FUJIWAN, Japanese Fujiyama rice bowl Floyd

FUJIWAN, Japanese Fujiyama rice bowl

FUJIWAN, dinner with Fujiyama every day

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[Floyd]Fujiwan / Fujichoko

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FUJIWAN rice bowl likened to Fujiyama, the symbol of Japan

Gentle texture and mellow color. Cute rice bowl FUJIWAN from Floyd.
As you can see, FUJIWAN is likened to Fujiyama, the symbol of Japan.
This Fujiyama rice bowl is made in Hasami, Nagasaki prefecture. Hasami is famous for Hasami porcelain, a Japanese traditional craft.
You can enjoy the simple design produced by light blue glaze dripped naturally on white glaze.

FUJIWAN is a nice gift for a challenger of a new stage of life. Make a wish on this Fujiyama rice bowl for his or her happy future.
This Fujiyama rice bowl is also good present for a just marriage couple. Now, two of them are going to reach the top of big mountain (like Fujiyama) by the name of married life.
Various set of FUJIWAN have got popularity as a wedding present, or pair goods for couples. Japanese people have faith in Fujiyama. We wish that this Fujiyama rice bowl brings you happiness.


The expression of Fujiyama reproduced by Fujiyama rice bowl

The biggest feature of this rice bowl FUJIWAN is the expression of Fujiyama. None of them have same expression.
There are various and numerous tableware or rice bowl likened to Fujiyama in and out of Japan. However, this FUJIWAN differs from the beautiful color of light blue.
Traditional craftsmen of Hasami porcelain can only produce this mellow color.
The representative of Floyd said that “the idea of this Fujiyama rice bowl came up when we visited a pottery of Hasami porcelain. The pottery produced beautiful cobalt blue. We did not mean to produce a rice bowl of Fujiyama. The beautiful blue gave us an idea.”
The contrast of light blue and white express the color of the foot and the top of Fujiyama. All rice bowls have different contrast, just like Fujiyama shows different expression every day. Japanese people love all the sceneries of Fujiyama.

All FUJIWAN rice bowl is handmade by craftsmen of Hasami porcelain. That is why all rice bowls have different face.
We will ship this Fujiyama rice bowl within a paulownia box. Japanese people use paulownia box when people send an important gift. In the box, the rice bowls are surrounded by white cotton, the cotton express the sea of clouds. Fujiyama with the sea of clouds is one of the best sceneries of Japan.
You can enjoy the scenery of Fujiyama by this FUJIWAN set.

Japanese dinner with Fujiyama rice bowl

Collaboration with a designer and a pottery of Hasami porcelain

Up-and-coming designers “Floyd” designed this cute Fujiyama rice bowl.
then, a pottery of Hasami porcelain produced the FUJIWAN. Indeed, Hasami porcelain have gained an attention lately in Japan.
This Fujiyama rice bowl is a collaboration of modern designer and traditional craftsmen.
Simple and clean design, not old-fashioned item.

Lineup of beautiful Fujiyama rice bowl

We offer various set of FUJIWAN and other related tableware.
Fujiyama rice bowl has two colors and two sizes.
The color is red (red Fujiyama) and light blue (blue Fujiyama).
The size is him (large) and her (small).
In addition to rice bowl, we offer FUJICHOKO, which is small cup for sake. FUJICHOKO also has two colors, red and light blue.
Furthermore, “Ichi-Fuji, Ni-Taka, San-Nasubi set” has small dish of eggplant and chopstick rest of hawk’s wing. Japanese people believe that Ichi-Fuji, Ni-Taka, San-Nasubi is auspicious things if your first dream of the New Year’s Day is about these things. Ichi is the first, Ni is the second, and San is the third in Japanese. So, the meaning is the first is Fujiyama, the second is hawks, and the third is eggplant. Get a unique and auspicious tableware.

Ichi-Fuji, Ni-Taka, San-Nasubi set


Floyd is a designers’ brand.
It is established in 2005 in Mishima, Shizuoka prefecture in Japan. It stated its mission as follows: “To deliver emotion, surprise, and smile to people.”
Floyd develops unique and stylish items like FUJIWAN and FUJICHOKO.
Floyd’s item has good and unique design. Good gift for someone special.

Cute and elegant Fujiyama

There are all sorts of Fujiyama goods. However, have you ever seen such a cute, stylish, and elegant Fujiyama tableware? As for us, NO.
When you eat rice with FUJIWAN, you may not realize that the rice bowl is likened to Fujiyama. You turn over the rice bowl to see the beautiful Fujiyama with mellow color.
By the way, this Fujiyama rice bowl was selected by MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York. Buyers worldwide recognized this Fujiyama rice bowl. This Fujiyama rice bowl is pride of Japan.
Please get or send Japanese pride, Fujiyama rice bowl.

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