[Set] [Exclusive box] Modern teatime set

[Set] [Exclusive box] Modern teatime set / Roji

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weight (g) 1490.0000
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remarks 【Set contents】 3 items: Nambu tekki Color tetsubin teapot (Dome-Arare White & Gold) (×1) / Yunomi (Blueish white porcelain) (×2)
[Teapot] All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Each item is different in sizes or shades of colors. Please enjoy different individualities of each product. You cannot boil water with this teapot. Do not boil the teapot dry. That will damage the enamel inside the tetsubin teapot. Wipe the stain and water on the surface of teapot with dry cloth while the teapot is warm. When you wash with sponge, do not use detergent. Wash inside the teapot only. Do not wash with scouring brush. When you pour tea, keep the knob of the lid with cloth. Be careful of dropping of the lid. Recommend to be used on the trivet. Spout and edge of the lid are easy to be rust. Wipe those places with dry cloth diligently. The paint of joints between teapot and handle will be removed naturally as you use. If some rust developed, put a little amount of oil (ex. salad oil) and wipe there. When you do not use the teapot for a long time, dry inside and outside of the teapot well and keep the teapot in a breathable place. Before storing, dry the teapot well. Wipe all the moisture and salt.
Short Description 【[Set] [Exclusive box] Modern teatime set】This is “Modern teatime set”. It is a set of stylish teapot Dome-Arare White & Gold from Roji with 2 blueish white porcelain teacups of sou sou series from ceramic japan. Solid atmosphere of cast iron suits well with glossy atmosphere of blueish white porcelain. This set is good for your relaxing tea time, tea for your guests, or gifts for tea lovers. This set is within our original box.


ceramic japan

Japan Design Store proudly offers products of ceramic japan. Their products are stylish ceramics with great design.

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