Tabletop wind bell / Black

Tabletop wind bell / Black / WDH

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size 風鈴立て:φ120×H380_x000d_ 風鈴:φ35×H52 短冊:W40×D205_x000d_ 桐箱:W145×D405×H148
weight (g) 650.0000
notes oven, freezer, microwave, dishwasher cannot be used.
remarks All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy the special feature of handmade crafts. Do not use the product in other ways of its original use. Set the product on the stable and flat place. Do not put the product on the unstable inclines or uneven places. Keep away from water. If the stand gets wet, bamboo may become warped or damaged. Avoid using wind bell outside in a strong wind or heavy rain. Wipe off the dust or stain with soft brush or cloth. When you store the product, please keep it away from direct sun ray or humidity.
Short Description 【Tabletop wind bell / Black】This is "Tabletop wind bell / Black" from WDH. This Japanese furin is produced with the inherited skill of casting in Kanagawa prefecture. Craftsmen compound materials in their original way to make the brass sounds well. The lingering tone lasts beautifully. The stand of this wind bell is a traditional craft "Suruga bamboo ware." You can enjoy the tabletop wind bell the whole year. Great item for wedding gifts or housewarming gifts.



WDH suggests a high-quality lifestyle generated by the manufacture with Japanese traditional skills. You can enjoy the change of their original items over the years. Beautiful items deepen the depth of your life.

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