Brilliant and Colorful Okinawa Pottery Yachimun

Plates of Okinawa pottery on the table

Okinawa Pottery Yachimun for Your Dinner Table!

Beautiful pottery in Okinawa has been handed over from Ryukyu kingdom era. Now, we can see Okinawa pottery as Shisa and stylish tableware.

What is “Yachimun”?

Chubby thickness and vigorous paintings.
“Yachimun” consists of “Yachi = Yaki (baking)” + “Mun = Mono (object).” So, Yachimun means ceramics in Okinawan dialect. What is the first thing come upon in your mind when you hear “Okinawa pottery” Most people may imagine Shisa. In fact, Yachimun has long history. Surprisingly, earthenware was already produced in B.C.

Okinawa pottery Yachimun has been developed in trading with Korea, Thailand, or Japan. Placid ceramics produced in calm climate of Okinawa get attention from many people now.

What types of ceramics does “Yachimun” have?

Mainly, Okinawa pottery has 2 types.
One is glazed pottery “Jo-Yachi.” Rice bowls or sake set are produced in “Jo-Yachi.”
Another is unglazed biscuit ware “Ara-Yachi.” Pot for preserving are produced in “Ara-Yachi.”

There are various designs in Okinawa pottery from traditional pattern to modern one! While, since Yachimun have been used by people as “daily use tableware,” all Yachimun has usability.

Representative names of Okinawa pottery

Before you look for your favorite Okinawa pottery, it is useful to know unique names of Yachimun. We introduce representative names of tableware here.

  • ・”Makai”… Bowls. Rice bowls, soup bowls, or large bowl (donburi in Japanese)
  • ・”Dachibin” … Originally, portable sake pot. Now, Dachibin is popular as home decor such as flower vase.
  • ・”Kara Kara” … Okinawan sake bottle which has spout on tokkuri (Japanese traditional sake bottle). Kara Kara is often used for awamori in izakaya in Okinawa.
  • ・”Ke-Uchi” … Plates. Various plates are called Ke-Uchi from flatware to deep plates.

Wanna see Yachimun? See Shisa, too!

Shisa is guardian of Okinawa. A pair of Shisa is placed on roof or gatepost of a house. In addition to Okinawa pottery, Shisa is made of stone, mortar, or concrete. Each Shisa has individuality in face or pose. When you visit Okinawa, let’s find some Shisa and find your favorite one! Shisa made of Okinawa pottery has been popular for souvenir. Also, many workshops to make your own Shisa are held. How about trying it?

Tsuboya pottery and Yomitanzan pottery

Tsuboya pottery is pottery produced mainly in Tsuboya, Naha city of Okinawa.
King of Ryukyu called potters from Korea in 17th century, and kiln was held in now Tsuboya area.
After 1870s, Tsuboya pottery decreased its production due to inflow of cheap porcelain. However, attractiveness of Tsuboya pottery was well known by the Folk-Arts Movement by Souetsu Yanagi or Shoji Hamada. Production of Tsuboya pottery was recovered.

After WWⅡ, problem of smoke pollution from kiln was raised in Tsuboya. Some potters changed climbing kiln to gas kiln. And some potters moved to Yomitan after 1970s, and opened ceramics village. Ceramics baked in Yomitan is called “Yomitanzan pottery” to make difference from Tsuboya pottery.

People who love Okinawa pottery gathered in Yomitan, and now, we can see more and more potteries in other area. Tsuboya is known as hometown of Yachimun, and Yomitan is known as mecca of Yachimun.
Ceramics festival of Yomitanzan pottery is held in February every year. If you cannot wait for the festival, or cannot visit Okinawa in February, how about getting Okinawa pottery at online store.

Auspicious! Patterns of Okinawa pottery

We often see motifs of plants or fish in Okinawa pottery.
In fact, these patterns have auspicious meanings. For example,
“Karakusa”: Thickly wooded plants mean vitality and leads prosperity of posterity.
“Fish”: Fish bear a lot of eggs, which means prosperity of posterity or blessing of baby.

Gorgeous paintings of Yachimun is good for celebrating someone!
That is why tableware set of Okinawa pottery have been chosen for wedding gifts or new baby gifts.

Please choose Okinawa pottery as gifts to tell your thoughts of “Congratulations” and “Thank you.”

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Placid tropical mood on the table

Stylish Okinawa pottery “Yachimun.”
Brilliant colors, vigorous paintings, and calm color of pottery clay. Okinawa pottery brings calm tropical air to dinner table. Please enjoy mixed beauty of Asian mood and Japanese unique aesthetic sense.
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