White enamel baking dishes from Noda Horo

white enamel baking dishes from Noda Horo

White enamel baking dishes fit daily life

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[Noda Horo]White series

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White enamel baking dishes from white series of Noda Horo

Simple and useful white enamel baking dishes.
This enamel baking dish is from Noda Horo.
Noda Horo is an atelier of enamelware. It has long history as more than 80 years.
Noda Horo produces its enamelware by continuous operation at its factories.
The “white series” including this white enamel baking dish is developed by the wife of C.E.O. she has worked as an employee of Noda Horo, and been a mother.
“I wish I had a container which can used in refrigerator.” From this idea, an enamel baking dish as well as a container was invented.
The white series is a new item in terms of the white color. Before the invention of white series, most of the enamelware had color or pattern. However, the white series is unified into simple color and design. The simple design makes enamelware to a daily item.
In 2013, the white series won the Long Life Design Award at Good Design Award. Now, white enamel dishes are used in multiple recipe books.
Cooking lovers have payed attention to the white enamel dishes.

Seven secrets of popularity of white enamel baking dishes

Enamelware is made of metal. Therefore, the white enamel baking dish has high thermal conductivity and cooling performance. Also, the enamelware is coated with glassy glaze. So, enamelware has strong durability against acid or salt and hard to change the quality of contents.
Among countless enamelware, this white enamel baking dishes make the best use of the feature of enamelware.
The enamel baking dishes can make the mothers’ needs come true.

  1. Point.1Keep delicious food with white enamel dishes

    The white series of Noda Horo is enameled. Therefore, the container is hard to cause bacterium and change the contents’ taste.
    Tupperware is easy to get color or smell of food. On the other hand, the enamelware container hardly gets the color or smell transfer.
    You can refrigerate or freeze the container. Furthermore, the white enamel dish is easy to wash after use.

    keep the taste of food with white enamel baking dish
  2. Point.2The white enamel baking dishes can grill over open fire

    White series is enamelware like pot or kettle. Therefore, you can use the baking dish over open fire. Please note that you cannot use the dish over IH heater.
    You can heat the soup again or boil vegetables with white enamel baking dish over open fire. Cook with the baking dish, and refrigerate the dish. You can save the cleaning dishes time by this white baking dish.

  3. Point.3The white enamel baking dish can use in a steamer

    In addition to the open fire, you can use the enamel baking dish in a steamer. Steam vegetables or dishes in the enamel baking dishes, and serve it to the table. The enamel baking dishes do not let the taste go away.
    Please be careful when you handle the baking dish after steam it. The enamel baking dishes become hot.

  4. Point.4Oven meal with white enamel baking dish

    The white series is oven safe from the temperature of 250℃ to 300℃. The white series has enameled vat or rectangle baking dishes. Those baking dishes are suitable for oven meal.
    When the oven finished baking, you can serve the meal directly by the baking dishes. Good for a party meal.
    If you want to bake strongly, we recommend you to use an oven seat so that you can wash it easily after use.

    oven meal with enamel baking dish
  5. Point.5Using enamel baking dishes as cooking utensils

    The white enamel vat or rectangle series can be used as cooking utensils like a bowl.
    For example, when you make French toast, you can make egg mixture within a rectangle baking dish, and dip breads in the dish. If you keep the toast, the baking dish can become a container and refrigerate it. Furthermore, you can bake the toast within a baking dish in a toaster oven.

    white baking dish can be cooking utensil like bowl
  6. Point.6White enamelware can be a tableware

    Simple design and simple white color is the feature of the white series. Shallow dishes can be a tableware. In addition to the hot meal, you can make salad or desert on a white shallow dish.

    put deserts on white enamel baking dish
  7. Point.7You can make a lunch box with white enamel baking dish

    Enamelware can be a lunchbox. Since the white enamel baking dish has enough depth, you can easily put dishes. With simple white enamel dishes, the picnic will be happier.
    You need to be careful about strong impact. However, you can enjoy the baking dishes everywhere.

    delicious lunch box with white enamel baking dish

White enamel baking dishes are suitable gift for celebration

The white series from Noda Horo is useful items for cooking.
Simple and useful items can be a nice gift for cooking lovers.

Japan Design Store offers our original set of white series.
Our original sets vary the prices or combinations of sizes. In addition to the baking dishes, we offer a set with official recipe book of Noda Horo.
For a wedding gift or housewarming party, the simple tableware will make your important person happy. Start a new life with new baking dishes.

official recipe book with white enamel baking dishes

Make the most use of enamel baking dishes of Noda Horo

In addition to the baking dishes, the white series enamelware can be used as a container.
To make the most use of white series of Noda Horo, we recommend you to use with the official recipe book. The inventor of the white baking dishes Yoshiko Noda wrote the book. Unfortunately, the recipe book is only in Japanese. However, we wish that you can imagine various dishes through the pictures.
※Please note that you cannot purchase the recipe book only. Also, if you want to wrap the baking dishes and recipe book, we wrap the dished and book separately dew to the different size. We appreciate your understanding.

Any tips for using white enamel baking dishes?

Enamelware has some caring tips dew to the material.
Do you mind that it is difficult to care? Never mind! With some points, you can use the enamel baking dishes easily and safely. Please check the tips before you purchase.

Caring tips

  • * Enamelware reflects electromagnetic wave. Therefore, you cannot use the enamel baking dishes in microwave oven. When you heat the baking dishes, please heat the dish with direct flame, steamer, oven, or toaster oven.
  • * The baking dishes become extremely hot when you heat it up. Enamelware is made of metal. Please use hot pads and be careful when you handle it.
  • * The surface of enamelware is glassy. When you drop the baking dishes or make strong impact, the surface may chip or broken. in addition, metal cutlery can cause a flaw on the surface. Use wooden or silicone cutlery.
  • * When you bake some easily burned food in an oven, the baking dish may get burned black. You can clean the burned dish with melamine sponge. To avoid getting burned, spread butter or oil before putting food. Oven seat or aluminum foil can also prevent the getting burned.
  • * When the enamelware gets flaw and water remains on the flaw, that part may be rust.
  • * You can wash the enamel baking dish in dishwasher. However, the seal lid will transform by the heat. Please avoid washing the seal lid in dish washer. Also, when you use the baking dishes over direct flame or in oven, remove the seal lid.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.

Putting name service

We cannot offer putting name service for all products. We appreciate your kind understanding.