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Wooden bread board SENRO of Sunao Lab

One plate dishes with wooden bread board SENRO

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Stylish one plate dishes with wooden bread board SENRO

Happy home parties with your friends or your family. Or your lunch for your own. What kind of table setting do you make?
The tableware can make your dishes look more delicious and gorgeous.
Tableware has very important role.

For home parties or your own lunch, we recommend this wooden bread board SENRO from Sunao Lab. You can make stylish one plate dishes with this wooden bread board.
Let us introduce the fasciation of wooden bread board SENRO.

Breads and salad on the wooden bread board

Special material Cherry for wooden bread board

Wooden bread board SENRO is made of cherry wood. Craftsmen shave the products from solid natural wood.
Therefore, you can enjoy the unique smooth texture of cherry wood and beautiful wood grain.

This elegant wooden bread board can make various dishes stand out gently; from breads to desserts or rice balls to Japanese confectionery.

Tea time with wooden bread board and tea in Tea Mate

Generally, lumber changes as time passes. Among various woods, cherry changes beautifully.
At first, the wooden bread board has a slight pink color. As the time passes and you use it, the wood turns into amber color.

Please look at the picture below. Each product has each perspective since the wood is solid natural wood. However, you can see the difference of the colors of two wooden bread boards. SENRO at the front has deeper color than the SENRO at the back.

The difference of color of wooden bread board SENRO

As compared to other woods, cherry wood changes considerably. As time passes, cherry wood gains its elegance more and more. The change over the years is one of the features of wooden bread board SENRO of Sunao Lab. If you send this wooden bread board as gifts for celebration of a birth, the parents can enjoy the growth of baby and wooden bread tray.

Wooden bread board can be great gift for your important person

When you send gifts, safety is an important component. This wooden bread board SENRO is made of solid natural wood and finished with natural paintings. So, babies can use SENRO at ease. The wooden bread board SENRO has high quality and safety. You can use the wooden bread board for a long time.

Wooden bread board and mushroom bowl

“Fun” and simple design by Sunao lab

SENRO has simple but stylish design.
Tomotaka Nagao designed this wooden bread board.
Under the concept of “live with ‘fun’,” Sunao lab tries to make children to adults smile with their products. Their products are designed with great function, safe material for children, familiar design for human, and “Fun”!

All the products of Sunao Lab are filled with gentleness and fun. The products think of people.
This wooden bread board SENRO has “fun” essence, too. SENRO can add “fun” to your life.

One plate lunch with wooden bread board SENRO

Use depend on situations

Wooden bread board SENRO has different faces on both sides. One side is flat, and another side has a hollow for putting mugs or cups. You can use two sides depend on situations.

For example, during childhood, you can put baby food in bowl on the hollow and put your bread next to the bowl. You and your child can eat meals together with one plate. As your child get grow, put coffee or soup in a cup on the hollow with bread. One plate dish is complete!

Bread and soup on the wooden bread board SENRO

When your child become an adult, you can put snacks like cheese or nuts on flat side, and enjoy beer or wine with your child.
As you can see, from child to adult, and morning to night, you can use the wooden bread board SENRO in various situations.
Useful wooden bread board can be used for a long time.

At home party, wooden bread board work well

SENRO will continue to the ends of the earth

SENRO means railway in Japanese. When we link the wooden bread boards in a line, it looks like railway.
Sunao Lab offers two sizes, L and S. The width of both sizes is 15 cm (about 5.9 inches). L size has 36 cm (about 14.1 inches) length, and S size has 24 cm (about 9.4 inches) length. If we link L & S size together, that will be just 60 cm (about 23.6 inches)!

Link some wooden bread boards and make a railway on your dinner table! Delicious dishes drive on the railway. The home party will be more fun!
Let’s make your own railway with wooden bread boards SENRO!

Recommended for gifts, too! Natural café sets

For natural wooden bread board, various items fit! We make some Japan Design Store original sets for presents. For example, SENRO fits with wooden bowl, white porcelain, or sake sets.
All sets are thoughtfully selected by our buyer. When you cannot decide the gift items, how about selecting these sets?

A set with wooden bread board SENRO with wooden bowl Meibokuwan
Image of a set with SENRO and Meibokuwan S

Within Japan Design Store original gift box

Some gift sets are within our original gift boxes.
Our original gift box has gentle ivory color like Japanese paper. A gold logo mark is on the box as an accent.

Image of Japan Design store original gift box

Caring tips

  • * Please note that the color or the grain of wood may be different from the pictures. All the products are made of natural wood.
  • * All the products are handmade by traditional craftsmen. Please enjoy different perspective of each product.


  • If you use a product for a long time, you must worry about the maintenance. If you need some special maintenance, it will be troublesome.
    Do not worry! You do not have to prepare special material or skill for the maintenance of this wooden bread board SENRO. When the product loses the gloss, please spread cooking oil (olive oil, walnut oil, etc.,) on the product. That’s it! You can even enjoy maintenance.

Personalize gift service

For the bulk order more than 20 items, we can personalize your items with the name of your company, school, or with logomarks. If you plan to order corporate gifts or keepsake gifts, please contact us from “Contact us.”
* Personalize gift needs service fee. The fee depends on items.
* Personalize service is not available for some products. Please feel free to ask us.