled water to 95℃ (about 203℉), for sencha, cool the water to 80~90℃ (about 176~194℉). Each loose leaf tea has each proper temperature to be brewed. To cool the hot water, pour the water into teacups or use yuzamashi, a bowl for cooling the hot water.

  3. Pour delicious tea!

    Put loose leaf tea into the tea strainer, and pour hot water into the tetsubin teapot. Wait for about 40 seconds. The waiting time depends on the tea.
    If the loose leaf open the leaves, brew the tea into the teacups.
    Pour all the hot water, so that you can enjoy 2nd and 3rd brewing.

“CAUTION!” The difference between tetsubin teapot and Nanbu tetsubin kettle

  • You cannot boil water with this color tetsubin teapot. The inside of tetsubin teapot is coated with enamel. If you boil the tetsubin teapot dry, the enamel will be damaged. So, please do not use the teapot over open fire or IH heater.
    If you would like to warm the tetsubin teapot, please use tea warmer or candle warmer.
    Compared to Nanbu tetsubin kettle, the tetsubin teapot of Roji is smaller and lighter. If you would like to introduce Nambu tekki in your life lightheartedly, these tetsubin teapots are the best!

Do you like Nambu tekki? How about Nanbu tetsubin?

Japan Design Store offers other Nambu tekki. If you would like to make more delicious tea, we recommend Nambu tetsubin.

Nambu tetsubin can remove the chlorine of water. Therefore, the tap water becomes mellow and delicious. In addition to drink, the dishes cooked with boiled water with Nanbu tetsubin are more delicious!
Moreover, Nambu tetsubin can supply iron. We can take iron every day with the water boiled by Mizusawa-Ubaguchi-tetsubin.
If you like Nanbu tekki, these modern Nambu tetsubin are also recommended!

  1. For those who like traditional patterns, Nambu tetsubin from Roji

    If you like cast iron kettle with Japanese traditional pattern, we recommend Nanbu tetsubin from Roji. You can feel Wabi and Sabi in daily tea time. Please also look at unique form of knob of lid.

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  2. For those who like simple and modern design, Nambu tetsubin from Azmaya

    If you look for stylish Nanbu tetsubin, we recommend Mizusawa-Ubaguchi-tetsubin from Azmaya. Simple and sophisticated design suits any style of kitchen.

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What is Roji Associates?

Roji Associates located their atelier in Oshu city in Iwate prefecture. The origin of “Roji” comes from “Roji,” a garden accompanying to tea room. In the Buddhist language, Roji means a state free from restriction or carnal desire. Roji is not only a garden of tea rooms, but also a place to perform ablutions and get into the world of chanoyu. The mind of Roji is to respect the natural scenery and to consider quiet figure as best.
Roji Associates produces their product with the mind of Roji.

The products of Roji Associates are balanced with traditional skill, usability, and beautiful design. Their products are designated and exhibited at MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Also, the color tetsubin teapots of Nambu tekki was introduced by a Japanese magazine “nina’s”.

Tetsubin teapot make Japanese sake time stylish

Color tetsubin teapot of Nambu tekki cannot be used over open fire. However, you can warm the teapot with tea warmer or candle warmer.
With tea warmer, you can warm tea. In addition, you can enjoy hot sake with this tetsubin teapot. Stylish cast iron teapot fits Japanese sake very well. Also, you can enjoy iced sake by refrigerating tetsubin teapot for minutes.

Drinking sake with beautiful tetsubin teapot…What a luxurious time! Your dinner becomes a dinner at Japanese high-class restaurant. Tetsubin teapot of Roji can make your sake time more luxury and stylish.
Among 3 types, we recommend “Moon” for sake. The special presence of Moon fits Japanese sake time. You can enjoy tsukimi-zake, drinking sake under the moon with “Moon.”

Recommended item Kamashiki of Nambu tekki

Kamashiki is cast iron trivet for Nambu tekki. This is Kamashiki Arare.
We offer two sizes of cast iron trivet. With tetsubin teapot, you can enjoy more “Japanese” style.
The legs of cast iron trivet are covered with resin. The material of the resin is nylon 66 with glass fiber. The nylon 66 has high heat-resisting property. That is why the cast iron trivet of Roji has greater heat-resisting property than other cast iron trivets. In addition, the resin make the cast iron trivet hard to slip. You can put the hot tetsubin teapot safely.

Two sizes of cast iron trivet Arare

In addition to the use as cast iron trivet, this Kamashiki can be a very stylish interior. Putting accessories or small candies… The solid presence of cast iron gives Wabi-sabi atmosphere. How about putting small pot with plant?

Colorful small balls on cast iron trivet Arare

For color tetsubin teapot “Moon,” cast iron trivet Arare L is best. For “Dome-Arare” and “Tsutsugata-Hakeme,” Arare S fits more than L. However, this is just a recommendation. You can choose your favorite tetsubin teapot and cast iron trivet of Nambu tekki.
The set of tetsubin teapot and cast iron trivet would be suitable gift for tea lovers or Japan lovers.

Moon tetsubin teapot on Arare L and white Tsutsugata-Hakeme tetsubin teapot on Arare S

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If you are looking for stylish teapots, Japan Design Store offers some more items. In addition to color tetsubin teapot from Roji, flat teapots and dobin of SUI series from 224 porcelain, and simple Arita porcelain teapots from 1616/arita japan, and natural teapots of “Moderato series” from ceramic japan. You can find your favorite one from various material teapots.

Color tetsubin teapots of Nambu tekki are suitable for gifts!

Color tetsubin teapot can contain 450cc – 500 cc. It is the best size for making tea for 2-3 people. For people who start new life, wedding present, or housewarming gifts. The tetsubin teapot would be suitable item for gifts. Modern and stylish tetsubin teapots are proper gifts for young to old. With cast iron trivet, the present will be more special!

The tetsubin teapot of Nambu tekki will color your life with Japanese tradition and stylish design.

The box and description of tetsubin teapot

Caring tips

  • * You cannot boil water with color tetsubin teapot.
  • * Please do not boil the teapot dry. That will damage the enamel inside the tetsubin teapot.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

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